is nutrition or dietetics a stem major? (solved)

Nutrition and dietetics are both principal stem major occupations, simply because dietetics and nutritionists take a deep scientific education career in food and nutrition. That is to say, they study biology, chemistry, and physic, all the food scientific aspects, and how they react in the human body.

 So the principal role of nutritionists or dietetics is to work with individuals and organizations by teaching them how to eat or take save food.  In other words, they focus on human  Behavior, especially good nutritional habits.

When nutritionists give specific tips on what kind of food to eat, they already implement their scientific background, for instance, calculating how many calories and vitamins are on each meal before giving you any.  

So it is a deep science behind this process

In the next paragraph, we’re going to discover why nutrition or dietetics is a stem major?

Why nutrition or dietetics is a stem major? 

Before responding to this question we have to understand what does it means STEM.

 STEM is an abbreviation word for science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics.  So to consider if a major is a stem or not, it must at least include one of these 4 pillars or characteristics. 

 To clarify more, to consider business as  a stem, at least it must involve one of the following subjects:

  •  Science
  •  Technology
  •  Engineering
  •  Mathematics

 To confirm that dietetics is a pure stem major were going to check if its programs Include these 4  subjects. that being said response to the following questions:

  • is nurtirion and dietetics a science?
  • is nurtirion and dietetics is a technolgy field?
  • are nutrition and dietetics an engineering field?
  • are nutrition and dietetics a mathematics field?

Is nutrition science

Nutrition is a science that includes chemistry, biology, and physics aspects,  so it is not easy to become a nutritionist or dietetics it requires having good basics and solid scientific education and stem subjects.

 nutritionists use their knowledge in biology and chemistry to provide healthy food solutions for people. So to understand the right calories and vitamins you should have in a meal, that require deep knowledge of food chemistry.

So these people don’t talk from anything, they have specific scientific proof they took during their education process. That being said, is science taught like any other science in other fields.

is nutrition a technology field

Nutrition is not a not to technology domain,  in other words it is not a sector or industry that doesn’t produce technology platforms like computer science or industrial engineering. But today nutrition  Implement a lot of Technology tools. 

Nutritionists and dietetics have deep knowledge about different kitchen gadgets and their consistency. 

In some cases, Public Health workers have devices that can detect the food quality If it is bad or good. So Nutritionists and dietetics must have a solid foundation in all the technology tools used in this field.

But finally, we could n not assume that nutrition is it Technology field simply because it’s only consumed technology not producing it as other Industries. 

is nutrition engineering

 yes, nutrition is a special engineering field, today there are thousands of Engineers around the United States and the world creating and improving recipes for food companies such as candy, meals, meat, and other food industries.

Their principal goal ways to use their scientific knowledge to design food recipes that have an excellent or appreciated flavor for customers. 

To achieve this level nutritionist engineers spend hours in labs testing mixing between consistencies to get an optimal unsuccessful food product that a company will finally release.

 In addition, the most important thing that nutritionists focus on is finding good ways to protect the food for a long period Of time. for this reason, they use preservative products which are chemical Substances that expand the lifespan of food.

 this is job is not easy especially, keeping the food with an original flavor and also adding these substances. 

For this reason, nutritionists study stem subjects for 4 years to finally get their bachelor’s degree. In some cases, you can find the engineers have a single specialization like chocolate engineering.

Do nutritionists need math?

nutritionist take specific programs like Bachelor programs in culinary or Bakery and study thems math courses

  •  Calculus
  •  Statistic
  •  College algebra

 but the good news is if you take or have a bachelor’s in culinary or Bakery you won’t study advanced calculus classes like chemistry or biomedical engineering.  

In other words, chocolate engineers who have tech-specific bachelor’s programs have only Calculus 1.

 so they don’t study calculus 2 and calculus 3 like biomedical or chemical engineering which is a good thing for people who are bad at math all fear from.

5 related stem career to nutrition and dietetics

1 – chocolate engineer

Your principal job as a chocolate engineer is to make new samples or prototypes of chocolate products or candies. Also makes them in good appearance. Chocolate engineering focuses not also on flavor but also on design.

 the chocolate engineers will not also bake a chocolate piece of cake or candies. the principal goal is to use their scientific knowledge of food and nutrition to create new recipes or ingredients respecting the rules of safety and flavor.

chocolate engineers work in alimentary and candy companies, it is not an easy occupation.

you could find more information about this subject by reading this article.

Chocolate engineer: all you need to know about

2 – health educator

If you love teaching you can become a health educator, in this profession you’re going to teach people how to eat healthier and follow specific nutrition programs to stay in a balanced healthy life.

Health Educators can also work As personal coaches with individuals or even companies.

3 – food technologist

food technologists have the same occupation as well as nutrition engineers, their principal focus is to develop new recipes and ensure that a nutritional product has an appealing aspect. 

The principal role of food technologists is to ensure the right balance between ingredients and at the same time keep a food a good and attractable appearance for a customer.

4 – naturopath

If you want to heat people with nutrition then naturopath is going to be your occupation. Normandy naturopaths create specific meals for people who have diseases and don’t like to eat medicaments or can’t. 

So a principal goal is to write detailed and strict diet therapies for these kinds of people,   simply because this means you are the only thing that is going to heal them.

5 – nutritionist

The nutritionist has the same occupation as well as the previous ones that we mentioned in our article. So to know more in detail what nutritionists do it’s better to watch this video below


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