learn sculpting from scratch (Best free resources)

Learn sculpting from scratch could constitute a challenge for many students. They want to begin and become professional in this field, but the lack of guidance and resources makes confusion. So, in this article, we’re going to know how to begin sculpting from scratch and step by step.

Choosing a softward

In the first step of the learning journey, you have to pick a tool where you will apply and start learning. It is the first need for every sculptor who wants to learn sculpting from scratch. So, your first need is to choose a good software to apply all the steps that were going to list later.

The most recommended software to use as an absolute beginner is Zbrush. It is not also for beginners but for all kinds of users. It is the most powerful tool for sculpting on the market. Zbrush contains the most useful and advanced tools for digital sculptors.

The software allows users to have more freedom in modeling and be more flexible in their jobs. But the only thing that could be an obstacle for any student is the software price. Zbrush is not a free or open-source program it is a paid tool. So, if you want to get a complete version you need to invest $795 which could be costly for students.

However, they have another pays forms you could discover on their official website. On the other hand, there is another software alternative that is free and has a respectful community on the internet. “Blender”.It remains the most popular free software for people who want to learn 3d modeling and sculpting.

If you don’t have a budget to pay for “Zbruch” I would recommend using “Blender”. Is totally free and remains a good alternative to start with.

Install a program

In this guidance tutorial, We will learn sculpting from scratch and step by step using the free software “Blender”. Consequently, giving an opportunity to everyone to go into this domain and test themselves without paying anything.

I think beginning with free software for dummies sculptors could be the best option. So, before deciding to invest money in paid sculpting software you have to think twice. It will be hard and not meaningful to pay $800 for a program and quit after 2 mounts of use. Unless if you are dedicated and you know what you do.

As a result, In this step-by-step article were going to install and work with free software called “Blender”. So your first step is to install a program.

This video will show in detail how to do that.

Start sculpting your first face

After the Blender installation, we’re going to sculpt our first face on a blender. In the first step in our process, we will discover the basic tools that we will use in our sculpting process

were going to begin from a simple sphere and transform it into a regular face in two steps:

step 1: make a form head and neck by using and learning these tools:

  • The dynamic topologies and scaling resolutions.
  • using snake hock tool to pull a sphere and make it seem like a head or a formed egg.
  • forming neck.
  • shifting surfaces with smooth tools.

step 2: Putting nose and ears using:

  • draw brush tool.
  • transforming your model in layout mode.
  • Add UV spheres and learn how to move and scale them.
  • use mirror tools to duplicate objects easily.
  • adding subdivisions to make smooth surfaces.
  • adding details with brush and crease tool.

you will find the video tutorial by clicking on word video.

Discovering and understanding brushes tools

In this step, you will study and know what is the scope and edit mode in Blender. Also discovering new brush tools like:

  • symmetrizing option to tide your topology, Also how to use glitches from your topologies.
  • clay brush to blowing topologies.
  • flatting brush to make topologies flats.
  • punch brush to scraping and refining edges.
  • grab a brush to push out a topology.
  • fill brush to fill cover edge and makes them rounded.
  • layer brush to push expanded topologies without losing details.

also painting topologies and creating strips. These tools are hugely important to acquire for sculptor students who want to learn sculpting from scratch. You have to apply and put these tools well into practice to understand the role of each one. Also, learn to use them at the right moment.

don’t worry. In this video. You will learn how to use them all.

Creating smooth and detailed objects

In this step, you will discover some tiny and deeper details. In other words, making small differentiated topologies. So in this tutorial, you will be:

  • discovering the topology rank option.
  • creating fine details using and working on relatives’ details.
  • creating topologies using the crease brush tool.
  • using the auto smooth tool.
  • accumulating layers by using the accumulate tool.
  • making storks on topologies and creating forms on surface topology.
  • making crevices in different forms.

all the details are in this video.

