Is kinesiology a stem major? (solved)

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Is kinesiology a stem major?

Kinesiology is one of the principal stem majors that belongs to healthcare, especially studying the science behind the muscle and human body movements. So It’s considered like any health care occupation which all of them fall under the stem category.

What makes Kinesiology the principal stem major because it combines a lot of principles and rules of STEM.  That being said kinesiology is a science that uses technology and Mathematics foundations to care for people.

 To clarify more,  kinesiology involves a lot of science like biology and chemistry. At the same time deal with technology tools that kinesiologists use such as computers, and other operational tools like tables and rayon x machines to diagnose a patient’s state.

Why Kinesiology is a stem

Before responding to the question we have to understand what does it means STEM.

 STEM is an abbreviation word for science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics.  So to consider if a major is a stem or not, it must at least include one of these 4 pillars or characteristics. 

 To clarify more to consider kinesiology as  a stem, at least kinesiology must involve one of the following subjects:

  •  Science
  •  Technology
  •  Engineering
  •  Mathematics

 To confirm that kinesiology is a pure stem major were going to check if kinesiology programs Include these 4  subjects.

1 – Kinesiology is a Science field?

Kinesiologists take a long path of studies which includes studying all the scientific aspects,s, especially in biology, nutrition,chemistry, and social science.  kinesiologists study mental health and its relation to the body.

 In other words, their goal is to ensure the balance between the mind and chemical body substances. 

For instance, when you have a problem with insomnia you might have some imbalances in your body that indicate you have a problem either in your mind all your physical body.  So the principal goal of kinesiologists is to use all its scientific knowledge which is pure stem studies to trait these imbalances.

kinesiology is an occupation that requires having a good certification and science behind it to finally be eligible to do this job. So as a result the first pillar of the stem (science ) is included in Kinesiology as an occupation.

So let’s check the second pillar.

2 – kinesiology is an engineering field?

Kinesiologists are not engineers,  for this reason, they don’t study engineering, that being said they approach more doctors or therapists. The highest level kinesiologist occupations work as a therapist by helping patients to lower their pains and enhance their psychology.

3 – kinesiology is a technology field?

Kinesiology is an industry that counts on a lot of Technology tools,  including computer software and physical machines.  In the education phase, kinesiologists learn how to deal with or use a lot of technical machines were going to give for example::

digital x-ray machines


 Digital x-ray machines: this tool is used to diagnose and assess spinal alignment and identify pathology. this machine is an important tool to show the improvement of a treatment kinesiologist does.

Tables: This is the principal tool that a patient lies down on, so the kinesiologist can treat or remedy patients.

So it is very hard to deny that kinesiology is away from technology,  today technology is involved in most careers.  So the same case with kinesiology. 

4 – Kinesiology is a mathematics field

The last thing that indicates kinesiology as a  pure stem field,  is that undergrad kinesiologists study mathematics subjects like algebra and statistics.  so this is the man has a lot of mathematics requirements that students should complete.

Kinesiologists are not studying calculus like engineers,  because they focus on biology a lot and chemistry which does not require using calculus.


So as we said kinesiology is a stem field that belongs to the 3 categories.  Science Technology, Mathematics.  the only aspect that kinesiology does not evolve in, is engineering.

 So as we said previously it is enough that this subject includes only one field as the stem branch. So in this in this case we have 3.

5 famous kinesiology stem occupations

If you want to become a stem major in kinesiology there is 5 stem occupation that we recommend following or at least should be aware of.

1 – Fitness coach

The first easiest stem occupation that doesn’t require even a bachelor’s is a fitness coach.  your principal goal as a fitness coach will be to teach and lead people in gyms or anywhere showing them the right lose to train their bodies.

The best recommendation in this case if you want to earn good money is to be a freelancer, which is better than being an employee.  Being an employee means that you will have $40,000 per year as a median salary,  while as a freelancer you could double this wage. 

2 – Conditions coach

Condition coach is a good occupation for people who are passionate about high and professional four levels. that being said you would be working principally with high-level athletes guiding or mentoring them about the right ways to train and move their bodies.

to become a conditioning coach you must at least have a bachelor’s in kinesiology,  or if you want to get in better positions is better the opt for Ph.D. or at least a master’s.

In the beginning, you will be paid at least $40,000 a year,  but if you get an enough experience combined with a Ph.D. you can double or triple that amount. 

3 – Exercise psychology

If you want to become an exercise psychologist, you have to know that your principal to go will be to help Professional athlete enhance their level by making multiple tests and analyzing their data.

For instance, exercise psychology operates some famous tests for athletes like VO2 max, which is the maximum volume of oxygen an athlete can consume. It is one of the most significant performance signs.

In some cases, you will be telling your patient or athletes to stop exercising to let their body rest according to the test you made.

the median salary for exercise psychology is $43,000

4 – Physical therapist

As Physical therapists, you will be helping injured or ill people for instance who have made accidents or suffer from disabilities to remedy their pains. In most cases your patients are going to be people who need chronic rehabilitation, you deal a lot with aged people.

physical therapy is one of the most rewarding occupations, you’re median salary will be over $95,620, which is very encouraging to take this path. But you have to be patent to take your doctorate before getting into this industry.

5 – Chiropractor

I will let you with this video to explain to you what does a chiropractor

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