Is public health a stem major? (solved)

Is public health a stem major or not, in this post we’re going to discover all the details about this subejct.

Is public health a stem major?

Public health is one of the brilliant stem occupations that have a focus to learn and protect the human life of people’s health. That being said Public Health uses its own scientific knowledge To raise awareness about the respect for health conditions In differents environments we live in. 

Public Health majors focus a lot on science helping people to prevent getting sick or injured. So the principal Goal of this occupation is to use scientific subjects including biology  and chemistry to prevent you from visiting a doctor.

 to clarify more Public Health are not doctors, Public Health majors are persons who have a good solid stem background in biology, chemistry, and phsyics. They use this knowledge to raise awareness about how people should respect Wellness advice to follow.

They also make control of services and organizations to check if they respect the general rules of health security. Such as food quality, air pollution, etc.

And the next paragraph we’re going to discover why public health is considered a stem major.

why public health is a stem major?

Before responding to this question we have to understand what is the stem? 

STEM is an abbreviation or acronym term for science engineering technology and Mathematics.  So to consider a major or occupation as a stem field at least it has to include one of these 4 Concepts.

So our principal  question or goal is to prove if public health is a stem or not, by responding to the 4  following questions:

  •  is it Public Health science?
  •  Does best public health involve technology?
  •  is Public Health engineering?
  •  is Public Health mathematics field?

 responding by yes for one or two to this question is enough to judge or  say that’s public health is a stem major.

 so let’s go and check the response to question number 1.

1 – is public health is a science

Public health is a science that’s based on protecting and improving people’s health conditions. To become a public health major you should study science including biology,  physics, and chemistry to be finally eligible to explain to the people the health risk they face. Also, providing the right Wellness advices.

 For instance, before the restaurant gets approved to open its business public health must  Ensure that’s this restaurant respects the all public health conditions which include for instance:

  • Smoke detectors.
  •  high-quality fridges to keep food fresh
  • Workers must wear completely their combination  search a hair mask

So the principal goal of Public Health is to protect happening dramatic accidents or injuries in the future,  especially in the food domain where people can get easily toxicated. So anything that’s has a risk influence the food quality it’s totally forbidden.

 In addition, Public Health doesn’t work only in nutrition sectors, it can be working in other industries especially in the medical field raising the awareness against getting infected by some diseases like:

  • SARS
  • influenza
  • the common cold
  • tuberculosis (TB)
  • Hepatitis A and B.

So this is the principal reason why public health is considered a stem occupation.

 so let’s go to the second question

2- is public health using technology?

Public health is a domain that uses the technology,  but actually, in this industry public health don’t produce new technologies like Manufacturing, mechanical or electrical engineering. They tend to be more consumers than producers.

 Regardless, Public Health have participated hugely in a covid worldwide pandemic.  In other words, Public Health have contributed to creating brilliant Technology Solutions to limit the damage it covid has provoked.

 for instance today we find a lot of robots that make automatic temperature checking, also disinfect humans’ hands and even cover buildings with UV light technology. So without Public Health information and guidance Engineers would not innovate these kinds of technologies.

 But finally, we could not assume that public health is a technology field.  So the public health domain is not a technology field it is a consumer or a contributor in extreme cases.

3 – is public health engineering

Yes public health is engineering the real proof of that, is there is an occupation called public health engineering. 

Public Health engineers have a scientific and analytics job which is collecting data and making reviews. For example, piking samples of foods or any material to make specifics analyses in the labs. 

 In other words, they use their chemical knowledge to evaluate our check the information about specific substances. 

 For instance,  a public health engineer creates significant rules about the acidity range or interval, food should belong to. Going out of the range means going out of the health rules, as a result, the hotel or restaurant did not expect the wellness rules which risks suspending all business. 

4 – is public health mathematics

As we said before Public Health as an engineering field so when we talk about engineering or talk about mathematics. This means, that as an engineer you should study complex math subjects including algebra as the basic then go to the next advanced calculus classes.

 In addition, you should have solid basics in physics biology, and chemistry, physics is one of the most interesting subjects that’s required a lot of math to digest.

 There is a public health occupation that focuses a lot on math and computer program which is biostatistics.  So there is no evidence that public health is a mathematics field that is stem stand on.

5 stem related careers in public health

We’re going to list the five interesting stem careers related to Public Health.

1 – health educators

The principal occupation that you can take his teaching that’s being said become a health educator as a health educator your principal goal will be to teach other people the principal rules in the relationship between good food and health.

That being said you’re going to teach people the all subject you studied in your career to finally become  Successful public health.

2 – nutritionists

The second occupation that allows you as a Public Health major to take, is to become a nutritionist. the principal goal of a nutritionist is to help people and individuals to choose the right eating habits. As a result, keep their body healthy and live longer without diseases.

 The most famous and interesting topic that nutritionist focus on is weight loss, meaning you’ll be working with a lot of people who want to lose weight.  so you’ll be as a  nutritionist coach for them. 

3 – epidemiologists

If you have the intent and will to make to work in biology risk environments then becoming an epidemiologist Is a good fit for you.  Your principal goal, in this case, is to determine the odds and prevent people from being infected by dangerous diseases like viruses.

In this case, you will be conducting a lot of biology research and sometimes deal with dangerous substances in labs, like viruses. 

4 – public health nurse

The last great occupation that you could take as a  specialization, is to become a public health nurse. That’s being said educating people And also providing some interesting services like:

  • Treating urgent illnesses
  • managing chronic conditions
  • providing preventive care
  • educating patients on health and wellness

you’ll be doing a principal role to raise awareness against disease and offer the all necessary health and wellness information to popularity.

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