Double major in math and physics: does it worth it?

In this post, we’re going to discover if double majoring in math and physics is worth it or not. So keep reading to prevent making some bad decisions as stem ambitious students.

Is it worth it to double major in math and physics?

A double major in math and physics will not make any big difference. Simply because most employers don’t care, and might consider it as a dispersion. It doesn’t mean that this course will be helpful in some subfields. but in general is not worth it according to the additional hard work and dedication your must to engage.

In addition, a mathematician cannot become a physicist that being said theses both majors are not complimentary as might you think.  It is clear that physicists use a lot of mathematics but a double majoring in physics and mathematics doesn’t mean using all mathematics subjects needed in physics. 

So there is a gap between math and physics, as a result, makes you not focus and stay generalist which is not good

 So the best thing is to take courses that are you excited about or you might find interesting for your course or major. In this case, mathematics or physics is going to be more efficient the study only interesting subject you would be using for example in physics.

So the best and most intelligent action to do it’s to determine what you want as a student to become a mathematician or physicist.  Then you can go and consult specialized people about the courses that you should focus on if you want to reach success in a fast way.

For instance, physicists use a lot of calculus, especially multivariable calculus. so instead of majoring in math and studying all mathematics just for learning calculus. So you could take a special course in multivariable and save, time, money and energy.

So why spend and lose the whole energy studying unrelated subjects that won’t add a significant value to a physics branch.

if you are interested to learn more there are some facts you should know about.

5 facts to know before double majoring in math and physics

1 – you must have an interest in both

For students who are interested to go and double majoring in physics and math, they have to have this unique condition which is loving physics and math.  Because it happens with a lot of people spending the first or maybe the second year, before discovering themselves not loving one of these Majors maybe physics or math.

 As a result, makes them drop and lose time and effort.

The one principal reason that makes this kind of student drop theses both major in physics and math is that they don’t like math or physics.  

In the first case, we find students love physics but don’t find themselves enjoying proofing mathematics Concepts. So in this case it’s better to go away from mathematics.

At the same time if you find yourself not enjoying the physics interesting topics like quantum mechanics and Thermodynamics. So, is better to stay away from physics.

 So the best combination that you should have to double major in physics and Mathematics is you should be enjoying physics subjects like thermodynamics and quantum mechanics… 

 Also, at the same time enjoying proofing complex mathematics subjects that sometimes can be unrelated to what you study in physics. But you still enjoy them whatever.

2 – The math you will learn in a double major is not helpful is might you expect

You have to understand that:

 The math you learn in a math major is very different from the math you learn in a physics major. A lot of what you learn in a math major won’t be really helpful in physics.

So for this reason a lot of advisors in schools say that a double majoring in math and physics will be just a waste of time. so instead of spending or losing the energy in both separated directions, it’s better to take the only individual classes that you will require to understand to study Physics. 

3 – It will be very helpful to double major if you like to become a researcher

If you want to become a researcher maybe double majoring in physics and mathematics would be helpful in this case.  especially when we talked about becoming a physicist researcher, in this case, you will be needing a lot of hell of a lot of math.

As a researcher, you will not know in detail what kind of math you would need to have so the best or the more knowledge you acquire studying mathematics would be helpful in this case. 

4 – Take some credit in high school

Before double-majoring in physics and Mathematics is better to take some credit in high school before going to college,  this would be useful especially to release some unrelated and consuming time subjects you need to complete like a foreign language or beginning math graphics classes like Calculus 1 and calculus 2. 

So you could take some credits by enrolling in theses one of the theses following programs:

AP exams

  • College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • The International Baccalaureate (IB) Program
  • High School/College Dual Enrollment
  • Summer College

in this way, you will save a lot of time and give more space to more interesting subjects like math and programming. If you want more details about this subject you could visit this subject.

5 – it is not hard you can do it

is not too hard or impossible to achieve as long as you are passionate about both sides of the curriculum. But you have to work harder and consistently to get your bachelor’s in 4 years. For this reason, is good to take advantage of some electives to help you raise your GPA.

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lin addition it will be good and insightful to let people help, especially college advisors to prevent you from falling into some major mistake.


Tying mah a physics is great and useful, all the math you study will be useful somehow in your life. But it is not a good choice or investment of money and effort to end up with a similar job that a single major graduate in math or physics could have.

In addition, as we said employers don’t care. It doesn’t matter if you double major in physics and mathematics or physics and English. They only care about what you’ve learned during this phase and how they can benefit from it 

Unless you want to impress your friends and yourself…


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.