Industrial engineering vs computer science which is better

If you are lost between industrial engineering and comptuer science, this post is the right for you.

in this article, we’re going to discover:

  • what do comptuer science students study
  • What do industrial engineering students study?
  • Which is harder, computer science e or industrial engineering and market demand difference

and finally giving some advice to people on which they should choose depending on their personalities and skills.

What do computer science students study?

what do computer science students study?

here are the 5 principal subjects in computer science that you should know about:

1 – math

In computer science, math is essential to computing. Where you go, you’ll be practicing mathematics in computing by exploring almost every topic in math like algebra, trigonometry, statistics, and probability.

In addition, focusing a lot on calculus. You will be required to complete all the calculus courses, including:

  • calculus 1
  • calculus 2
  • and calculus 3

Most computer science students drop out of computer science because they could not stand or bear this heavy calculus math curriculum.

2 – programming

As a computer science and engineering student, you must master programming. Therefore, you will study some interesting programming subjects, including algorithms, programming languages such as C and C++, machine learning, computer vision, data structure, artificial intelligence, and so on, all of which you master.

Because these subjects are very math-intensive, you are very likely to need to use a lot of algebra and calculus. So this is a subject that is too engaging.


3 – physics

Physics is very vital in comptuer science, especially in computing areas. One of the hardest physics topics you will encounter is quantum mechanics and electromagnetism. You will not be focusing on physics too much like math. So for people who don’t like physics, there is no worry.


4 – electronics

As a freshman computer science student, you’ll study the basis of electronic circuits, starting with the study of fundamental models. In addition, you will engage the first look at electronic laws and electronics components.

You will certainly create many electronic circuits and learn how to control them. Within the model of electronic circuits, you will also use some mathematics, like algebra, to solve equations.

These topics offer great preparation for individuals who want to focus on computer hardware programming.

What do industrial engineering students study?

What do industrial engineering students study?

we’re going to list the 5 principal subjects that industrial engineering students study:

1 – math

Industrial engineers study math and focus on algebra to make calculations and explain difficult situations. As an industrial engineer, you will be using a lot of algebra, mainly matrices.

Secondly, probability. Industrial engineers learn to study risk and manage it. For instance, studying or determining the likelihood of the new machine that a company will buy and be profitable or not in the next 5 years.

The last math subject industrial engineers study is statistics, including some calculus. As a result, to manage business situations and calculate the cost and the dividends of a given technology.

But in general, the math you will study in industrial engineering is less heavy than computer science.

2 – system engineering

System engineering is a branch based on how to simplify a process to enhance the efficiency of the work. Students study system engineering to learn how to:

  • minimize the work
  • cath error early
  • reduce the loss ( time and money)

Let’s have an example of building a website or a web application. Systems engineering allows you to draw flowcharts or diagrams that organize the work and prevent making killer mistakes.

For instance, if you write a code of this application that interferes with other parts of the project. As a result, one tiny change might cost you to rewrite the whole code because everything is tied to each other.

In this case, system engineering plays its role by drawing a diagram or a plan of how your code should be structured to prevent committing these mistakes.

3 – The psychology of human productivity and error

Yes, in industrial engineering, you will study the psychology of human beings and how they behave. This is so important to increase productivity and reduce errors.

The best example is when you see an operator doing a single, repetitive, and simple task every day.

The question is why a company doesn’t allocate diversified tasks to its operators.?


The response is simple. Less complexity means more productivity. In other words, when an operator repeats the same task over and over 100 and or maybe 1000 times a day, he becomes like a robot.

That increases the speed and reduces the error. So this is one of the human powerfulness you will study in psychology as an industrial engineer major.

4 – productions management

Production management is one of the most interesting subjects that industrial engineers study. The goal of an industrial engineer is simply to reduce costs and increase revenue.

For example, if a company manufacture 1000 car a year, and its goal is to manufacture 1200 in the next year. The first person who could solve these issues is an industrial engineer.

An industrial engineer needs to figure out an efficient way to do that like:

  • bring new and faster machines
  • change the order of how the car is mounted
  • buy some pieces instead of building them

So the background technic is what allows an industrial engineer to make these crucial decisions.

5 – Ergonomics

In ergonomics, you will learn how to build a simple and suitable product for customers. in ergonomics subject, you will learn that ergonomics goal is to:

  • reduce cost
  • improve productivity
  • ensure safety
  • improve employment engagement

For instance, building a phone that is easy to use without any instructions is the best product that respects ergonomics. In some cases, we find some difficult products that you could not use even with manual instruction.

Industrial engineering vs computer engineering salary

An industrial engineer makes an average of $95,300, according to bls. While computer engineers make more than that by $35,000, which means $130,000 a year.

In addition, comptuer engineering is the fastest growing industry in the market. It is growing by 22%, while industrial engineering is by 14%. But both of these majors have the highest growth rate above the average engineering occupations, which is 7%.

So if you are looking for financially rewarding occupations, you won’t find better than comptuer science. But you have to sacrifice and pay the price before getting to this position because computer science is not an easy major.

Which is harder an industrial engineering or computer science

Computer science is harder than industrial engineering. It has many heavy math programs and programming subjects. While industrial engineers focus or have a bias toward business and management, which requires some logic and communication skills.

So, for people who struggle in math and programming, it is not a good major to choose, especially people who hate calculus. But industrial engineers also use math but do not focus as much as comptuer science engineers do.


if you don’t care about money and want to know what is good for you as a summary, go and choose computer science if you:

  • like programming
  • good or at least interested in math
  • introvert, find comfort in working in cubical jobs

but if you :

  • like design and engineering
  • work in a team and crowed environments
  • not have any interest in programming

in this case, you should think seriously about majoring in industrial engineering.

Good luck.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.