Double major in nursing and psychology

If you are wondering about double majoring in nursing and psychology, in this post you’re going to discover the honest response.

 in this post were going to respond to the question, of whether double majoring in nursing and psychology is worth it or not.

  In addition, you will discover what is behind the scenes of double majoring in nursing and psychology,  including the daily routine and the full curriculum that double major students should take before getting their bachelor’s.

Is worth it to double major in nursing and psychology?

A double majoring in nursing and psychology is one of the most challenging decisions you could make in your career.  It is enough to talk with nursing majors about the suffering in front of their overloaded nursing programs and the obnoxious homework and daily tasks they have to complete. 

 So having a Psychology major on the side with the nursing is going to be very challenging and hard to accomplish. As a result, it risks lowering your GPA which is really important in a competitive industry such as nursing.

In addition, having a double major in nursing in Psychology won’t going to add something special that makes you more marketable to find occupations in the market. 

 On the other side if you think that taking a double major in nursing and psychology what help you to become the best one in the nursing industry maybe this is not the case. 

 For instance, if you think to become a nurse and you believed that psychology will help you in your job as a nurse that is right, but the amount of psychological knowledge that you will be going to acquire by dealing with patients is going to be a lot valuable than sitting in classes and spending more time, money and effort learning psychology on it theoretical side.

So if you are interested in psychology you could take specific classes that will allow you to improve your knowledge of nursing topics that require psychology skills.  As a result, you could take some online courses which will be better than joining the full curriculum psychology program that which most of its topics aren’t going to be useful to you.

The full curriculum of a double major in nursing and psychology

This is an example of a double major in the nursing psychology curriculum.


In the first year of the program you will be studying theses following subjects:

  • anatomy and psychology
  • practice and cultural safety
  • health assessment
  • Foundation psychology
  • pathophysiology
  • psychological research methods
  • nursing practice


In the second year of the program you will be studying theses following subjects:

  • Well being
  • communication for health professional
  • social psychology
  • research design and data analysis
  • clinal therapeutic for health
  • the mid and the brain
  • development psychology
  • perception and cognition
  • counseling


In the third year, it will be very hard you will be forced to study the whole year including the summer.

  • Ethics law and health care
  • Integrated nursing practice
  • Individual differences and assessment
  • psychopathology
  • advanced statistical analytics

In addition, you will have a summer program where you will spend 4 weeks. Studying and practicing nursing programs daily for over 6 hours, is very challenging.


  • Integrated nursing practices
  • advanced topics in neuropsychology
  • taking some psychology electives
  • leadership skills program
  • Integrated nursing practice

if you want more details about this program you could check it out at this link.

Facts about double majoring in nursing and psychology

Doubling major in nursing and psychology will be taking the majority of your time Between study, integrated practices, and homework. In addition, you will be required to understand and absorb psychology subjects. You will mostly risk burnout.

The only case that will allow you to succeed by having a double major in Psychology and nursing,  is not working something on the side.  that’s being said,  not having a part-time job or some obligations like family, etc.

In this case, if you are a young student from rich parents who are ready to pay your expenses,  it could be possible to take this. Otherwise, for people who need to work to pay those expenses, it would be very difficult, and barely to say impossible.

To be honest, schools allow you to do that but when we talk about human capacity, a double major in Psychology is nursing, which will increase significantly the odds of dropping and cause stress that you’re going to face by spending long hours the day doing homework.

in additon in nursing, you are going to be forced to have clinical rotation which means spending nights dealing with ill patients and Families.  Also, you are going to be managed by clinical teachers which is so stressful.

The intelligent plan to double in psychology and nursing

The first choice: get first a psychology degree

The first thing to do is to get a bachelor’s in psychology then you can go into an accelerated BSN nursing program and get your nursing degree in as little as 16 months you could check it in the link below.

Accelerated master’s degree in 16 months

In addition, having a background a solid background in psychology will be helpful to integrate into the nursing program, especially reducing some subjects related to psychology you already should be studying in your bachelor programs.

The second choice: get first a nursing degree

The best thing Is to major in nursing and then minor in Psychology by having a master’s. But that I don’t we going to be useful if you think of getting high-paid are financially rewarding job like a practical nurse.

But is not a problem minoring in Psychology after getting a bachelor’s in nursing isn’t going to be hard in some cases it could be done in a short period of time. you could read this case study.


In general, we do not recommend to double majoring in nursing and psychology, simply because it will not have any financial rewards. You will just put yourself under additional stress that can force you to drop both majors or at least go back and choose one.

So think smart before working hard.

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