Working while in college for stem major(5 tips to know)

working while in college for a stem major is considered a good idea or a challenge?. it is possible and easy to be a successful student in college while having a part-time job or even a full-time job.

This is what we’re going to respond to in our article and recommend the secret sauce to prevent failing at school and work.

working while in college for a stem major

Doing both things working and studying is challenging for every student. It is hard to find the balance that allows you to be productive on both sides. So it requires good strategies and the right mindset.

A lot of people are falling into the mistake of outworking which makes them burn out. Others take fewer credits which makes the situation hard. As a result, force them to quit their job.

So, having the right balance and making good decisions allow students to get a degree in a short time.

Studying stem majors requires more concentration than non-stem majors. It is purely a mathematical field. So stem students don’t have to overwork themselves. They have to choose jobs that don’t require a lot of energy, physical or mental.

It is recommendable to no working more than 20 hours a week. 20 hours is the maximum surpassing it, is a big risk of losing everything job and studies.

It is good to have some relaxing days per week. For instance, devote Saturday as a pure day of study and Sunday for complete relaxation. That is to say, partying or going outdoors. So having 1 day off is important.

We are humans, not machines. So we have to take care of ourselves.

We will detail more about the study and job timings in the next paragraph.

Managing time working and being in college stem

having a college degree and working at the same time is challenging. In other words require dedication, organization, and a lot of energy. So we will give a daily program for a stem student working a part-time job while having a college study.

==> 7.04 pm waking up

  • having breakfast
  • brushing teeth
  • dressing
  • driving to college

==> 8 -12 pm starting classroom

==> 12 – 2 am chill out and have a lunch
==> 2 – 6 am going to work

==> 6 – 8 am take a shower
prepare diner
and chill out
take a dinner
==>8 – 9:30 am doing assignments

==> Saturday 10 pm to 8 am studying during the day and doing the rest of the assignment

==> 8 – midnight meeting and partying with friends

Sunday day off going out riding a bike or running, going outdoor depending on the weather.

So if we look at this program we will find that this student is working 20 hours a week, the same thing for studies, 20 hours a week. Studying Saturday 8 full hours and the rest 12 hours during the 5 days.

It is a balanced program that combines work and studies. Some people are studying more than work. While some others work more. so it depends on their personality and their financial situation.

The most interesting in all of that having a clear plan and being consistent. This is what makes the game hard.

what kind of jobs are good for stem students

Finding the best and easiest jobs for stem students is the key. The worst thing that stem student should opt for is to avoid energy-consuming jobs. So we will list the 5 best part-time workings while in college for stem major:


If you love to teach it is a good option to become and teach scientific subjects like mathematics, science, or physics. What is good about teaching is you could do it online without moving from your home.

Content developer

Creating content or developing content for other people is ideal while working in college and having a stem major. It gives more flexibility and freedom if you are working for your own content.

It could be starting a channel on youtube or having a blog and so on. There is a lot of content forms to make.

Delivery Driver

if you are an extrovert so working from home could be difficult for you. Delivery driver jobs allow you to be social by meeting a lot of people during the day. Moreover, teach you some aspects of marketing.

delivery drivers could use their bikes, motorbikes, and cars. Depending on their job circumstances.

Data Entry

data entry is made for people who love routines and don’t struggle in different situations. If you are this character, then data entry will be suitable. You could have some jobs from a home without moving anywhere.

Sometimes you will be forced to move from home but there is no problem. Moreover, you could work as a freelancer and start where you are. So a lot of options are available in this part-time job.

lab assistant

if you are majoring in science and love science, being a lab assistant could be the best job working while having a stem major. You will not feel like working, it will be like a hobby. So if you are passionate about science this is the best choice.

Is it possible to pursue a STEM major and have a full-time job at the same time?

In the logic of numbers, it could be possible. So, for example, having 15 credits and working a full-time job. But in terms of durability and persistence is very hard. 99% of people could not do that. You will likely burn out a few months later.

That is to say spending 3 hours in the classroom and working 8 hours in a job. In other words, working 11 hours. So you will spend more than 12 hours a day between college and your job. So it is barely impossible for people who have families or some sort of social engagement.

It could be helpful for people who are working in the same field they want to major in. For instance, having a job in computer science as technical and majoring in engineering in CS will be a lot useful.

So this could be the best internship opportunity, Moreover, increase the chances of being hired in the future.

To be able to do that and sacrifice the amount of energy and time, For sure the passion will be a driver.

Tips helping you to be working and having stem college

We will list the 6 principal tools that help you to be organized during your journey. So it is strictly and necessary to follow this advice to stay focused and efficient in work-study balance.

Time management

Time management is the core strength to be successful in this journey. So, if you don’t know how to manage time everything will be chaos. As a result, falling in randomness will affect hardly your productivity.

So you have to organize your time and make a weekly plan noting all your moves and actions.

Managing effort

You have limited energy, we’re human beings. So it is wise to manage your effort and classify the more important stuff to do during a day. in addition, doing jobs that don’t require effort or high consuming energy.

It is recommendable to choose your best times when you are more effective in your studies. A lot of people advise studying in the morning when you are fresh. Because going back from a job and trying to do assignments could be hard and ineffective for the majority of people.

So it depends on everyone. In other words, work hard and don’t forget to work smart.

Make sure to keep your school a priority “don’t chase money”

You have to make a priority of the college. Because some people forget the track and focus on making money instead of finishing and succeeding in their degrees. So, always give more time to study and prepare well for exams.

Don’t forget that you are working to build your dream career. In addition, just make enough money to cover the necessary expenses. Not working for Coachella.

Skipping classes

The biggest mistake that a lot of students are making is skipping classes. It is bad for them and could turn into a habit. As a result, it decreases GPA, the student wastes time and money.

So attending classes must be a priority while working and doing college for a stem major.

having a good relationship with professors

Building a good relationship with professors is a lot helpful. They will allow you to have recommendation letters and curve your grades. Hence skipping classes is the worst thing to do as a student.

In this case, working hard this way and attending classes will show the professors how you are serious. So, they can help you in future projects.

give time to yourself

The most important part is to give time to yourself. So it is obligatory to have one week a day off when you can break routines and do some hobbies. overworking could cause burnout. This is the worst thing that could happen to any part-time student.

So you don’t have to forget yourself and enjoy life as much as possible.


The key to success working while in college for a stem major is to find a comfortable lifestyle. So organization and time management is the key to success. The most important thing is to give priority to the work more than study.

you can watch this video to get inspired by an example of day life of a college student.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.