Engineers with tattoos: all you need to know about

According to authoritytattoo 30% of all Americans have at least one tattoo, which is significant.

So having a tattoo can affect an engineer’s career?

As a engineers graduate, having a tattoo can create problems when applying for jobs or internships?

In this article, we’re going to respond to these questions and also know the engineering environments that accept tattoos and others that don’t are?

Can an engineer have a tattoo?

An engineer can have a tattoo, but in most cases, it will be judged by people, especially old or conservative people like religionists. In addition, tattoos might be considered an issue in some engineering occupations. But no one can say yes, or no. It finally depends on the dress policy of each company.

But to be honest, having tattoos, especially the visible ones that you can’t hide, makes you easily judged. Having a tattoo will not add or change anything as long you do your duties.

The problem is for young engineers people who want to apply for internships or interviews. Unfortunately, having a tattoo will not be a good or supporting thing in this case.

We hear many stories about people getting bullied for their tattoos, the society and companies’ policies still not accept that. Primarily if you work in the office meetings with clients, as a result, a lot of companies will not allow that.

The terrible thing is having visible tattoos that can be covered on the face or neck, like in the image below.

Engineers with tattoo

In addition, having an offensive tattoo message can also ruin your engineering career.

So as long as you have a tattoo that can be hidden or not an offensive one, that won’t create a problem. But having a face full of things will be a big issue.

Engineering environments where tattoos might be accepted

working in industrial zones might not be an issue for people holding tattoos like:

  • manufacturing engineering
  • mechanical engineers
  • production engineering
  • technical engineering

To sum up, all the environments where you don’t get in contact with clients like meetings or events.

This is not mean mechanical engineering or manufacturing doesn’t do that. You can work with a company in mechanical engineering and meet with a lot of people. But the odds are lower compared to working as a sales engineer.

So the essential thing is all sociable jobs like sales or anything else requiring a meeting with people might create an issue for you as a tattoo holder. But we will talk about them in detail in the next paragraph.

Engineering environments where tattoos might not be accepted

Working in offices like firms such architecture or cubical jobs where a dress appearance is more interesting can put you in trouble.

If you work in the engineering fields that are 100% office jobs, you might not be accepted. Especially if you’re job depend on meeting clients. Companies don’t accept that.

theses engineering jobs are more sensitive to people who have tattoos:

  • software engineering
  • architecture engineering
  • sales engineering
  • civil engineering

To clarify, having a tattoo doesn’t mean you won’t be able to work in this occupation. But the odds and according to experiences that people live, you might not be accepted, especially when you have a kind of tattoo that is too exaggerated like the example below.

Can a computer engineer have a tattoo?

Comptuer engineers can have a tattoo, but it will not be harmful to new beginner engineers to apply for jobs or internships. In other words, it might reflect a wrong idea about them. As a result, it forces them to push a lot of work to prove themselves and convince their employers.

comptuer engineering is a cubical job. It is bad, especially if you deal with a client. But finally, it will still depend on each company’s dress policy.

So if you have a tattoo, you have to dress well and talk very well, elegantly and clearly, to prove yourself. Also, and bane the wrong impression that people might have about you.

You have to prove yourself and don’t let people judge you based on your tattoo. Your goal is to prove your existence, and the only way to do that is to communicate and dress professionally.

If you can hide your tattoo, it will be better. As a result, people will respect you seeing your behavior and even more if you do your job well.

Can a civil engineer have a tattoo?

Civil engineers can have a tattoo, but you have to make sure that the firms you want to apply for accept tattoos because some civil engineering firms don’t allow tattoos in their dress policy especially if you take an occupation that requires meeting with clients or a lot of people.

But in general, many people who are civil engineers have tattoos and don’t find problems. So the question depends on the company you will work for.

Can a mechanical engineer have a tattoo?

As a mechanical engineer, you won’t find any problem having a tattoo, primarily if you work alone on projects and away from meetings and events. If you work for a company that needs a representant engineer, this might create a problem. You will need to meet many people who don’t appreciate tattoos.

So you have to figure out for which position you will be applying?

Does this mechanical engineering occupation require a meeting with clients or staying purely in the industrial context?

If your job is working in testing and designing products away from office duties, tattoos will not create any problems.

But work in office duties or obligation might create some issues and make you not acceptable in some companies. So, in general, you have to check the environment you would love to.

Can you have a tattoo and work at NASA?

You can work in NASA having a tattoo as long as you don’t have offensive tattoo messages. In NASA, people have different tattoos like bright dyed hair and piercings. In other words, nobody will care simply because NASA is not a business organization that has a conservative client to impress.

The most important thing is to prove your skillset to work in NASA, not having or not having tattoos. But it will be better to avoid making tattoos at the beginning of your career.


It is way better to hide these tattoos as an engineer who holds tattoos when applying for engineering internships or interviews. If you have small tattoos and can hide them is good. But the terrible thing is if you have bigger tattoos thus, you should find a company that accepts your appearance.

The good strategy that we recommend is to hide them as much as possible until to get people used to you or until you build them good relationships, then you could show them.

This will be less harmful to you. good luck

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Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.