psychobiology vs psychology: (explained)

If you are interested to know the difference between psychobiology and psychology this post is for you.

In this post, we’re going to discover the difference between psychobiology and psychology. In addition, discover what psychologists study and psychologist do.

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The difference between psychobiology and psychology

is that psychobiology is a term composed of two parts bio which refers to biology and psychology. In other words, psychobiology is a study of the mental aspects and the body. In addition, psychobiology can include its studies of any creatures or animals. While psychology focuses only on the mental process and cognition of the human mind.

So psychobiology is broader than psychology for this reason we find psychologists studying some additional subjects that psychologists don’t, like:

  • genetics
  • animal behavior
  • neuroscience
  • neuropharmacology
  • sensory biology

So pdsychobiologist focus more about the relation between the mind and body, including on the nervous system, hormones and genetics, and other biologic aspects.

psychology can work only with humans while psychobiology can work with humans and animals dpesnding on its specialty.

what do students study in psychology?

psychology curriculum is divided into three principal subjects:

  • Arts and humanities
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Principal of psychology subjects.

1 – Arts and Humanities

An Arts and Humanities subject that psychology students study How many variances which means they could study multiple courses depending on their choice. The principal causes that Students choice to study arts and humanities:

  • Theater
  •  history
  •  philosophy
  •  foreign language like Spanish or french
  •  design or painting
  •  filming
  •  music
  •  dance
  •  writing

So for students who are interested in psychology, they have to know that a big part of it includes a lot of a human subjects. So as we said it is right that psychology is not social science, but it has a lot of interference between or to humanity majors.

2 – Social and Behavioral Sciences

The second subject that students focus on is social and Behavioral Science which means all the subjects that relate to humans and Its Behavior in Society. So Studying these subjects is solid proof that psychology is a social science more than a Humanity major.

Psychology students study theses following  social science courses  in their curriculum:

  • Administration of Justice.
  • Anthropology.
  • American Sign Language.
  • Economics.
  • Paralegal Studies.
  • Political Science.
  • Psychology.
  • Social & Behavioral Studies.
  • management
  • communication 

3 – psychology official subjects 

The last of the most important subject that students focus in psychology which includes All subjects that relate to human behavior psychology  Aspect. In other words, everything that humans use to receive and explain information like attention memory, imaginary and problem-solving Etc.

We will list the principal subject that  popsicle legit students takes in this case:

  • Learning, Memory, and/or Cognition 
  • Sensation, Perception, and/or Biological Bases of Behavior 
  • Clinical, Abnormal, and/or Personality
  • Social Influences on Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors

1 learning, memory, and cognition 

in this section psychology students Focus on topics that relate to the mechanism of how humans learn, memorize, and recognize things. This included also problem-solving and reasoning human brain processes.

2 sensation, Perception, and/or Biological Bases of Behavior 

Sensation perception psychology courses are student-focused and biology and study some brain neuroanatomy. In other words, discovering what are the incentives that encourage people to react to human environments and produce multiple emotions and actions. 

3 human development

Bavis subject you will learn about how the human mind is being developed through parenting and all outside circumstances.  In addition, you will learn how humans can optimize their minds and how to deal with confronting obstacles in their lives.

4 Clinical, Abnormal, and/or Personality

in this subject students’ Diagnoses, the causes, and prognoses for the various categories of psychological disorders people suffer in their life. In other words this subject deal with all human personality issues.

5 Social Influences on Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors

This course or subject provides Scientific studies of how people think, feel, and behave in the presence of their environment. Especially how humans get influenced by all those people’s ideas and Social rules.

what do students study in psychobiology?

in the psychobiology subject students study these 4 pillar chapters:

  • foundations of psychobiology
  • research methods in psychobiology
  • psychobiologic topics

1 – Foundations of Psychobiology

in the foundation of psychobiology, field students study the basics topics that any psychobiology student will need to have a solid foundation. is a preparation phase. So in general in this chapter you will be studying the following subjects:

  • human anatomy and physiology
  • General biology 1
  • general biology 2
  • introduction to psychology
  • advanced introduction to psychology

A major focus of this course is the cell – its structure and function, cell transport and cellular energy, and how cells divide. Students will explore genetics and learn about DNA. Units on ecology and evolution are also included. Acellus General Biology is taught by Acellus Instructor Levi Goes.

2 – Research Methods in Psychobiology

In the second chapter which is a research and methods in psychobiology you will be focusing in these 3 important following subjects that we will mention below:

  • Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences
  • research methods in biology
  • research method in psychology

Topics include frequency distributions, measures of central tendency and variability, probability and sampling, correlation and regression, and hypothesis testing.

in addition to learning about research methods in biology that you can find in this article. and finally discover the most famous method in psychology like correlational study, case study or longitude study, etc… you could find more details by watching this video.

3 – Psychobiology topics

The last chapter which is the advanced one is where students have to put a lot of effort to understand these new 5 important subjects:

  • genetics
  • animal behavior
  • neuroscience
  • neuropharmacology
  • sensory biology


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