Is data science a stem major? (solved)

if you are interested to know if data science is a stem major or not this post is right for you.

In this post, we’re going to discover also the related stem career that you should follow in this occupation. So keep reading if you want detailed information about this subejct.

Is data science a stem major? 

Data science is one of the most famous stem occupations that belongs to computer science as a specialization.  So there is no doubt if data science it’s a stem or not, It’s a domain that uses the multiple pillars of stem including math engineering Science and Technology.

 Data science is one of the famous occupations in the stem, it did with anything that relates to collecting data modeling, and building products based on customer data decisions. Data scientist use their knowledge in science technology and Mathematics to help companies make better decisions for their customers.

  for instance, in data science When you watch a video on YouTube then you see some following video suggested.  The algorithm of data science is responsible to suggest this a giving video to you, according to the analysis of your personal data including (previous videos you’ve watched on youtube, watch timing, .. etc)

So there is a big process behind it before you see these suggested videos.

Why is data science a stem major?

Data science is a stem occupation because it involves all the Stem principal subjects:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics

We’re going to discover that in detail, meaning explaining how data science involves these both 4 subjects.

1 – Is data science a science?

Yes,  is a science related to data,  that’s being said using science to collection analyzing and manage This data. As a result, to make a better decision for the next product a company should release,  even increase the productivity of a company by analyzing the employee activities and machine data performance. 

So data scientists use a lot of mathematics knowledge like statistics business and computer science. This proves that data science uses a lot of scientific components which is based on. Data scientists use even social science knowledge to know the behavior of the customer.

2 – Is data science use technology

Data science is a pure Technology field,  data scientists deal every day with computer servers,  databases, and clouds….  that’s being said all technology platforms collect,  manage, and analyze data.

if we take Facebook as an example,  Facebook has a center Specialized to collect the user data and analyze it,  to finally decide the behavior or the interest of the customer in certain products.

 Facebook has reached the highest level of data analysis technology,  today we could say that Facebook knows more about us than we do. Sometimes you get flabbergasted about how much Facebook was close to your intents.

All of them are because of data science.

3 – Is data science in an engineering

As we said data science is a pure Technology field that requires dealing with technology and the Machines. 

 So in general data scientists and engineers design platforms and tools that help the company to extract valuable information from its data, for instance, the previous year’s members of sales and winning products,  then use it to make the good product decision in the next step.

In addition, data science engineers optimize new systems to gather higher-quality data and maintain or fix technology tools that gather this data like databases, cloud, machine learning systems, etc. 

4 – is data science use math

Data science is one of the math complicated subjects,  normally students study computer science in the beginning before taking a specialization in data science. That being said study all the complex mathematics subjects like:

  • calculus 
  • algebra 
  • discrete math 
  • statistics and probability

The hardest math subject that data science students study is calculus, in the beginning, years, especially in the first and second-year students who take the old hardest calculus classes including Calculus 1 calculus 2, and calculus 3.

5 – Summary

So as we said there is proof by 100%  that data science is the pure STEM field because it’s comprised all the four pillars of science engineering technology mathematics that are being said.

  • Data science is a science field 
  • Data science is an engineering field
  • Data science is a Technology field
  • Data science is also a mathematics field

So as we said at the beginning of the article to consider a field as a STEM it must have the least involved one of the 4 stem pillars.  so what about the data science that involves them all?

5 topic data science stem career to follow

We’re going to list the five famous data science stem careers to follow if you are interested in this field.

1 – Data miner 

As a data miner, your specialization will be to analyze data or information and find the common relationship between this information. As a result, making a good decision that helps a company in its next steps. 

For instance, determine the higher portion of consumers of an ice cream product. That being said, if you find that kids are the most consumers of ice cream.  As a result, you should focus on Advertising to kids more than adults.

2 – Data engineer

As a data engineer, your principal occupation will be to design and maintain all the technology tools responsible for collect manage and transforming the data.  That’s being said working with clouds, databases, computers, and even making algorithms to gather information. 

3 – Database manager

As a database manager, your principal occupation would be to design develop and do maintenance of computer programs that stores information about a related business.

  for instance, you’ll be working for a website database company to collect all the campaign information that a company organized to collect the data. As a result to understand more the behavior of their customer.

4 – Machine learning engineering

In machine learning engineering especially in data science, you will be working on predictive algorithms technology that’s being said algorithms that analyze a data and predict its outcomes of it.

 YouTube algorithm is a great example,  when you watch the video you will finally end up with a group of suggested videos related to a topic and also to your Personal iInterest.  So the machine learning algorithm treated these all data to finally give you the most fittable video to watch. 

5 – analyst

I will let you in this video below to explain to you what an analyst do in data science.

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