Computer science will make you rich? (solved)

Many students ask if computer science will allow them to become rich or not?

The response is yes and not at the same time.

In this post, we will discover cases when computer science can make you rich and which other cases can not?

In addition, we’re going to give you a full map teaching you how to make money or become rich from computer science. So keep reading, not to miss the steps.

Having a degree in computer science will make you rich?

A computer science degree won’t make you rich unless you build your business around it. It is right that computer science is a good career job, but it is not enough to make you a millionaire by working in a cubical job like programming.

To become rich in computer science, you need to open your business in the industry and hopefully solve a problem that can bring you millions of dollars.

But if you consider rich is getting 200,000 a year working, for example, as a senior developer in cryptography or mathematicians, yeah is good you can get there.

But making $200,000 will never allow you to live the life of wealthy people.

To be rich, you must make at least a minimum of $1M a year so that people can call you a millionaire. Below that, there is a lot of work needed.

To clarify more, the median salary in computer science is $100,000. Juniors begin with $80,000.

But the great thing about computer science is within fewer years, 2 or 3 years of experience, you can reach $130,000 a year if you prove your skill. But unfortunately, that is not enough to make you rich.

Rich people aren’t going to be employees. Being rich doesn’t relate to a computer science degree or any degree. So you will never be a millionaire trading your time with money like the 99% of employees do.

The common thing that rich people have is taking risks and going out of their comfort zone. Not going for the save jobs, safety is not in their dictionary, sometimes they risk all that they have.

As a result, this makes people rich in computer science or any other field.

But honestly, becoming rich in computer science is easier than in other domains. It doesn’t have the high cost of entry as a physical or traditional business.

In the next paragraph, we will list the 7 steps to help you become rich in form computer science field.

7 steps to becoming rich from a computer science degree

were going to go step by step and give you the entire map that many successful computer engineer students have followed to become rich.

1- learn and gain knowledge

The first thing you should follow is learning and solidifying yourself in math. Math is a significant determinant of success. Everyone can become a developer, but not everyone can become a great developer. Math is essential in this aspect.

The second thing is to learn programming languages, beginning with C and C++. Both languages are the pillar of the computer science field.

In addition to learning the core and necessary about computer field, then take a specialization. Having a background in all specializations is good. But the domain is broad, so the only way to shine is to follow a specialty.

2 – Take internships and work in the field

The second thing you should do is take internships with companies, especially the small ones. Because in small companies, you will have broad tasks that help you learn new things and become good at multitasking.

This is so interesting for you to know how the whole process of companies works.

Then go and apply for jobs to get experience. Having 5 years of experience working for companies will be valuable. To learn how big companies are running their business in the computer science field.

3 – learn marketing and sells

To become a successful entrepreneur in computer science or any field, you need to learn marketing and sales. So you have to take some courses to learn how to sell and market your product.

In this step is better to go and test yourself doing some small businesses. For example, you can buy softwares or informatics tools, improve them and resell them again. Or sell some services online.

This step is essential to learning how to sell yourself and your products at the beginnings.

4 Do some freelancing

The fourth step is to do some freelancing jobs to discover the market you are working on and the opportunities. The freelance world will give a great idea about your 1 or $10M next startups in the computer science field.

5 grinde

It is not a step but is a remainder. The process will require a lot of sacrifices. You need at least 5 years to follow this path. To become rich form computer science or any field, you must know that it takes time.

6 Make your product or service

After these grinding moments, you should begin or start your project. In this phase, you already must have a clear idea about your project.

You should be aware that the important thing is to put your software service as quickly as possible in the market to get feedback. Because many people spend years working on ideas that might not be working or are highly demanded in the market.

the key is

make==> test ==> tweak         and go test again

the faster you are, the better you get

7 find an incubator or investor

To expand your project, you need to scale it, and to do that, you need an investor.

To convince the investor to join your project, you need to show him some numbers or successes your business has. The most important thing that investors care about is how much potential this business grow in the next 5 years. So you have to have clear plans for your business.

In additon, to make some sales or have some contracts to prove to yourself first if the business model is successful or not, before going and asking from an investor.

Having capital is essential to help build a team and have the resources to succeed in a business.


Being an employee in computer science for 8 hours will never make you rich.

To be rich, you need to deploy other people’s efforts and time. You can’t do that on your own.

But you have to know that the odds of success in this game is only 10%. 90% of startups fail in their 5 years. So expect a lot of grinding and sacrifices.

The question are you ready to take risks and fail to succeed.

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