9 facts about playing video games before school

In this post, we’re going to discover the 9 facts that students should take into account about playing video games before school.

In addition, we’re going to summarise if playing video games before school has some advantages or not?

1 – Playing video games before school can be destructive

playing video games during classes

According to research, 90% of students play video games, so 45 million school students are playing video games.

But playing video games before school is different than playing on holidays or weekends.

The first thing about playing video games before school is it distracting. To clarify, our minds are not like computers or machines. If you play a video game at 1 pm and finish at 2 it will take you time before taking your concentration back to school lecture.

The images and histories won’t fade instantly from your mind. Many ideas residues will be stacked when you start a lecture in school. So the brain takes time to recover total concentration. As a result, you are affecting your understanding levels in school.

2 – Playing video games before school might indicate that a student is addicted to games

the question is why students should play games before school while a lot of time is available?

The frequent response to this question is that a student plays for long periods, which means having an addicting behavior to games or, let’s say, already addicted to video games.

According to an article we wrote about playing video games, a study proves that approximately 700,000 US students have behavioral addiction to playing video games.

So for students who are playing a lot have to be careful about this point, especially those who look for any opportunity to waste their time instead of investing in something worthwhile.

3 – playing video games the night before school can be harmful

without talking about the health damage playing video games at night but

The question is will you guarantee to yourself to play video games on a schedule or respect a time?

Many students don’t control themselves, so instead of playing for one single hour before going to bed, they spend an additional 3 or even 4 hours. So they cut out a time of their sleep when they should release.

Video games are something not controllable. It is like scrolling on Facebook or Twitter at a bed, for most times, things go out of control.

In addition, the blue light that the video game console release won’t help you as a student fall easily asleep.

4 – playing video games before school can encourage some students to skip classes

It happens to many students, especially at night when a student spends the whole night playing video games until 3 to 4 am. So it gets tough to wake up in the morning and sometimes impossible for some students.

Sometimes it happens in between classes when a subject professor doesn’t attend. Students decide to take one 1-hour off to play video games with their console.

It s not bad, but it becomes tough for school students addicted to these games to stop playing and go back to school because time is off.

It happens many times, so for students who feel weak toward video games. In this case, they don’t have to play video games except on weekends.

5 – It takes out the energy

Playing video games is not a simple operation or relaxing task. In some cases, video games require a lot of concentration that students need for classes.

If we take the example of sudoku and chess, these games are helpful for schools student. But the problem is some students play them at the wrong moment, like before school.

So instead of devoting their concentration to school lectures, they lose their energy in those kinds of games. In addition, we didn’t mention the games like PUBG or Fortnite that froze students

6 – Playing video games before school is not good for intj’s an HSP


For some people born with specific treats like Intj’s or HSP, playing games in the wrong moments, like before classes, is detrimental.

But for people who don’t know what is INTJ or HSP, as a simple definition, INTJ or HSPs are the people who are very sensitive to the external world. In other words, people who stress out quickly or get consumed.

for further information, you could read this article: Stem for INTJ’s (7 important facts to know)

These kinds of students don’t have to play before school time, simply because any activity like gaming can drain them and reflect their level in school.

7 – playing video games before an exam is a bad idea

The terrible thing that students can do is play video games before time exams. Instead of relaxing, they consume themselves and their concentration instead of focusing entirely on exams.

Many students have this terrible attitude, which can affect them in complex subjects like math or physics that require a lot of focus and entire energy reserve.

8 – playing video games between breaks is good for school students

The last positive thing about playing video games before school, especially for time breaks. It won’t be bad to play video games when a student finishes a class and wants to relieve some stress.

But on the condition that the subject they have to study doesn’t have to be including one of the following subjects:

  • physics subject
  • math  subject
  • science subject
  • engineering  subject

These subjects require to be fully energized and not lose energy on anything like video games. But there is no problem enjoying your time for other topics that require less concentration.

9 – Playing video games before school can affect students’ grades

If a school student doesn’t concentrate well in lectures, he will lose and skip a lot of information. As a result, pill out with time and create a big gap of knowledge loss.

So when the exam comes, he finds a lot of difficulties in understanding a lot of topics, so things become unachievable and finally affect his grades.


playing video games is helpful, but it has to be at the right time not to affect a student’s life. You can read these related articles.

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