Is neuroscience a stem major? (solved)

if you are interested to know if neuroscience a stem field or not, this post is for you.

In this post, we’re going also to the reasons why neuroscience will be stem or not stem. So keep reading to not miss the steps.

Is neuroscience a stem major?

Neuroscience is one of the pure stem fields that’s based on the study of the brain especially neurons that allow a system cognitive work in harmony. As a result, neuroscientists use all the stem Basics including biology chemistry, and Mathematics to analyze the mental health of patients.

in addition, neuroscientists use the latest technologies to detect neural activity systems. that being said studying the disease that can come from imbalances of neuron problems,  so is a purely scientific and mathematical occupation.

Neuroscience is the approach field to the healthcare domain as we know Medical domains are pure stem majors. So does neuroscience, But in the next paragraph, we’re going to discover in detail why neuroscience is a stem field.

 why neuroscience is a stem major?

Before responding to this question we have to understand what does it means STEM.

 STEM is an abbreviation word for science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics.  So to consider if a major is a stem or not, it must at least include one of these 4 pillars or characteristics. 

 To clarify more, to consider neuroscience as  a stem, at least it must involve one of the following subjects:

  •  Science
  •  Technology
  •  Engineering
  •  Mathematics

 To confirm that neuroscience is a pure stem major were going to check if its programs Include these 4  subjects. that being said respond to these following questions:

  • is neuroscience a science?
  • is neuroscience a technology field?
  • is neuroscience an engineering field?
  • is neuroscience a mathematics field?

is neuroscience a science?

There is no evidence that Neuroscience is a science,  as we said in the beginning Neuroscience is a science of brain composition in which neurons represent an interesting element part of elements of the brain.

 so neuroscientists study how these brain neurons work and make a lot of research to better understand them. As a result, finally, arrive and find solutions to complex diseases that a lot of people face such as epilepsy and other diseases.

For this reason, neuroscientists study a lot of biology human composition, and chemistry because these two parts are the main factor that the brain work,  a brain is a biological machine is that have chemical substances to work.

is neuroscience a technology field?

If we were asked if neuroscientists produce technology, the clear result will be not. 

But when we look at how technology is implemented in neuroscience. Therefore we find that Neuroscientists are dependable to understand complex technologies, meaning machines they use in their daily life. 

In other words, Neuroscience uses a lot of machines and Technology For assistance,  for instance, neuroscientists use special material just to reach neurons.

They literally put on and off these neurons to finally see the effects and activity of brain-behavior. 

The famous device that Neuroscience uses a lot in their jobs is an MRI scanner To visualize the brain patient activities. So as result, developing therapies for patient brains.

 so just having enough experience to analyze and understand the MRI images need a lot of Education and experimentation with this technology.  So we could not deny that Neuroscience has a big backup to technology.

So neuroscience is a technology field, which proves that reason to be aggregated as a stem major.

is neuroscience an engineering field?

Neuroscience is an engineering field and to approve that,  there is a special major that neuroscientists take which is developing robotics systems.  That being said neuroscientists work with robotics engineers to develop sensors used to transform electrical signals that come from muscles or even a mind.

This application is so useful in the prosthetic industry,  helping people to equip their bodies with industrials limbs like robotic arms or legs as you can se in the image below

.So if you want to become an engineer in this field you would like me to work in the biomedical engineering sector, developing devices that neuroscientists use themselves on a daily basis 

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is neuroscience a mathematics field?

Neuroscience is a subject that requires to have good mathematics knowledge, Neuroscientists in their beginning careers need to study a lot of math, especially algebra, and also mathematics advanced subjects like calculus.

Because neuroscientists focus a lot on biology and chemistry both subjects in bed a lot of mathematics applications. So it is a field in that students should be good at math to study. But honestly, it doesn’t require one to be extremely genius or smart to study neuroscience.

Because there are other Majors that are intensively math the neuroscience such as mechanical or electrical engineering.  But the hardest stem subject that students should face studying Neuroscience are biology and chemistry. 

these subjects are voluminous and require a lot of memorization and analysis.

5 famous stem neuroscience jobs or career

1 – Neuropsychology

As a neuropsychologist, your specialty would be to associate your knowledge between Psychology and Neuroscience. That being said determining the relation between the brain and the rest of the body.

 for instance, you would be working with people who had Stroked and see how to enhance their behavior, thinking, and memory.

2 – researcher

Working as a researcher is a noble field that you will be taking to enhance this science.  That being said conducting a lot of research and making a lot of neuroscience tests to enhance Or even invent new methodologies of Neuroscience therapies.

 so you want to go will be always to find better a new Solutions into this domain. 

3 – neurosurgeon 

To become a neurosurgeon the road is not going to be easy,  your principal goal as a neurosurgeon would be to diagnose imbalances in nervous systems and make surgeries to fix these issues.

As a neurosurgeon, your principal Focus will be the brain spinal cord, and peripheral nerves.  if you have the patience to follow this long occupation or career you will be one of the richest stem graduates.

4 – neurologist

in a neurologist occupation, you will be making the same operations that a neurosurgeon does. But in this case, you would be able to make surgeries like neurosurgeons. In other words focusing more on sanitary problems like:

  • headaches
  • Alzheimer’s 
  • sleep disorders
  • pain

5 – teacher

The last occupation to take If you are interested in the Neuroscience domain is to become a teacher,  in this case, you might be working as a professor in some medical universities and also conducting different research. and also make sensibilization campaigns as public health agents do.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.