Is too late to become an engineer? (solved)

If you have over 30 or 40 and want to become an engineer, this post is for you.

In this post, we will discover the golden tips people in their 30s or 40 should be aware of before getting into engineering.

Is it too late to become an engineer at 30 or after?

Normally the average engineer graduate at the age of 25 or 26. So there is nothing to worry about 30. It is the age when engineers can still give so much and follow their passion. 10 years of difference to young people is not a big deal, is an add of experience.

 In other words, the advantage that you would have in your 30 is the experience that you acquired in the workforce, which is what a lot of engineering companies prefer and accept because most young engineers will not have the expertise in the real world like you.

 That is to say. They can’t solve problems as mature people in their 30s or even more.

So there is no worry, and it is not too late. You’re just in your timing. The proof of that is that we see many aged people today going back to college and getting degrees at the age of 60s or 70s. So society made bad and wrong frames we should ignore.

But the important thing is that you have to figure out or verify the will or the drive to make this decision.

 Going to engineering to make a lot of money at this age is not a good choice, but if you think that engineering is for you and have to follow your passion for creating and solving problems, it would be the best choice. 

For instance, we see a lot of technicians today who dream of becoming engineers. In this case, this is the right choice because we see today some technicians who know what they do more than engineers in the workforce.

 So it is good to take advantage of that potential and work on themselves getting engineering degrees to have more financial rewards and respect in the society.

Is it too late to become an engineer at 40 or after?

Going to engineering at the age of 40 is not an easy mission, but it’s not possible. You have to be aware that you might find some hardships in finding engineering occupation jobs, especially if you haven’t previous experience in the industry. 

Because you need to know that engineering classes will take you from 4 to 5 years before being able to apply for engineering jobs. As a result, starting at the age of 45.

The problem that you might find at the 45 age is in terms of employment which a lot of companies would prefer to hire younger people because they are more active and have more energy.

 But if you show the company that you are knowledgeable, it doesn’t mean you need to be knowledgeable in engineering. You have to know the principal aspects of your interested Industry.

 The second thing that is important to be acceptable to your employer regarding the age problem is to show the employer your passion and desire to work in this industry after proving some previous experiences in this domain.

To give you hope, in many cases, Google employed people who had more than 60 years of age. 

 So the most recommendations that we will offer to you as a 40 guy or girl is to work on yourself and get some experience or internships before applying for jobs. As a result, you would be prepared to take interviews and prove your knowledge in this industry. 

But for people who have exceptions, for example, if they are electrical technicians and want to become engineers in the same field. As a result, this is going to be the best choice.

Even at the age of 50 Because they already have the experience that will allow them to take this specialty easily without learning from scratch.

6 tips for aged people who think of joining engineering classes

1 – take math and physics courses before

Number School Text Math Symbol Education

Before going into the Adventure of engineering, you have to know as a 35 or 40 guy man or girl that engineering classes are full and heavy with math and physics courses. So you have to be prepared for that.

 For this reason, we recommend studying or taking courses in math and physics, especially calculus and physics.

 But the most interesting thing that you would advise people to focus on is being good and preparing well for calculus. Because even in physics classes, you will need to use calculus. So engineering is all based on calculus.

So if you need to know why engineering needs calculus, you can read this article.

2 – make some savings before

The second important thing is you have to start making some savings before going to college for engineering.  You would normally have a family in this phase, which means financial obligations. So it won’t be easy to fund your studies without having savings on this side.

Studying college engineering required spending some money on textbooks and printing, etc. So it is better to have an additional budget for this kind of thing.

3 – don’t rush and look for a degree, especially in this engineering field

The good news for aged people in their 40s, 50s, or younger, like in  34, is if they want to become software Engineers, they don’t need to have a degree. So, in this case, you will not need to go and have hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt to join or have an engineering degree.

 You just have to take some boot camp programs and spend just the tithe (between $10,000 to $20,000) of what you will spend for a computer science engineering degree($100k). In addition, you would take the whole program in just six months instead of four years in college.

 Or even you can become a self-taught programmer and Learn by yourself. This option is the cheapest one but the hardest. But it’s still possible, and in this video below, you will see an example of a real case study.

4 – get support from a family

Before going to this stage, you have to talk with your partner, especially if you are a married wife or husband, because this state is not an easy life transition between 4 and 5 years.

 In other words, you have to change your financial habits, so your partner has to be aware and prepare for that. Without having support, things are going to be very hard.

To be honest, you would need to work 10 12 hours a day, and you have to say good buy to the travels and entertainment stuff.

5 – take fewer credits in college

The other important thing you have to deal with in college is taking less credits, even if it will slow you down. But it is good for you as an aged man or girl to absorb the scientific context like maths and physics quickly and will less stress.

 Because taking a lot of credits at the age of 40 will put you under a lot of pressure. As a result, you can lose many details and risk failing or dropping the engineering major.

6- focus a lot on internships

An important step or part of the engineering process for you as an aged, ambitious engineer is taking many internships. Interestingly, you build some basic knowledge about the industry.

 And also, the most important thing is networking and showing people your passion.

 For instance, many intern engineers have found jobs or got integrated immediately after finishing their internships time. So internships are going the best key that will allow you to find as quickly as possible a job this age.


to give you more hope and encouragement, you can read this article and see some oldest aged people taking stem degrees like Atomic Leon” were awarded an engineering degree at the age of 66.

So age is just a number, especially for dreams, you have to remember one thing:

you’re going to DIY, so live the I’ve you want to be.

Good luck.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.