9 famous daily basis activities of an electrical engineer

If you ask about the daily life basis of Electrical engineering. Before that, you have to understand that this field has many subfields. We will list the 9 principal subfields of electricla engineering that are:

  • electronics
  • digital computers
  • power engineering,
  • telecommunications
  • control systems
  • robotics
  • radio-frequency engineering,
  • signal processing

So the daily basis that we will cover today is related to these 9 principal subfields. So keep reading to know what is going on in electrical engineering daily basis.

1 – Design electrical systems

One of the essential things that electrical engineers do on a daily basis is electrical design systems. typically electrical engineers design electrical schematics of electrical circuits like:

  • electricla cars systems
  • Buildings like homes or any other facility 
  • Electrical installation In an industrial environment

 where go in to give an example of electrical schematics that electrical engineers design and improve sometimes.

 As you can see in the image, this electrical engineering schematic has full of Electrical signs or components. Each sign indicates a certain type of electrical device.  As you can see, this electrical schematic is very hard to understand for someone who hasn’t studied electrical engineering before

So one of the normal daily basis activities that electrical engineers do is to design such schematics from scratch or even study and improve them.

2 – Desing electronics boards

As we said, electrical engineering is a broad major. It also includes electronic engineering, one of the critical subfields in this domain. Electronics engineers design electronic boards for different systems. 

The most famous electronic demand in this field is called embedded systems.

 so electronic Engineers work mostly in embedded systems programs Like designing electronic boards or PCBs for  multiple Industries like in the image below

So in electronic engineering, you can design electronic boards for any Industrial Service. In other words, you can design:

  •  computers boards
  •  electronic  car boards
  •  industrial machines boats
  •  smartphone boards etc

This is a specialty, so it is tough to find someone to design an electronic board simultaneously with Electrical Engineering Systems. If you are an electronic engineer, you will focus only on electronic design. And the same thing for electrical engineering. 

3 – Solve and improve electrical systems

Engineering is a domain that solves or is based on solving a lot of problems. So electrical engineers are not different from their peers. in other words, they spend their whole day solving electrical and electronic systems issues.

 For instance, if you work with a smartphone company and the chef engineer asks the staff engineer to improve the life battery of the Smartphone. So your duty as an electrical engineer is to improve the system and allow it to consume less power.

 So, in this case, you should improve and change some components in the electronic board or maybe change the whole electronic design. In addition, you will need to do a lot of tests to reduce the electrical circuit consumption. 

4 – design cable installations

Designing cable installations is another specialty of electrical engineering. For instance, if you work with a company like a telecommunication or power distribution company that feeds houses with electricity. Thus your job will be to design electrical systems wiring.

 In this case, you will also be focused On wiring the different systems sectors. For instance, if you want to feed a house with Electricity, you need to choose the right cable section and mention it in the schematics.

Your job would be also to check the progression of the work and verify if technicians are respecting the rules by following the instructions. That is to say. You will be responsible for the whole project.

5 – programming

 Another dailybais task that electrical engineering does, especially Electronics ones is programming. this field requires to have good skills in programming, especially having good knowledge of some programming languages such as

  • c
  • c++
  • python
  • Matlab

 electronic Engineers spend the whole day programming microcontrollers and microprocessors. 

So any board you have in your hands, like in smartphone or computer, has a program installed in a microcontroller or microprocessor, that computer science or electrical engineering program.

But as an electronic engineer, you’ll be focusing On low-level programming software such as:

  • robots 
  • drones 
  • industrial
  • machines 
  • car appliances etc.

So, we find electronic engineers and electrical engineers focus a lot on c and c++ language programming.

6 – Design power generation systems

Some electrical engineers’ professions are based on daily tasks related to designing power generation systems, especially Motors of the multiple types.  for instance:

  • industrial Motors
  • small electrical motors like you have in your drill wall
  • Electrical car  Motors like the Tesla cars
  • generators that transform and create electricity that we consume

electrical power generation systems focus a lot on electromagnetic fields, applying many physical theories and principles related to electricity and magnetic fields.

7 – process signals

Signal processing is another domain that electrical engineering minor into. It is a field where you would be focusing a lot on signals and how to transmit them, for instance, working on wireless protocol Communications like:

  • Wi-Fi 
  • radio
  • Bluetooth 

 in other words, you would work on some projects like:

  • remote car
  • radar
  • phones
  • sonars

So everything that relates to signals and their transmission, reception, and interpretation is the daily basis task of the electrical signal engineer processors.

8 – having meetings

One of the most important daily tasks that electrical engineers spend a lot of time on is meeting with customers or managers.  Electrical engineering doesn’t work by itself. It got rules and instructions to follow by Reporting every project advancement he participates in or works on. 

 In meetings, electrical engineers submit their work to have feedback and receive some instructions about something they should change or tweak. 

For instance, if you designed a power electrical board system for a smartphone, you should submit it to a chef team you’re working with, especially the chief engineer. So they can approve and tell you if you should change something or keep it as long as it is.

9 – making tests of new products before lunch

The last and the most important thing that any electrical engineer spends most of his time doing is making tests. Before approving the product, if it is good and respects the rules like safety and reliability, electrical engineers conduct 100 tests before approving the product or service.

 So one of the main daily tasks that electrical engineers spend their time doing is making a lot of tests.


Electrical engineering is one of the hardest majors to follow. It is cumbersome in math. If you are interested to know how much math and electrical engineering study.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.