Mechatronics vs Software engineering which is better?

If you wonder which is better for you, mechatronics or software engineering, this post is for you.

In this article, we will discover which better mechatronics or software engineering.

Also, discovering what mechatronics and software engineers study and what is the differences between each major.

Also, finally talking about the difference in the market job opportunities between mechatronics and software engineering.

Mechatronics vs software engineering, which is better?

Mechatronics and software engineering are entirely separate topics. Software engineers work and focus completely on desktop apps like web and mobile applications. In comparison, mechatronics engineers on both sides develop softwares and at the same time work with their hands fixing electrical and mechanical problems.

So mechatronics is for people who love to create and build stuff with their hands. In other words, people who love to use hammers and screwdrivers. But at the same time have a passion for electronics and programming, so it is a broad specialty.

On the other side, software engineers specialize in programming. They only work with keyboards., They don’t touch anything else. It is a domain where you stay for long hours in front of the desk without meeting with many people. It is an ideal job for introverts.

So,the question depends on the personality of each one and where he finds himself so the question you like:

Do you like to be a programmer, and sit for a long hour in a chair without being disturbed by anyone?

Or work in humid and noisy environments because you love building things and fixing electrical and mechanical issues?

But before that, you need to discover what mechatronics and software engineers are studying to find the closest major and easy for you.

What do mechatronics students study?

we’re going to list the 4 principal subjects that mechatronics students study, which are:

1 – Math

The first thing you will need to be good at as an electronics engineer is math, which is the first subject demanded in this field. Electronics engineers use math to design their electronics circuits and build them.

You will need to be good at algebra and calculus. Theses 2 subjects are principally used. Electronic engineering is one of the most complex math majors like computer science.

2 – Physics

The second thing that you will study in electronics engineering is physics. You will study a lot of physics topics like:

  • electricity law
  • Electromagnetics
  • signal processing, etc

So physics is important in electronics engineering as much as math. If you hate math or physics, you have to think twice before going to this major.

3 – Electronics

The critical and central part of the major is electronics. You will learn to build electronics circuits from scratch. That is to say:

  • Drawing circuits on the paper
  • Make a test or prototype circuits on electronics test boards to validate it
  • Design a circuit in software design
  • make a final tests

So most job specialty will be focused on these 3 things

  • design
  • building
  • testing
  • modifying

4 – Programming

the other interesting part of electronics is the programming software. You will study hardware programming. In other words, program an electronics board that can run multiples devices like:

  • Washing machine
  • Refrigerators
  • TV
  • Computers
  • Robots etc

In this case, you will need to learn programming languages like:

  • C and C++
  • java and python
  • MatLab

But the high focus is on C and C++, so if you are interested in this major, go and start learning thems programming languages. This domain has another name which is called embedded systems.

If you want to know more about this subject, go and check this detailed article that we wrote about electronics and programming.

What do software engineering students study?

software engineering students study a lot of aspects, but in general, there are 4 principal categories will going to mention:

1 – Math

The most important thing in software engineering is math. You need a lot of math. We’re not talking about being a web developer, but for more advanced specialties like data analysis and comptuer vision, math is essential.

In general, if you want to be a good software developer, you need to have solid basics in math because it is the base for learning correctly and effectively programming.

So you should be focusing a lot on calculus. For this reason, we recommend you take calculus classes before taking software engineering courses.

2 – Programming

The second thing and principal one is learning how to program. You will need to learn multiple languages programming like:

  • C
  • C++
  • JAVA
  • python
  • Java script etc

Programing is the core and the main job in software engineering. Honing skills in programming is what makes a difference between people. Especially if you are good at math, you will be able to take the high salaries occupations like:

  • being a mathematician
  • working in cyber security
  • being a researcher in machine learning or artificial intelligence.

You could read this article to discover the most high-paying jobs in software development. But you have to understand most of them to require good mathematic skills.

20 incredible CS jobs that have a ton of math(explained)

3 – Database

The database is an essential subject in software engineering. Software engineers study database modules to learn how to manage their software memories and data on the internet like servers and clouds.

You will have to learn SQL or C# and other tools to help you in this domain.

4 – Machine learning

machine learning is critical in our days. It has become more popular and used in many applications in our life. Every day we find more software using this technology.

So as a software engineer, you will study machine learning and artificial intelligence to build more sophisticated programs.

Mechatronics vs software engineering difference what is the best choice?

If you are passionate about programming and don’t like physics, electronics, and mechanics, then software engineering is for you. But if you want to work with your hand and make stuff, mechatronics might be a good choice.

but you have that mechatronics is including heavy subjects that are:

  • Physics
  • Mechanics
  • Electronics
  • Programming

Mechatronics is a domain for people who love multitasking and make a lot of stuff, also for people who are extroverts and like to work in groups with others. It is a team job more than individual work.

Mechatronics vs software engineering Market demand

The average salary of a software engineer is $126,00, while $100,000 for a mechatronics engineer.

Software engineering is a flying domain today. 22% is a growth rate for the software engineering domain. While 6% to mechatronics engineering, which means 4 times bigger.

61% of US software graduate engineers get employed directly from school to a company without grinding or applying for jobs. But unfortunately, in mechatronics, things are different.

Mechatronics engineers need to prove their skills to companies and make internships to add their chances to be employed in this industry.

Mechatronics is still a new degree, which can’t be comparable to software engineering.

you can read this article: 7 reasons why software engineering students get high paid jobs


So if you are looking for money and have a stable job, software engineering is the best choice, but if you are passionate about mechatronics, you can follow this path as a promising domain. It just requires time to grow.

You can watch this video to learn more about mechatronics if you still have some hesitations.


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