Can accountants have tattoos?(solved)

An accountant can have a tattoo, but in most cases, it will be judged by people, especially old or conservative people like religionists. In addition, in some accounting positions or jobs, tattoos might be considered an issue in some accounting positions or jobs, especially for some business accounting jobs that require working consistently with customers.

But no one can say yes, or no it finally depends on the dress policy of each company.

Having tattoos, especially the visible ones that you can’t hide, could make you judged by many people. Having a tattoo will not add or change anything as long you’re doing your duties as an accountant.

The problem is for young engineers who want to apply for internships or interviews. Unfortunately, having a tattoo will not be a good or supporting thing in this case.

We hear a lot of stories about people getting bullied for their tattoos. Primarily if you work in the office meetings with clients. As a result, a lot of companies will not allow that. But things started to change. 

The 4 kinds of tattoos that accountants should avoid

1 – Face tattoos

The first type of tattoo you should avoid as an accountant is all kinds of tattoos that are shown especially the one located on the face. Honestly, having any tattoos on the front will not be good support or Advantage for you.

On the against, it can be a big disadvantage or obstacle, especially if you are a new graduate student looking for new job opportunities and wants to apply for different sectors of accounting Industries, especially if you have these kinds of provocative face tattoos like in the image below.

 so the simple question that you have to ask yourself is if you are in a position of an employer.

 Will you accept hiring someone who is normal or the one who holds this kind of extremist tattoo and put it on your desk, especially for dealing with customers?

 The answer for sure will be not. It does not depend on any religion or perspective. Still, the most important thing that employers care about is satisfying clients or customers because many people will not appreciate having these kinds of tattoos on your face.

 So automatically, you will be judged, which will influence your productivity.

So it is recommendable to avoid any face tattoos, especially in the accounting occupations that require facing and dealing a lot with people. 

2 – neck tattoos

This second thing or kind of tattoo that accountants should be avoiding is neck tattoos normally. Neck tattoos are the most second difficult tattoos after face tattoos simply because they can’t be hidden.

So no matter the time it is, winter or spring the tattoos can’t be hidden. But the problem is not also about hiding or showing tattoos.

In some cases, people go and make some harsh and very difficult neck tattoos, making them easily differentiated, especially when presenting or explaining something in front of a crowd.

 It is not a big deal to have some small tattoos, but the problem with some people is having extremist or exaggerated tattoos, as you can find in the image below.

In many cases, a lot of companies don’t accept to have neck tattoos. So as an accountant, you might find some issues working in some companies or even if you decide to make them while working for some accounting companies.

 Because many companies have a restricted dress policy. Especially accounting occupations that require dealing directly with customers. such as:

  • Controller
  • Financial Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Personal Financial Advisor

3 – Wrist tattoos

 The third kind of tattoo that accountants should avoid is the wrist tattoo. Typically, sleeve tattoos are acceptable. But having some extremists like in the image below is so catchy and provocating will be for some people, especially clients.

Having these kinds of tattoos is so provocating for many people especially having a first tattoed hand having some weird stuff of metal sheets or rings.

  As a result, it can ruin your career in an accounting position because nobody will accept someone to explain them and show them some undesirable messages or logos.

 For example, as an accountant, you would be forced to make and organize events in many cases. That is to say, explain to customers or company employers your work. So you could imagine standing and explaining with your hand full of tattoos to the whole crowd.

It might seem weird to you, but we do not still have this wide-open culture about tattoos in America.

 It might be acceptable for you because you love tattoos. But when you have an event or meeting with some aged businessman people, especially religious ones.  As a result, you feel uncomfortable and sometimes even bullied.

So if you love tattoos so much, you can put them in moderation, just like having one single small tattoo will not hurt but making like as you see in the image will cause your problems.

4 – Sleeve tattoos

The last type of tattoo you should avoid as an accountant is sleeve tattoos. Especially the rough tattoos like in the image below.

Having a designed sleeve would not be a good option for you as an accountant who loves tattoos. It can be acceptable to have some regular sleeve hidable tattoos.

 But the time gets hotter, like in the summer or spring helpful, you will attract some attention and many cases misunderstood or looked at differently by a lot of people.

It will not be a problem in some companies, but some other companies or accounting firms will not accept this. So your manager or boss might ask you to wear something long, especially if you are working occupations like manager or Consultants.

But, the dangerous one is for Students who have not yet proved their experience or skills in the accounting domain and looking to apply for jobs painted hand.

So the best thing to do if you are an undergraduate student is to prevent putting on any sleeve tattoos or hide them when you go to interviews. 


No matter who you are, as an undergrad student or accounting employee,  tattoos are not a good option, but there are still some options you can do as a tattoo lover.

 For instance, you can put tattoos on your body, accepting the four places In the article.

 You can put your left tattoos on your legs and chest. It will not create problems. They are hidden, and nobody can see them. It will be good for you if you enjoy seeing them.

But Having some extremist tattoos, as we mention in the preview images of the article, can cause a lot of issues that you need. You don’t need to put yourself on.

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but you don’t have to worry. Time is changing. These barriers will fade with time, as noticed in this video conversation.


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