Calculus is needed for accounting? (solved)

One of the most common questions asked in accounting is “does calculus need to be studied?.

While the answer to this question depends on the individual, there are some generalizations that can be made. but calculus is not necessary for every type of accounting job.

it can be useful to study if you want to expand your career pursuing finance. But don’t worry we’re going to explain that in detail in our post. and even mentioned the math subject you will be needing to study accounting so keep reading.

Calculus is needed for accounting

Calculus is not required in accounting, if you just have the basics of algebra, especially arithmetics this will be enough. So as a recommendation is good to take some courses in algebra 1 and algebra 2. In addition, it will be helpful to take some precalculus courses as preferred to be accepted in some schools.

But if you take calculus 1 courses it will an advantage for you to join accounting classes compared to your peers.

But if you are interested to know in detail the math you will need to study you have to read the article till the end.

we’re going to list the details math programs you will need for accounting

Why accounting don’t study calculus or use it

Calculus is not used in accounting because it is a more advanced mathematical tool that is not necessary for the purposes of accounting. accountants use more basic math tools such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to do their job.

Calculus is not used in accounting because it is a field of mathematics that is more concerned with the measurement and analysis of change in quantity over time, whereas accounting is more focused on recording, classifying, and reporting financial transactions. In addition, calculus typically relies on symbolic logic and algebraic methods to solve problems, while accounting relies more heavily on factual information and numerical data.

The most interesting accounting math topics you should study

Accounting is a subject that doesn’t require deep knowledge of math like computer science or engineering. But, still need to learn these 5 basic mathematics subjects such as:

  • Intermediate algebra
  • Elementary statistics
  • Applied calculus
  • Business mathematics
  • Algebra 1

1 – Intermediate algebra

intermediate algebra is a course or math that you studied in middle school like:

  • solving first and second-degree equations
  • comparing numbers and framing
  • drawing simple mathematics functions
  • calculate or make operations to fractions
  • calculate the root of numbers

If we look at all these aspects they are quite simple and thought in middle school classes between 7 to 9th grade. you can watch this video below to know the details about intermediate algebra used in accounting.

2 – Elementary statistics

elementary statistics is a topic needed and very important for accounting, but accountants don’t go far and deeper into this topic. In other words, they just focus on these 5 basics aspects such as:

  • probability
  • estimations
  • comparison
  • distribution
  • correlation and regression

in other words, you don’t need to go deeper into statistics just the basics, for more information about these topics you can what this free course in elementary statistics.

3 – Applied calculus

calculus is important in accounting but is not hard and complex as an engineering or computer science degree. Accountants use applied calculus like derivatives and limits to make simple operations and analyze graphs.

you could watch this free video course about applied calculus to know more about this topic.

4 – Business mathematics

The last thing that you should learn about accounting is business mathematics, in other words, you will need to learn everything that relates to:

  • investments
  • supply and demand
  • interests mortgages
  • cost
  • revenue
  • profit
  • make predictions about the market

5 – algebra

In accounting, algebra is used to solve equations and find solutions to financial problems. Algebra can be used to simplify complex financial equations and to help make informed financial decisions.

For example, algebra can be used to calculate payments on a loan or to determine if the business is running in a good decision or failing, by losing every year money.

but don’t worry accounting requires the basics math subject that anyone could absorb, wich algebra 1 where you will study these following subjects:

  • 1 – Solving equations & inequalities
  • 2 – understanding using units
  • 3 – Linear equations & graphs
  • 4 – Functions
  • 5 – Sequences
  • 6 – Exponents & radicals
  • 7- Quadratics:
  • 8- Irrational numbers

if you want to discover more information about algebra 1 you could read this article


So you don’t have to worry about taking calculus classes or studying it in accounting programs. Most people get confused between accounting and finance. If you decide to major in finance, in this case you will be forced to study calculus.

What makes accounting great for many students is you don’t have to study complex subjects like calculus such as other economics majors do.


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