Chocolate engineer: all you need to know about

If you ask what a chocolate engineer does, this post is for you.

 So in This post will go into this cover the most crucial task of a chocolate engineer and describe the full career or curriculum that a chocolate engineer needs to study or work in this occupation.

 So keep reading if you want to discover the detailed occupation that chocolate engineers do.

What does a choclate engiener do?

The principal job of the chocolate engineer is to make new samples or prototypes of chocolate products or candies. Also makes them in good appearance. Chocolate engineering is a profession like any other engineering occupation.

Chocolate engineers don’t bake a chocolate piece of cake or candies. The principal goal is to use their scientific knowledge of food and nutrition to create new recipes or ingredients respecting the rules of safety and flavor.

chocolate engineers work in alimentary and candy companies like the famous one:

  • Nestlé
  • Mars.
  • Cadbury
  • Lindt
  • Dove
  • Tootsie Roll

So, in general, a chocolate engineer’s job is to design new chocolate products for a company and keep improving the quality over time.

We’re going to list the 4 principles task that chocolate engineers do on a daily basis:

1 – transform raw material into chocolate

The first step that chocolate engineers do is to transform or ensure to transform all the cacao beans or raw material properly into liquid chocolate By merging the beans like cacao and some additions Like butter and milk. etc

2 – check the quality 

The other task that chocolate Engineers do is to verify and check the quality of the product. In this case, the chocolate engineer checks the bakery process of chocolate and verifies if it respects the rules and instructions needed to be followed, such as texture and flavor. 

To summarize, in the check quality stage, the chocolate engineer’s occupation is to check the right formulas to be right and balanced.

3 – make or create new ingredients 

One of the most interesting and hard tasks that chocolate engineers need to do is to create new ingredients or recipes for new chocolate products. So, in this case, a chocolate engineer should use all his knowledge acquired in chemistry and nutrition. 

Creating something delicious that appeases many people or the majority of them is not an easy job.  a chocolate engineer must be creative To make something that drives people to Sensations.

4 – management and leadership

The most important and other tasks that chocolate Engineers do is to manage, lead and support the team or technicians through coaching and mentoring.

 So chocolate engineer is not also a person who bakes. But it must have business and management skills to break the challenges and respect the deadlines that any project has.

The career of a chocolate engineer

To work in the chocolate engineering industry, you need to have a bachelor’s in scientific major or stem. It doesn’t have to be a specific degree, but the essential thing in the degree must be from a scientific background.

If you have a Bachelor’s in chemical or biomedical engineering, you would have some preferences over people with technical backgrounds that are away from the food industry, like mechanical engineering or electrical engineering.

 But there are specific Bachelor’s programs, including bakery and pastry or in general culinary, that prepare you specifically for this career. 

 So many companies prefer to hire people to have Masters or Ph.D. to invest in these specific nutrition programs. But also, if you have a chemical or biomedical master’s or Ph.D., you will have big choices to find a job easily as a chocolate engineer. 

The other and the most important thing that companies focus on is to have some kind of experience. Even if you are a recent graduate, the internships you made during the process or the course you’ve taken are essential to help you apply for this job.

 So you have to focus the grab the most accessible knowledge and experience in the internship period.

The 5 subjects that chocolate engineers study,

we’re going to list eh specific program that a chocolate engineer goes through, it doesn’t mean that it is the only program that you will follow, but it is the closest one to becoming a chocolate engineer.

1 – Baking and pastry foundations and technics

in bakery and pastry subjects, you will learn about baking foundations and some professional Norms to teach you how to bake and make some  nutritional  stuff like:

  •  Baking Ingredients and Equipment Technology
  •  Food Safety
  •  Nutrition
  •  Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
  •  Introduction to Food Systems
  •  Café Savory Foods Production
  •  Basic and Classical Cakes
  •  Individual and Production Pastries
  •  Baking and Pastry Practical Examination
  •  Hearth Bread and Rolls
  •  Principles of Menus and Managing Profitability in Foodservice Operations
  •  Introduction to Gastronomy
  •  Confectionery Art and Special Occasion Cakes
  •  Chocolate and Confectionery Technology and Techniques
  •  Contemporary Cakes and Desserts
  •  Wine Studies
  •  Café Operations


2 – Liberal Arts Courses

In social science, chocolate engineers take some courses that relate to human desire and sensation.  so, in this case, they take some courses like:

  •  Anthropology of Food
  • The Archaeology of Food
  •  Psychology of Human Behavior
  •  Social Psychology


3 – Math

In specific programs like Bachelor programs in culinary or Bakery chocolate engineering study three math courses:

  •   calculus
  •  statistic
  •  college algebra

 But the good news is if you take or have a bachelor’s in culinary or Bakery, you won’t study advanced calculus classes like chemistry or biomedical engineering.  

In other words, chocolate engineers who have tech-specific bachelor’s programs have only Calculus 1.

 So they don’t study calculus 2 and 3 like biomedical or chemical engineering, which is a good thing for people who are bad at math all fear from.

You can read this related article: 4 principal math subjects that biomedical engineering study.

 The second thing is algebra. It is an important subject that students study to understand the basics of both calculations like matrices, and also it serves a lot to learn calculus. 

Because without having good knowledge of college algebra, you are prone to struggle in calculus classes.

 The last thing is a statistic. As a chocolate engineer, you need to have or be good at statistics because this is so important In the management parts as also the principal role of a chocolate engineer.

4 – World Languages and Cultures

In this phase, you will need to study some languages and cultures of different countries. The most famous cultures and languages required in this industry are:

• French

• Italian

• Spanish

and also some historical and humanities subjects like:

  • writings
  • world history


5 – Economics

In economics, you will study some subjects that relate to business management and the Market, like:

• Principles of Macroeconomics

• Principles of Microeconomics

chocolate engineering salary

The average annual pay for a Chocolate Engineer in the United States is $64,904 a year according to ZipRecruiter.

Acquiring the experience will allow you to reach salaries up to $144,000. Or even more, if you decide to start your own business because a lot of people do that by opening their stores.

Why not? You can become the next millionaire if you have the passion and the right skills in this industry.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.