Doubling a major in accounting and finance: worth it?

Is worth it to double major in accounting and finance?

this is what we’re going to discover in this post.

Is worth it to double major in accounting and finance?

Is very difficult to major in accountants and finance because it would be a very condensed program, in addition, it involves a lot of risks to not succeed in either both sides of accounting or finances. Or, as a result, lower your GPA which is so interesting in both majors.

It is not impossible to get a degree in accounting and finance at the same time. But when we look at the additional value that a double major in accounting and finance brings. As a result, we don’t find something to notice to be finally worth it to take this risk.

Majoring in both accounting and finance Can be impressive for someone else. But if you failed or got a lower GPA (under 3.0). As a result, this will dramatically influence your odds of getting a job.

 In addition, your employers will ask, why did you choose to double major it’s something that you could not handle?.

In most cases employers are not going to take care if you have a double major in accounting and finance,  it would be impressive to your friends to succeed or have a double bachelors in accountant and finance.

But in the workforce, the degree won’t add any value except then some rare cases that were going noticed in this article. 

The best recommendation is to take one of these Majors, accounting or finals alone. It will be enough to succeed in your career,  especially guarantee of getting a GPA that is higher than 3.0. 

But if you are interested to study both of these subjects and do you like challenges. Therefore you should know these 4 interesting following facts about finance and accounting as a double major that we’re going to list below.

4 facts about a double majoring in accounting and finance

1 – it s hard

The first thing that you should know about double majoring in accounting and finance is it’s a very difficult career.  That is to say, you’ll be studying loaded programs that require a lot of memorization and interesting mathematics subjects like calculus.

On the other side if you choose to major in accounting alone you won’t be forced to study calculus and complex math subject finance student study.  So it would be a terrible choice for students who aren’t good in math to double major in Finance and Accounting.

 if you aren’t good at math it’s better to choose accounting instead of finance. Because you won’t be using difficult and complex math subjects like Finance career. In addition, the course load that you should support.

 As a result, there are a lot of students quitting double majoring in finance and accounting to choose finally one career. But the bad thing is they decided to take this decision a little bit late in their third or senior year which is so damaging.

This is not to offend you but just to remember the challenge you will be facing in the process. 

2 – it will be inefficient

Even if you are interested in both subjects it doesn’t mean that you should major in finance and accounting.  Today you could take any interesting subject course online without investing a lot of money or effort if you want to expand your knowledge across both sides. 

For instance, if you major in accounting and you still have an interest in finance you could take some courses about finances instead of losing a lot of money trying to get into both specialties that you can’t absorb together.

3 – It can be easier if in this only case

If you have one exceptional case when you can choose to double major in accounting and finance witches is the case if you are rich. That being said your parents are going to pay your tuition fees or you have a complete tuition scholarship to take this major.

 In this case, you would have enough time to deal with accounting and finance programs.  but in condition, you must be good at math to understand some finance mathematics subjects.

 But for the majority of students who have to pay their loans by themselves, meaning working while in college, it is not recommendable to double major in accounting and finance

4 – it can be useful if you decide to work as corporate financial analysts

Corporations hire a lot of finance analyst majors who have a solid background in accounting or have taken more accounting classes. This is the case where Double majoring in accounting and finances will be helpful for your career.

 but the question is Corporate financial analyses are getting paid much as you might expect  $65,250. which is lower if we compare to accountants who are getting $ 75,000 according to glassdoor

So if we look at it from a financial side,  there is no reason to double major in Finance and Accounting to finally work were in lower salary occupations such as corporate financial analysis. even though you can take specific accounting courses to become a corporate financial analyst without needing to double major in Finance and Accounting. 


According to what we’ve noticed in the article, there is no reason to double major in Finance and Accounting unless you have an interest in these majors and do not rely on using your degree to get employed.

 This is could be useful for people who have the interest to build their own businesses or who already have a business and want to expand their knowledge about these most interesting industries.

If you are one of them this is not going to be creating a problem for you. But for the majority of people who are investing or taking $60,000 of debts to invest in a rewarding job.  As a result, this going to be a big risk to take without any dividends.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.