Is an engineering a desk job (solved with examples)

 If you wonder if engineering is a desk job or not, this post is the right place.

In this post, we will discover the engineering desk jobs and not engineering desk jobs.

 so keep reading if you want to choose the right engineering career.

Is engineering a desk job?

Engineering occupations have desk jobs and non-desk jobs, so it depends on the occupation or job engineering position you will take. In other words, engineers can work in desk occupations like software engineering or non-desk occupations like environmental and civil engineering.

 But it doesn’t mean that civil or environmental engineers don’t have offices or computers to manage their jobs. They just spend a lot of time out of the desk or office dealing with materials, technicians, and engines, which is not the case with software engineers.

For instance, mechanical and civil engineers spend most of their time investigating and supervising installation equipment. While software engineers test and supervise all the jobs in front of their computers.

The 5 pure desk engineering jobs

In this post, we will discover the 10 desk and non-desk engineering jobs. So you can discover the best choice of an environment you love to work in as a future ambitious engineer.

1 – software engineer

A software engineer is a pure non-desk occupation that bases 100% on working in front of a computer for a long day. In other words, software engineers spend a long day programming, testing, supervising applications, and fixing bugs. 

 As a software engineer, you will work from a desktop which means spending 8 hours of work a day sitting in front of the screen and trying to program and fix issues.

 This profession is for introverts, which means those who don’t find their comfort working in groups or teams. They are more productive when they work alone.

2 – Web developer

Web development is an occupation or job for people who design websites for companies or individuals who want to sell their own products or provide a service online.

Today we have billions of websites available on the internet. So developers are not also responsible for building these websites. But also maintain them and fix if there are any issuers or respond to customers who need to update their business. 

Web development as a desk job That doesn’t require moving anywhere. You will just need to have the screen and keyboard.  In addition, the experience of programming knowledge you’ve taken in the school or somewhere else.

3 – cryptography engineer

As a cryptography engineer, your principal occupation will be to work on computer programs and protect them against attacks or security attacks. So you won’t move in front of the computer or desk office.

In other words, you will be sitting in front of the computer for long hours trying to solve one software issue. So this profession requires from people to sit alone for long hours in front of the computer.

 Sometimes you will be forced to work additional work time and spend even 12 hours a day in emergency cases. Like recovering or getting back a system that has been hacked that risks ruining the company out of business.

4 – game engineer

 game engineering is one of the pure non-desk engineering occupations. Your job as a game engineer will be sitting in front of a desk for long hours designing games and program icons. Also, test and fix problems.

Game engineers spend a lot of time in front of the computer working on gaming applications like you can find or play on your phone. 

 So they don’t have any place out of desktop to work. So their whole concentration is in front of the computer. 

 In some cases, game engineers work for long hours to finish the deadline projects. 

5 – embedded system engineer

An Embedded system engineer is a person responsible for programming in designing electronic circuits for computers or any electronic devices that we use in our lives like:

  •  TV
  •  Ac rooms
  •  smartphone
  • video games
  •  fridges, etc 

Embedded system engineering occupations are divided into programming and hardware design. All these occupations are 100% desk jobs. In other words, you will be programming Electronics boards or designing circuits like PCBs, the green cards that you can find in any computer or electrical device like the image below.

How are electronics made is a good question to ask. There is a variety of electronics machines around us, that we can not live without. If you are curious about how electronics are made

The 5 non-desk engineering jobs

In this paragraph, we’re going to discover or learn about non-desk engineering jobs or, let’s just say, the jobs in the middle where engineers move a lot out of their desktops.

As a result, means working in offices and out of offices at the same time.

1 – mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineering is one of the most active engineering jobs. In other words, mechanical engineers work in both offices and workshops testing their designs and products.

 As a mechanical engineer, you will be designing with CAD as the most famous design software, and at the same time making some tests by using 3D printers As a Principal prototype tool that mechanical engineers use.

What makes mechanical engineering the funniest engineering occupation is you’ll be using both combination theory and practice.

  • The theory aspect is programming and design. 
  • The practice side uses hammers and screwdrivers to test and craft stuff. 

2 – aerospace engineer

The same thing with Aerospace Engineering. Typically aerospace engineering is a specialty of mechanical engineering. So the most famous tasks that we talked about previously In mechanical engineering are the same as aerospace engineering.

 The principal difference between mechanical and aerospace engineering is aerospace engineering focuses on Aeronautics and rocketry engineering projects. While mechanical engineers stay broad and open for all different Industries.

3 – civil engineer

As a civil engineer, your principal occupation or time spent will be out of the office, especially if you work as a manager of construction architecture projects.

Your principal occupation will be to investigate, manage, and solve daily challenges that the construction industry faces in the case of building buildings or bridges, etc.

 You will spend a little time on a desk designing project in AutoCAD(a famous software that civil engineers use for a design).

  But at the same time, there are some specialties of civil engineering that spend all day working in the office without going anywhere like someone’s who are working with firms such as architect designers.

4 – Environmental engineer

If you enjoy working out of a desk, environmental engineering would be the best choice to opt for.

 To explain, more environmental engineers are barely working in their offices, especially if you are working as a researcher in natural resources like hydrology and combustions.

Environmental engineering is a profession that allows you to make a lot of outdoor trips.

5 – geotechnical engineer

Geotechnical engineering is one of the famous funny engineering occupations for people who love to deal with the soil and everything related to the ground. 

As a geotechnical engineer, you will be making a lot of tests about the topology of the ground to approve if it is good or applicable to build on some types of constructions like buildings, bridges Etc.

Normally, geotechnical engineers spend their whole time in labs making chemical, physical, and geological tests. So it is an excellent opportunity for people who don’t love desk jobs or hate working in cubicle jobs.


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