Is business a stem major? (solved)

in this post, we’re going to discover if the business is a stem major or not and also now why. if you are interested to study stem and keep in the business field this article is for you.

Is Business a stem major?

Business is not considered a stem occupation like engineering or other computer science jobs.  Business is a marriage between social science and the economy. In addition business, majors don’t study subjects like math biology, or even chemistry they focus also in management end some subject that belongs to the economy which makes them out of the stem occupation.

 So in general businesses tend to approach the economy and management,  it is right that the economy is considering it as a stem major but business majors don’t focus and study math as economists do in their career.

 In the next paragraph, we’re going to discover details on why business is not considered a stem major.  So keep reading to know more details about this subject. 

In addition, we’re going to recommend lately some related business occupations that purely stem occupations stem you should follow if you are interested in the stem field.

Why business is not a stem major?

Before responding to this question we have to understand what does it means STEM.

 STEM is an abbreviation word for science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics.  So to consider if a major is a stem or not, it must at least include one of these 4 pillars or characteristics. 

 To clarify more, to consider  business as  a stem, at least it must involve one of the following subjects:

  •  Science
  •  Technology
  •  Engineering
  •  Mathematics

 To confirm that business is a pure stem major were going to check if its programs Include these 4  subjects. that being said response to the following questions:

  • is business a science?
  • Does business involve technology?
  • is business an engineering field?
  • is business a mathematics field?

Is business a science?

It is hard to assume that a business can be considered a science, businessmen use the science but the science they use is related to economics and management.  So for this reason economics is considered a stem major while business is still in discussion.

Business is some sort of Art and management job,  everyone can create a business without having a degree or taking an academic career. You just have to acquire enough experience by making enough mistakes or having some guidance to succeed.

 While becoming a doctor or engineer cannot be possible without having a specific career that leads finally to getting a degree allowing you to exert one of these professions. 

 So business is in general an occupation that doesn’t require specific education based on science or mathematics knowledge which is stem based on.

 For this reason, in many cases, a business major is not recognized as a science field instead it uses or combines all other science fields including economics and psychology, which marketers use to perform sales. 

Is business technology?

One of the principal reasons to consider if this major is technological or not a technological field is how technology has an overlap with this major.  In the case of business, technology is just a tool used by businessmen.

 But there is no science behind the business that allows producing technology systems like engineering do.

 A simple example to explain is, that a businessman uses a calculator but he can’t make or design this calculator as an engineer can do.  So business is just an interesting consumer of Technology, not a contributor like other occupations.

 As a result, this is the second reason that makes it to be excluded from stem major.

Is business engineering

It is hard to say that business is in engineering, even if there are some occupations called business engineering. But when we look at this principle occupation we don’t find a special engineering skill that business engineers do like in technological domains such as electrical or mechanical engineering.

 To explain more, we’re to see what business engineers do in the fact.

business engineers play the role of management and association between economists and technologists experts. 

 For instance, a business Engineer in a company takes a data from the production Department about the size of the production(how many pieces are produced every week) and at the same time communicate with the manufacturing Department to verify the efficiency of maintenance systems(number of technical troubles machines face). Then it comes with solutions to enhance the system.

So if we look deeper we find business engineering is not more than a management position. So in fact is a marketable term that some schools to engage students. 

So it is hard and unclear to adopt this business as an engineering field.

Is a business mathematics field

Business is not considered as mathematics field is right that’s businessmen use math in some cases. But mathematics aspects and knowledge belong to the economy or finance science not to a business.

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So for this reason businessmen Use the experience of accountants and financial advisors as a stem occupation.

Businessman uses the normal math level that any non-educated person can use in their daily life such as:

  • Addition 
  • Subtraction 
  • Multiplications
  • Rates

 that being said they use basic algebra mathematics which is nothing to compare to engineering occupations that use advanced math subjects like calculus and statistics.


So this proves are enough to consider a business as not stem occupation, should people consider about.

4 related stem career to business

But if you love business and want to work in stem careers or get a stem degree, you could take these 4 related occupation businesses that we’re going to list below.


The principal good occupation for businessmen especially the people who aren’t good at math is accounting.  As a simple definition, your principal job will be to calculate businesses’ or individuals’ expenses and dividends.

 for instance, if we have a small restaurant an accounting will be focusing on these 3 things:

  • calculate and determine the expenses of the restaurant including food bills, raw materials, maintenance, salaries
  • determine the total revenue,
  • determine the independent or the net profit a restaurant earned

fanatical advisor

 If you think that you can deal with high mathematics levels like statistics and calculus being a financial advisor will ensure you a more financially comfortable life. As a financial advisor, your principal occupation would be to study markets and create new business plans for the company.

 for instance, if you have a company that’s make10 million-dollar net profit a year your principal goal, will be to make a financial plan for this company you reach in the next 5 years  50 million-dollar.

so you will be using a lot of math and economic knowledge to expect the market in the next 5 years.

Capacity planner

If you love Logistics and planning you can become a capacity planner,  the principal duties of the capacity planner are going to be the following below.

  • manage and distribute capacities.
  • prevent overload problems that can happen with any system.
  • and performing research to measure changes in production or market demand for products.
  • determining how to improve its system efficiency.
  • managing customer demands, and workforce.


The last occupation that you can take it’s the work as an  econometrician in this case you want to have a lot of flexible occupations and a specialty to exert like:

  • work with universities, academics, or work in financial firms.
  • create statistics and programs describing the market states.
  • manage the software that exposes and actualizes data.
  • analyze the market and make predictions by calculating risks.
  • controlling funds.


business is not a stem major, but if you want to work on related business stem majors like economy you need to focus on math,  so if you aren’t good at math is better to take some classes by reading this following guidance article showing you how to learn math from scratch.

  4 important steps to learning math from the ground up.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.