3 useful Arduino Kits for Electrical Engineering

There are a lot of Arduino Kits for Electrical Engineering students. But not all of them are suitable. So, In this article, we’re going to pick the best ones. Also, explain to you what are projects to build with.

I m not going to recommend these kits for kids. To buy these kits you got to be serious. Because they will teach you from scratch to advanced levels.

REXQualis Super Starter Kit “$34”

REXQualis Super Starter is the best option for lower costs and efficiency. it has enough tools to start many basic projects. it is a good option for electrical engineering students to start with.

It will help the electrical students to learn the basics. So if your budget is limited. So, this is the best kit to start with.

But it doesn’t have all components to execute advanced projects. So, you will need to buy other external components.

RexQualis is the cheapest way to start electrical engineering projects. So $34 is affordable for any electrical engineering student.

What projects you can build with this kit?

So to experience the powerfulness and flexibility of this kit. We’re going to see and note what are the possible experiences or projects you could do with a REXQualis controller kit.

This test determines how far you could go with this kit. So, I will list to you the most interesting projects you can build with this kit.

Make your first Arduino projet

The first and most famous Arduino project is blinking a led. It is simple. The goal is to write your first program in Arduino and connect a LED to it. So, it is your first step into this adventure if you are an absolute beginner.

If you already have done it. You could skip to the next advanced projects.

By the way. In this project, you will pick from your REXQualis Super Starter Kit the following components.

  • REXQualis Controller Board or Arduino board(the board that is written on it “RexQualis” ).
  • 1 resistor
  • 1 led
  • breadboard

in this video, you will find the whole instructions to build your first project.

Note: there is no difference between REXQualis and Arduino board both are the same. So, don’t be confused.

Making a Door lock

If you want to make your door open by a code. The material in this kit will allow you to do that. Thus, In this project, you will build a door lock that works with the screen and keypad.

So, nobody could enter your room if he doesn’t have the password.

At this time, you will pick from your kit the following materials:

  • control board
  • keypad
  • LCD screen
  • active buzzer
  • 1 servo motor
  • 2 push buttons
  • Breadboard Expansion Board

The next step is to follow this video where you will find all instructions.

Note: you could use some extra tools like a screwdriver or some simple mechanical tools. You could find them anywhere.

This project is the best project as a fan of Arduino Kits who are an Electrical Engineering major.

Temperature monitor

The temperature monitor project has the aim to control a temperature of a space. So, you will understand in this project how to detect a temperature and down it with a cooling fan.

In this experience or project you will need:

  • control board
  • Power Supply Module
  • 9V 1A Adapter
  • breadboard
  • DHT 11
  • IC 74HC595
  • Wires
  • USB cable
  • DC motor

As we said the components are all available in a kit. You don’t have to buy anything.

In this video, you will follow the full instruction to build this project. In the video, the instructor uses a different kit, but the same components are used so there is no problem.

making a radar

Making radar seems like a very difficult thing. However, it is not that hard with a simple and available tool it can be done.

These REXQualis Super Starter Kit components are allowing you to make your radar. So you just have to pick the following materials below:

  • main control board
  • servo motor
  • blue cable board
  • breadboard
  • ultrasonic sensor
  • wires

You just have to follow this video and see all steps to make the project done.

Having Arduino Kits for Electrical Engineering will help easily to make the radar project.

make a counter

making a counter is a great thing to do if you want to count something. So, You can make a basic counter using simple components like buttons and LEDs. It is a good start to understanding how counting operations are done.

In this project, you will use 3 simple components of your kit things. So, You will pick:

  • Control board
  • Push button
  • Breadboard
  • 7 segment display

So follow this video if you want to build your first counter.

A personal view about this kit

This kid is good for starters who have a lower budget. It is also good for people who don’t want to invest more in these kits. We can consider it as an optimal solution for beginner users to tackle a little bit of electronics stuff.

But, for people who want to make medium size projects, this kit will not be recommendable. It’s just for absolute beginners.

Elego mega 2560 R3$64

Elegoo kit is one of the famous kit starters today. It has a variety of useful tools that allows user to make a decent project. You could build your personal and professional projects with this kit.

$64 dollars is cheap compared to how many tools you have on this kit. It is a good Arduino Kits for Electrical Engineering who could invest more and go to advanced projects.

What projects you can build with this kit?

Having an Elego kit will extend your vision and abilities. With Elego you will be able to build more details and advanced projects.

So, we will list the most powerful projects that you can build with this kit.

Building all noticed REXQualis Super Starter Kit projects

You could build all projects that we noticed above in the first example kit(REXQualis Super Starter Kit). So, it will be a waste of time to notice these projects again.

RFID door lock

We all see in some kind of elevator, that access is done by card or some pieces. These pieces are the RFID tags. So, to get access you need to touch these tags with a special board reader.

So, we will understand by experience when you build your RFD system.

you will need to pick from your elego kit these components:

  • Control board
  • Servo motor
  • Display
  • Push button
  • Breadboard
  • RFID reader
  • RFID Tags
  • Wires
  • some DIY tools

Also, you will find all details on how to build these projects in this video.

