For engineers who don’t want to do engineering anymore

A lot of people who graduated from engineering spend years working in engineering. But they finally don’t find themselves in and get serious thoughts about quitting engineering. But they don’t know what the alternatives are.

You could take advantage of many alternatives as an engineer without needing to change your career.

In this post, we will list the 7 alternative jobs they can do instead of engineering.

1 – Doing business

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The first thing that you have as an engineer is to major in or take a career in business. A business career is a domain that doesn’t require specific knowledge and bigger experience like medicine or another technical industry.

So you won’t find bigger issues to major in this career.

In addition, learning business can be online by taking some courses, it doesn’t need to be always present doing internships in companies like mechanical or electrical engineering.

In most cases, engineering or medicine is a domain that can’t be taught remotely. That is to say. It requires you to use some specific tools that you won’t be found of in a house or online.

The great thing about business is it teaches you an interesting entrepreneurial skill which is sales. It is the best option to choose after engineering, especially if you are thinking of building your own business.

For instance, as an engineer, you could open a center where you can provide help and accompaniment to new engineering students by giving them online and offline consulting.

2 – Sales engineering

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The second thing for people who don’t want to do engineering anymore is sales engineers. The previous experience you have in engineering will allow you to take this occupation. In other words, sales engineers don’t take or solve technical engineering problems. They just take care of selling technical products.

In other words, as a sales engineer, your role will be just to explain to customers the technical aspects of the product that you sell. For instance, you explain and simplify to the customer:

  • how the machines are working
  • the production rate of this machine
  • how to use it safely, etc

It will be an enjoyable occupation, especially if you like to deal with people. This occupation is a great opportunity for engineers to use their technical background. But as a sales engineer, you must learn some marketing aspects to convince customers and close the deals.

3 – become a patent lawyer

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Engineering is a great profile for a patent lawyer for people who like laws and have an engineering background.

If you don’t know what patent law is, a simple definition patent lawyer is a person who checks and approves the engineering aspect of a given project.

For instance, if you invented a new machine or technology, a patent lawyer verifies this technology and checks if it has something new that hasn’t been invented before.

So the only people who could do this job must have an engineering background to approve and offer patents to inventors.

But becoming a patent lawyer will not be easy. It will require some work and investment. To join law school, the important thing is to take one exam called LSAT. This exam is a little bit hard and requires good writing skills.

So if you find yourself good at writing or speaking, thus why not trying.

4 – Manage and economics

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For engineers who like math and accountancy, having a career in management and economics will be the best option after engineering school. The critical thinking and solving technics that engineers have are incredible that you could invest in this career.

Having a career in management is very useful in dealing with business. Learning management doesn’t require building your own business. You could manage people’s businesses and get a respectful revenue. Especially managing some businesses that are heavily technical and relate to engineering.

For instance, you could manage the biggest engineers garages or small companies, calculating the cost of materials they use like:

  • computers
  • testing machines like 3d printers in the case of mechanical engineers
  • consuming materials like oil and fats etc

having a background in technical tools will allow you to manage these kinds of engineering effectively

5 – teaching

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If you lack interest in engineering and still love to explain to people, teaching is the best career to choose. There is no great option to choose than becoming a teacher in math or physics. It will be easier for you and less competitive than not stem majors.

Because the principal stem subjects used in engineering are math and physics.

Enjoying teaching is the best alternative, especially in stem strands. Many engineers teach part-time in summer camps, which is considered a savory experience. As a result, push them to stay forever in their passion.

Becoming a teacher requires having teaching experience, getting technical credentials, and finally adding some optional certifications. But in the end, it is worth it for people who love to share knowledge with others. It is right that reaching is not financially rewarded like engineering but who cares.

you could read this guideline article Engineer to STEM Teacher(7 important things to know)

6 – nursing

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Nursing is one of the occupations that many engineers switch into. It is right that nursing is not easy. But many people love and have a passion for taking care of people. So if you are one of those people, nursing might be the best choice to find your achieve your purpose.

An engineer can become a nurse without any problem. He just has to take some specific courses like BSN. But engineers have to know that nursing is a voluminous curriculum that requires a lot of memorization.

If you have a bachelor’s in engineering, there is a program that allows you to take a nurse master’s course in just 16 months. You wrote a detailed article about becoming an engineer to a nurse that you could check below.

From engineering to nursing: 6 golden steps

7 – Content creator

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The best thing that we recommend is becoming a content creator. you have many options like:

  • build a blog
  • build a channel on youtube
  • become podcaster
  • make both a blog and channel on youtube

As an engineer, you have a brilliant experience in math, physics, and design. As a result, you could produce content related to these subjects and add value to people’s life.

Today content creators make thousands of dollars monthly making content in different industries. As an engineer, you will have an advantage because you won’t find harsh competition. Nobody can talk about it simply because it is a technical domain except for specialized people like you.

Also, having a bigger audience will allow you to create personal projects like courses or partner with schools and etc.

The great thing about content creation is its flexibility. In other words, it is a passive income business. You will not have deadlines causing you a lot of stress.


We have one life, so there is no reason to live it miserably. 

Good luck.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.