Double major in political science and psychology

If you are wondering if a double major in political science and psychology is worth it or not, in this post, you will find a complete and detailed response.

Is it worth it to double major in political science and psychology?

Making a double major in political science and psychology is possible and doable, but when we talk about the financial reward, it might not be worth having a double bachelor’s in Psychology in political science because it will not add a significant value that is going to make you marketable or opens you new opportunities the single majors wouldn’t have.

 These two occupations are well-paid, but when the interesting thing is the market demand for political science is a very competitive industry and requires higher education, you need at least a master’s or Ph.D.

 While majoring in Psychology alone will be more beneficial according to the market demand and salary position it has.  Getting a bachelor’s in psychology is way more than enough to find or apply for a job in the industry. 

While in political science, you should go further and invest more money and time to be eligible and competitive enough in this industry.

 Having a combo between political science and psychology is good if you are interested in gaining information and have additional knowledge, especially if you want to work as a therapist for politicians.

 But you have to know it is like building your own business. It will take a lot of time to gain politicians’ confidence and make them accept to work with you.

So it will finally depend on your perspective.

 If your perspective is money, double majoring in political science in Psychology will not give you an advantage.  In this case, concentrating on psychology will be better than doubling or even taking political science alone.

If you aren’t interested in the money, you can go for it, doubling in political science and psychology will add a lot of knowledge that is going to be useful for your career because there is an overlap between these two majors.

In the next paragraph, we’re going to explain more about the market demand psychology and political science to give back up to our vision. 

political science and psychologist salary

If you are looking to work in political science in the US a lot of work is waiting for you.  According to bls the median salary of political scientists in the US. is $122,000, Which is a very encouraging salary position.

 But the problem is, that political science is a very competitive occupation. There are only 7000 occupations in the whole United States, 3500  only in Washington, which means 50%, and the rest is spread around the country.

In addition, only 600 occupations are offered every year political science Industry. 

7000 is nothing compared to any occupation in the US. For example, there are 300,000 occupations only in electrical engineering. To not go further, psychology is a lot better than political science,  with 180,000 jobs. So political science is one of the rare occupations in the United States.

So most political science graduates end up in other positions, Like teaching political science or unrelated subjects.

So this is the principal reason why we recommend majoring in Psychology instead double majoring in Psychology and political science.

 In other words, the psychology Market job is different and is more promising by offering every year more than 13,000 new occupations and a respectful salary of $81,000 a year, as a result more financially rewarding. 

The good thing is if you are interested in double majoring in Psychology and political science, that will not reduce your opportunity to find a job in the psychology domain.  But you have to respect the following 2 tips that are where they’re going to offer to pass this double major as smoothly as possible.

What will you be studying as a double major in political science and psychology?

In this link, you will find the all detailed program on what political science and psychology double majors study. 

3 Tips for a double major and political scientist

As a double major in Psychology and political science, you would have a lot of workloads and a lot of subjects to study in this course. So we recommend following these 2 tips to succeed in your major.

1 take credits before college

The first and most intelligent thing to do is to take some credits before double majors, like AP psychology or SAT exams. This will be beneficial to lightning the workload of the program, you could do that also by taking some summer courses as a freshman.

2 choose wisely your electives 

The great thing about a double major in psychology and political science is that you have many electives you can choose between in the program. It is so flexible. So the best thing to do is to choose the elective subjects that you have an interest in or a previous knowledge about.

3 ask for help

The last tip, which is the most important, is to consult your college advisor because he will help you schedule your program and give you golden tips for helping you in your career.

Conclusion: the savviest plan

Getting Degrees in Business Management, Social Science, English, and Arts, end up by taking occupations that have nothing to do with your study. This is not an offense but It is the reality.

So if you are full perspective is money, You can go and check other technology majors like IT  or economics.

The savviest plan you can choose if you like psychology and political science is to major in psychology, then minor in political science. As a result, you will be able to work or find a job in the psychology industry while you’re preparing for your master’s or Ph.D. in political science.

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