The only thing that you could not find in this kit is a simple lock door. So, you could buy it from anywhere or make a DIY one.

the RFID project could be the best way to take advantage of the Arduino Kits as an Electrical Engineering.

Automatic door

We all see automatic doors in our daily life. But have you ever thought about building your automatic door by yourself?

If you are excited about this idea. The principal will be easy.

we will use a PIR sensor that already came with the Elego kit. So we will not need to buy anything outside. All components are in the Elego kit.

so you will use:

  • control board
  • servomotor
  • PIR sensor
  • wires
  • some pieces of cardboard.

So this video will help you to build your own automatic door prototype. A lot of electrical engineers present it as a final study project.

Water level system

With a detector level that comes in the Elego kit collection, you could build easily your level water. This detector reduces a lot of hard work and time. The experience becomes easy and fun.

This project is showing you how to build a detector level with an alarm system. Everything you will need in the project is available in the Elego kit.

So you will need:

  • 4 LEDs
  • 1 Buzzer
  • 4 resistor
  • water detector
  • wires
  • control board
  • breadboard

I will let you this video showing you how to build your system. It also could be a great idea for electrical engineering students to scale this example of projects. In addition, why not use it in some industrial applications as this guy did.

A personal view about this kit

Eleego is the best choice for people who love making medium-level complexity projects. If you are interested to build projects as you’ve seen in the example. The elego will be best for you.

On the opposite, the Arduino Kits is for Electrical Engineering. But it doesn’t have any sort of wireless or Bluetooth board connection. So for people who want a distance manageable project. The kit is not recommendable.

GAR Colossus Starter Kit for Arduino $459

If you are an obsessed electrical student engineer. this kit will cover everything you need. It has anything related to Arduino and powerful electronic tools. It is the biggest Arduino kit in the world. With this kit, you could build almost anything that electrical engineering students would do.

It got more than 100 parts. For instance, in this kit, you could build games, CNC shields, camera projects building IoT projects that use wifi connections, Fm radio control, and so on.

Moreover, Arduino Kits is not also for Electrical Engineering it is for all makers. This kit gathers the all popular modules that electrical engineers and Arduino students love. Also, for so many mechatronics hobbyists around the world.

I could not describe what is inside this huge kit. so, I will let you this video below.

This kit is the beast in the Arduino kit world. It is not only for Electrical engineers students. Is for all passionate people that love Stem and creativity.

So, now we’re going to know what projects you could do with this kit.

What projects you can build with this kit?

This kit will allow building projects that could be worth a hundred or thousands of dollars. For electrical engineers, these projects could be the best startup ideas or your final year project ideas.

Automatic filling system

In this project, you will learn how to make an automatic filling bottle machine. As a result, the process is based on filling bottles with water through an automatic system.

There is a lot of details to describe So I will suggest following the video.

Note :

Note you will find all the hardware tools in the GAR Colossus Starter kit. But you will have to make some DIY parts by yourself. It is obvious.

In addition, you don’t have to make a PCB like in this video you could use only a breadboard. The schematic is shown in the video.

make self-balance robot

It will be a great opportunity to build a self-balance robot. You learn how to code and understand the secret behind balance and motions. So tools are available you need just the intent.

So, you could find details in this video of how to build your own robot balance.

In this project, you will need nothing except some DIY stuff. Everything is embedded in the kit. So you could easily build your own robot.

make a drawing robot

You could also build an amazing drawing robot at no cost if you have a 3d printer. Because the hardware and electronic components are all available in the giant kids.

But, no problem you could build your own even if you don’t have a 3d printer. You just have to watch this video.

Building CNC

I think that is the best project that you can engage in as an electrical engineer. Therefore building a CNC machine is a great idea. it will help you a lot in many student projects.

All you have to do is buy some mechanical stuff. because all electronic boards are available in this kit. So, you will not be forced to buy any electronic components.

As an electrical engineer, this is the best thing to do. You will need to build a lot of circuits. Thus, with a CNC, you could make any PCB you want.

So, You could see below how to make yours.

Make a smart home IoT project

Using Node MCU ESP 8266 allows you to make IoT projects. That means connecting house appliances with the internet. So you can control them from any place in the world. You will just use the internet.

In this video, you will see how to control 4 bulbs using both google and Alexa assistant.

A personal view of this kit

GAR Colossus Starter Kit is the best kit for an electrical or mechatronics engineer. It gives you a lot of project choices and huge flexibility in projects. It covers almost the whole electronic board that can make unlimited personal and professional projects.

The price could not affordable for everyone. but if you are serious and want to build your career as an electrical engineer, this kit is the best one that you could find in the market.


to sum up, these 3 kits are the best kit that you could buy as an electrical engineer. So, as a recommendation, you could choose one of them to start your journey.

So choose

REXQualis” if you are an absolute beginner with a lower budget.


Elego” if you just want to make simple projects

or the beast

GAR Colossus” if you to become professional in electronics and elctricity

or learn raspberry pi.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.