Make your first personal project

You discovered all 3 tutorials describing the basic tools for sculpting. Now is the time to apply what you’ve learned and put it in the ground. So, in this step, you choose whatever project you like and start working on it.

learn sculpting from scratch

this is an example of the kind of project you could work on. You have the freedom to choose whatever shape you want. You will apply all the rules that you’ve studied lastly and build this object. This step is more important no matter how much time you will spend. The essential is to practice don’t worry to make mistakes. take your time.

when you get done with this project Then we could go to the next stage of our process.

As a student who wants to learn sculpting from scratch. we will go to the next step working more in-depth with face elements like nose and ears and mouth.

Start sculpting your second face

At this moment we have the capability and ability to sculpt a simple face including all principal elements such as eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. The goal of the next step is we going to work in detail on each one of these aspects individually. we will sculpt the mouth firstly and so on.

This step is more advanced which requires good attention. So, in the next step, we will begin with a sculpting mouth tutorial. So stick to the process to learn more.

Sculpting lips

In the sculpting lips process, It necessary to base on some guidance images giving some references to start sculpting your lips. you have to put lips image aside and start mimicking them.

in this tutorial, you will use a new tool called a flat brush. It is a good element for muscular topologies like humans have. You will learn how to apply the tools that we used before in an ordinary way.

the process needs some attention. But my recommendation is you have to repeat and makes a lot of lips examples to perform the operation well. So the tutorial will be in this video. watch and apply.

Sculpting nose

Sculpting a nose will require more work than the previous one. In this process, you have to focus on the x,y,z positions and verify if they are activated to prevent asymmetry problems in your face.

is better to sculpt a nose individually as we did with the sculpting mouth process. we need more focus we don’t want to get distracted.

the last thing is to try to pick one image to get references from. don’t stumble on multiple images you might get more confused.

All that will be on the tutorial. So, enjoy the sculpture.

Sculpting the eyses

The process of sculpting eyes will be different. I recommend sculpting Head with a nose and lips, that would be good as referencing for you to go ahead and start sculpting the eyes. So the head first is very important.

Another thing is to sculpt a good area where you will place the eyes, respecting the proportions is crucial. So be careful and pay attention to that. the rest will be normal as the same as the previous process.

so follow the video step by step.

Sculpting the ears

the process of sculpting ears requires taking some images as a reference before the beginning as well as we’ve seen in the previous examples. But the rest is the same. So, you will follow the process and things will get easily done.

just follow the video and you will understand the process.

Sculpting comple face

when you reach the level of having the ability to sculpt all components faces(ears, nose, eyes, lips). The next step comes to working on projects where you sculpt the complete face. try to work on different faces. The practice is key, you already have the tools. All you have to do is putting hours of work and dedication if you want to improve your level. This tutorial will be a good example of what we talk about.

Sculpting different objects

Working and going out of usual routine work would be awesome for you to improve your skills. So, I’ve put some different tutorials for different projects where you could diversify and get more experience.

The first project is about an alien head he is got some sort of challenging task. So it will be good.

The second project is about dragon head which will be more challenging and carry a lot of details

if you arrive sculpting a dragon. Congratulation you are passed from the beginner level to the intermediate one.

Sculpting the human anatomy

if you want to hire up your level in sculpting I will suggest to you a sculpting human anatomy. Human anatomy sculpting will bring you to higher levels in the sculpting area. So I will let you an example of a project who is divided into two parts.

the first part you could find by clicking this link
the second part also you could find it by clicking this link.

Take paid courses

if you just finished and applied all that I mentioned above that means you should go to the next level. Taking courses will allow you to restrict yourself and go in the right direction. Especially with this level, you are at an intermediate level So free online information decreases out. So it is not a problem to invest to reach high levels.

I will list you some courses that will be beneficial as a student who wants to learn sculpting from scratch, helping you to go to advanced levels.

course 1

course 2

course 3

theses courses are the best courses that I found on the market sculpting, you could choose the one you like.


learning sculpting for students or 3d modeling is one of the future arts that have a promising future. So if you are really interested in this topic I’ve gathered the most useful resources that can help to sculpt from scratch without having any doubt. But you have to understand one thing you need to work very hard and don’t get mad about failure. The process requires passion and crazy hours of work.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.