Is chemistry a stem major? (solved)

Is chemistry a stem major or not, in this post, you will find a detailed and explained response about this subject.

Is Chemistry a stem major? 

Chemistry is principally adopted as a stem major that involves many engineering specializations.  It is a pure STEM major that involves science, math engineering, and mathematics. All these subjects are taught in this major. So there is no doubt about it, chemistry is a stem major.

 Chemistry is one of the most engineering majors, it deals with anything that relates to chemical reactions, substances, and their composites it is close to biology in terms of the context.

 Chemical engineers use their scientific background in technology and Mathematics to create the best chemical products or solve sometimes environmental problems.

  for instance, there is a big chemical process that engineers do in labs to add some substances to keep foods safe for a long time. So a lot of science and engineering is behind that.

Why chemistry is a stem major?

 Chemistry is a major that involved a lot of stem subjects math science Technology and Engineering. So it combines all these Sciences that represent stem as a concept.

If you don’t understand what is the STEM,  STEM is an abbreviation name of:

  •  Science
  •  Technology
  •  Engineering
  •  Mathematics

So all the subjects that include these 4 pillars are considered Stem occupations. So the same thing with chemistry.

We’re going to discuss and explain for each part why:

  •  Chemistry as a science
  •  Chemistry is technology
  •  Chemistry in engineering
  •  and finally, look if chemistry involves mathematics or not.

1 – Is chemistry a science?

Firmly yes,  chemistry is a science related to liquid or raw material we use in our daily life that’s being said using science to create new chemistry products. Also, implementing this science to solve environmental and health issues like diseases. Chemical engineers are very important in the stem field they have a big contribution to society. 

It is not easy to succeed in chemical engineering Students should be good in math, science, and even dealing well with technology.

All that proves that chemistry uses a lot of scientific and mathematics components which are STEM classes based. So the whole chemistry curriculum is a pure science field, thus there is no doubt about that.

2 – Is chemistry using technology

chemistry is a pure Technology field,  chemical engineers work in their daily life in labs dealing with the most sophisticated machines that require specific education to deal with. For instance,  machines that extract solubles and make different analyses of chemical products.

As the technology involves the chemistry also does with, chemistry and technology are undependable two things.

if we take an example, having a small device in a house can analyze the principal chemistry of blood consistencies in a few seconds without going to the hospital. A great example of that is the glucometer that diabetics use to test the glucose in the blood.

All that is due to the right combination between chemistry and technology.

 3 – Is chemistry is an engineering

As we said chemistry is a pure technology field that requires dealing with a lot of technology and Machines. In addition, there is a full branch called chemical engineering. So there is no debate about that. 

 For instance, chemistry engineers do chemical separations, to prepare fuel or remove byproducts and also to recycle and protect the environment. All these aspects are engineering courses that allow them to be capable of these occupations 

In addition, chemistry engineers create new chemical products for many industries. For instance, the food preservatives that keep food as long as possible and sometimes for long years to come.

So engineering a chemical substance that will not affect the flavor of the food is not an easy task.

4 – is chemistry using math

chemistry involves a lot of mathematics subjects,  normally students study chemical engineering and advanced math topics, which are not easy to digest at all. In other words, they study all the complex mathematics subjects like:

  • calculus 
  • algebra  
  • statistics and probability

Calculus is going to be the hardest math subject chemistry use in its applications, for this reason, the chemistry college curriculum is required to complete 3 classes of calculus.

  • calculus 1
  • calculus 2
  • calculus 3

In addition, learning the other important subject like physics which are also heavier in math. So math is everywhere in chemistry, this subject is not made for weaker math students, almost all chemistry courses include math.

5 – Summary

So when we look at the chemistry subject we find it combines all the 4 stem element subjects, mathematics, science, engineering, and technology. As a result, confirm the nature of chemistry as a stem major without any evidence.

4 examples of stem chemistry jobs 

there are a lot of examples of chemistry jobs, we choose 4 examples that have rewarding salaries in this field.

1 – Nuclear engineering

Nuclear engineering is one of the most interesting and highest-paid chemistry occupations. The principal job of the nuclear engineer is to work on different nuclear projects.

 for instance, extract the energy from the uranium to boil water that finally transforms to vapor or steam, which creates enough pressure to turn a turbine. As result, it finally creates electricity.

This operation is called transforming nuclear energy to electricla energy. if you are interested more in this process you could watch this video.

2 – Chemical engineering

To understand more in detail what chemical engineers do we let you this video to watch below.

3 – Environmental engineering

4 – Food engineering

food engineering is one of the funniest engineering occupations for people who love to cook and peruse a stem career. Even though there is a special career for people who love chocolate and candies to make their dreams come true and become chocolate engineers.

As a food engineer, your principal goal is to use your STEM  knowledge to design new delicious recipes for customers. You can work with many alimentary industries in this case

  • slaughterhouses
  • meat
  • poultry and fish processing,
  • maltings
  • bakeries, 
  • fruit and vegetable
  • oils and fats
  • oils
  • pasta
  • baby foods
  • dairies.


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