Is computer science a stem major? (solved)

Computer science is a pure stem occupation, it includes all the aspects of a stem major. computer science studies all stem subjects including science technology engineering and finally mathematics.

 computer science is one of the most Difficult stem majors based on the heavy math and technology subject student study. In computer science, students focus on math and programming multiple Technologies of computers.

 In the next paragraph, we’re going to discover how far computer science is a stem major.

 Why computer science is a stem major?

Before responding to the question we have to understand what does it means STEM.

 STEM is it abbreviation word for science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics.  So tp consider a major if it is a stem or not, it must at least include one of these 4 pillars or characteristics. 

 To clarify more to consider computer science a stem, at least  student must study one of the previous subjects that’s we’re going to repeat:

  •  Science
  •  Technology
  •  Engineering
  •  Mathematics

 to confirm that computer science is a pure stem major were going to check if Computer science student programs Include these subjects.

1 – Computer science is a Science filed

The first thing that proves computer science is its name.  it’s named computer science because it teaches the science of computers.  Computer science students study a lot of science subjects about computers.

For instance, there is a famous field in the United States called data science,  this field is a specialty of computer science that’s based on analyzing data and creating scientific rules to manage this data in a more efficient way.

 Today, data science is one of the most paid occupations in the United States according to its importance in our daily life and its high demand on the market.  if you want to know more about data science you can watch this video below.

2 – Computer science is a technology filed

Yes, computer science is also a technology field, the principal and the Central tool that’s computer science is based on is computers and laptops that we are using daily in our homes our offices.

There is a field and computer science which is called computer hardware where students learn how to design computer hardware or Electronics boards. In addition, learn how to program them for multiple applications.

  Computer hardware is an occupations responsible to design computer boards that can be used in your laptop or desktop computer.  In addition, computer hardware is included in any  other electronic device we use like:

  •  smartphone
  •  TV
  •  Cars
  •  fridges
  • Ac rooms 
  • washing machines, etc

so in general computer science is a pure Technology field without any doubt.

3 – computer science is engineering filed

If we talk about engineering computer science is one of these occupations. In computer science, major students get a degree and become engineers in multiple industries.  we’re going to list a few engineering computer science occupations:

  • Software engineering
  •  Hardware engineering
  •  network engineering
  • database engineering
  • computer security engineering, etc

Computer science is an engineering field that has more specialties. That being said students get a computer science degree to follow one of the engineering specialties that we mentioned above.

4 – computer science is a mathematical filed

A lot of students suffer in computer science because it is heavy in math.  In other words, the computer science field studies a lot of mathematics subjects including:

  •  calculus
  •  algebra
  •  statistics and probability
  •  discrete math

Even though the highest paid computer science jobs involve a lot of math like data science and cryptography. So computer science is it Pure or 100% mathematic major.


 So when we look at a computer science we find that it involved the 4 pillars of stem subjects,  science engineering technology mathematics.

 there are some subjects that include only math like economics and still be considered as a stem major.  So what about computer science that involves all of them?

7  famous Computer science stem occupation

1 –  Software engineer

A software engineer is a person responsible to build desktop and mobile apps,  for instance, the apps that you are using like WhatsApp or Windows are built by software engineers. 

 So the principal role of a software engineer is to develop these apps and enhance them by using their knowledge of different programming computer science languages like:

  •  C++
  •  Java
  •  python
  •  JavaScript
  •  HTML
  •  CSS, etc

2 – Hardware engineer

Hardware Engineers are people who are more concentrated to develop physical tools that are being said computer parts and electronic or different machines.  Hardware engineering is a  computer science stem occupation.

 To clarify, a Hardware engineer is a person who designs the electronic board and components of your computer.  In addition, it could be designing any electronic board any machine live TV smartphone, or even a  plane.

3 – Computer security engineer

A computer security engineer is a person responsible to protect computer systems like servers websites any other systems that can be attacked by hackers.  For instance, when you install an antivirus on your computer,  this app is made by a group of computer security engineers.

4 – Cloud engineer

Cloud engineer, is an occupation that’s Baise on managing the data stored in servers.  In general, all famous companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook save their data in the cloud,  which are like Electronics shelves and books that users can access from anywhere and anytime.

To clarify more there are some services on the internet like the google cloud service.  This cloud service will allow you to store your data on the internet.  So in the case, your computer has been broken on stolen you could find all your data saved and recover it safely.

5 –  database engineer

Database engineer responsible to organize database website information.  for instance, when you buy from Amazon you let you’re all personal information including credit card habitation and other personal information.

 the role of the database engineer is to manage all data stored and make sure the system that stores this data works properly and fix it, if it got broken. 

6 –  Computer vision engineer

 computer vision Engineers are responsible to develop vision app applications,  for instance, the famous app that you might be using today with your phone its face recognition. That being said you unlock your phone by just putting your face in front of the camera.

 Computer vision engineers are people responsible to develop this special algorithm that allows you to scan your face and approve it.  This technology is today used also in robotics and survey cameras.

7 – gaming engineer

The last famous occupation is gaming engineering,  getting a degree in computer science allows you to specialize in gaming engineering by developing games that you might be playing today like Fortnite Pubg candy crash, etc. 

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