Double major in business and psychology: worth it?

if you want to know if a double major in business and psychology is worth it or not, and what students study in this post is for you.

Double major in business and psychology: worth it?

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Doube majoring in Psychology and business would be useful especially if you want minor in business marketing in particular. In addition, it is a good academic formation to gain additional knowledge about human behavior and implemented it in business. Because the hardest thing in business is to deal with customers.

That being said learn how humans think and learn how to convince them. So as a psychology major you will be applying all the knowledge that you have acquired, especially if you want to become good advertised.

But in terms of opportunities in the workforce doubling a major in business and psychology won’t add a significant value or add chances to be employed more easily than single majors. So if you consider it as a self-investment it will be good and fruitful, especially for people who think to build their business.

But you have to know that double majoring in business and psychology will not be easy, you will have a lot o of load work which will cause some stress. So you will be forced to complete subjects on the time if you want to take a double major in 4 years, but in general, it is still doable and achievable it is not like double majoring in complex majors or stem majors like mechanical and electrical engineering.

So the best option would be to major in one of these 2 occupations by taking this two choices:

  1. major in business then minor in psychology
  2. or major in psychology and then minor in business

what do you will be studying as a double major in business and psychology

Normally double major degree in business gets finished in 4 years, 3 years of business, and 1 year for additional subjects in psychology. But this might be changing depending on each subject.

We’re going to list the principal subjects you will be studying as a double major in business and psychology.

1 – business subjects

in business subjects you will be studying and focusing as a double major in the following business subjects:

Reporting in business

in reporting subjects, you will be discovering new business subjects or themes that businessmen use to interpret their business state such as:

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Statement of cash flows.

So the principal goal in this subject is to become familiar with the basics of business terminology and methods. As a result, finally being able to interpret, analyze, and evaluate business financial reports.

Managerial Accounting

In managerial accounting, you will be learning topics including the all aspects that business managers use like:

  • budgeting
  • cost management and behavior
  • cost-volume-profit analysis
  • costs for decision making
  • cost allocation issues
  • performance evaluation.

Financial Management

Financial management is one of the most interesting subjects in business, as a business manager, you have to be good at understanding at:

  • financial nature of the markets
  • the cost of capital
  • valuation of stocks and bonds
  • management of short-term assets
  • short-term and long-term financing
  • capital markets and multinational financial management. 

don’t be afraid of terms, business topics are easy to absorb, and these subjects are just terminologies you should be aware of.

Management Information Systems

In the management information system, you will be exploring how big enterprises or companies around the world use advanced information systems technology to create better-managed, more innovative successful organizations.

Supply Chain and Operations Management

In supply chain and operation management, you will be discovering the principal rules of managing goods and services. That being said, the logistic aspects of companies mean:

  • How companies buy their raw materials
  • the financial transactions between companies and providers
  • the system of supply and chain, etc.

Introduction to Marketing

Also examines contemporary issues in marketing that can affect organizational success. A term project is used to enable students to apply their learning about the fundamentals of marketing.

Organizational Behavior

In organization behavior, you will study the social behavior of companies, which means how to manage companies’ teams and organize meetings in professional aspects. This subject is lead to leadership. In other words, you will be studying topics that include:

  • Split tasks to teams
  • Motivative and lead teams leadership
  • How to solve conflicts
  • Communication 

2 – psychology subjects

The second aspect that you will for sure study as a double major in business and psychology is psychology. The principal subjects of psychology you will be staying are:

Foundations of Psychology

The first subject students study in this double major about psychology is to discover its first principles or foundations like:

  • what is learning as psychology definition
  • sensation and perception
  • cognition and language
  • development
  • emotion
  • social psychology
  • personality

you will be looking from psychology perspective at the most social thems. in other words, kind of have a philosophical approximation.

Business Statistics

In business statistics, you will be studying math. In other words, statistics subjects include descriptive statistics subjects and other themes like:

  • Distributions
  • central tendency,
  • variability
  • z-scores,
  • the normal distributions
  • correlation
  • regression
  • probability,
  • hypothesis-testing

most of these subjects are normally taken in the first 2 years of the program.

If you want to discover more about the math you will be used in business you could read this article: Is psychology statistics hard? (solved)

Social Psychology

In social psychology, you will be studying social subjects that relate to psychology such as:

  • Aggression
  • Attribution
  • Attitude formation
  • Change
  • Attraction,
  • Gender and culture,
  • Conformity
  • Impression formation etc


In these subjects, you will be learning the basic introduction to human cognition. In other words, you will be learning topics including:

  • pattern recognition
  • attention
  • memory
  • categorization and concept formation
  • problem-solving


In the personality course, you will discover your normal personality and how it developed. Also, how to Focus on behavioral, dynamic, social, and cognitive determinants, and assessment of personality.

All resources are extracted from this university’s double major in business and psychology program.

5 career that you can do, doubling major in business and psychology

Doubling a major in business and psychology could be useful to prepare you for these 5 business psychology careers that you will go to discover in this video below.


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