Is elementary statistics hard? (explained)

Is elementary statistics hard?  in this post you will find the response.

Is elementary statistics hard?

Elementary statistics is one of the hardest statistics subjects in college not because it requires a high intelligence but the demand and volume of subjects that is comprised. But in general, it is still affordable for people who have basics in algebra, especially Algebra 1 and algebra 2 courses.

 so elementary statistics is not that much hard as engineering math classes including calculus or linear algebra.  It’s a subject that requires repetition and a lot of hard work by making or solving a lot of exercises to understand or absorb the Elementary statistics curriculum.

So Don’t have to worry about it, the majority of people who took Elementary statistics classes affirm that that is a doable and understandable subject, especially if you have a good teacher or professor. 

First of all, you might not understand some subjects at the beginning. So the key is to repeat and do these exercises or non-understandable subjects. As a result, things become easier with each forward step you make.

To be successful in elementary statistics courses you don’t have to be rushed or hard on yourself by trying to understand everything in detail, especially at the beginning. 

So to keep that in mind :

repetition + patience = succeed in elementary statistics 

And elementary statistics you were principally studying these 5 or challenging following subjects. But don’t worry we would give you for each subject, some recommendations to follow to overcome all issues you might find parfait.

So principally  these are the five subjects to focus on:

  • 1 – Descriptive Statistics.
  • 2 – Probability.
  • 3 – Probability distributions.
  • 4 – Regression analysis and correlation coefficients.
  • 5 – Tables.

The 5 hardest elementary statistics subjects?

1 – Descriptive Statistics.

The first subject that you would be focusing on is descriptive statistics,  in general, descriptive statistics is the study of all descriptive elements that can show the information like tables graphs histograms, and any mathematics informational content we could extract information from.

you will learn descriptive statistics to represent a given data related to problems, for instance, how much time the Us population is spending in front of the computer.

 Normally descriptive statistics is an easy subject if you understand it with the right methods.  it is not complex or hard like calculus or linear algebra is a subject that Required solving a lot of issues to get experimented on.

if you understood the 3 following subjects you’re done with descriptive statistics:

  •  mean
  •  median
  •  mode 

 You could watch this explainable video below to know more about this 3-piece unit above

 But, before using this function you have to be good at extracting information from problems. To clarify extract all the data and information to analyze a problem,  this is going the trickiest thing you should learn about.

2 – Probability.

Probability as a science of production, a simple word is the term Mini it’s calculated the Arts of reaching a specific goal for instance:

  •  what are the odds of succeeding in school if I work hard in elementary statistics subject?
  •  what are the odds of succeeding in exams without math?

In Elementary statistics probability you will  need to study  and focus on these 4 principals subjects  especially if you want to pass the statistics AP exam: 

To be honest, probability is a more difficult subject than descriptive statistics,  this subject count on your understanding and analysis capabilities. In other words, you won’t be able to solve an exercise Correctly if you did not understand the problem. Even if you have studied all the probability rules.

So the trick in the probability is to analyze and take your time to understand well the problem, before writing any single line or word.

3 – Tables, graphs, and plot

The second thing is that you should focus on As the statistics Elementary students it’s being able to understand errand analyze all statistics information provided by graphs tables or histograms.

In addition know how to transform a problem what a data is that you have into a table autograph,  this task is not a complex but requires some training experience.

As a statistics student, you would be required to make or draw this kind of table or Histogramsthat you would find below in the image.

Tables and graphs are not complex to analyze we just have to be patient and have  Passions about numbers and voluminous data. In addtion being convert informations table data to written phrases or vice versa.

4 – Regression analysis and correlation coefficients.

Regression analysis Is it domain that relates between a cause and result, for instance, the more you study the more you succeed or get good results in your degree or exam.

To expand more, regression analysis determined the relationship between studying for the first time 4 hours a day, and how much of results get.  and studying 8 hours a day and comparing its results.

the goal is to get to the point where studying more hours would not be effective anymore. So this was a simple example of regression in elementary statistics.

correlation coefficients, Is a process that this principle goal is to determine the relationship between a lot of actions and their outcomes.

 For instance,  the more you eat the more calories you will acquire,  the more fat you will be, the slower you will be in running, The more bullied you get, the sadder you will become, and the more time you would prefer to spend alone and on on on…

So the correlation coefficient is the number that determines the relation of all these variables and frames the specific rule for each case like this example above.


The most interesting and hard subject that you would face in elementary statistics is not statistics itself but probability.  So you have to work hard and try to take enough time to understand probability and also other statistics subjects.

 But in general, elementary statistics is not a big deal for a subject that you should worry about like calculus or linear algebra,  is doable as long as you are ready to work hard and take your time with it.


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