Computer science is considered a science? (solved)

Is computer science considered a science or not? This is what we’re going to discover to in this post.

In addition, we will discuss why computer science is science or not? So keep reading to know more about this subject.

Is computer science considered a science?

Computer science is considered a science because that teaches the science behind computers. Generally, it is a field that uses math to study comptuer engineering to explain multiple phenomena.

Computer science has become an indispensable science, especially after its independence from the math and engineering department. This is not weird because it has potentially grown more than most scientists expected.

In a simple definition, computer science is a science that teaches everything about computers. The word computer doesn’t mean only your desktop or laptop you have in a house. But all systems or machines that are working around you.

All machines around us are small computers that play a specific role. So computer science is a science that studies the 2 main essential sides of those computers.

  1. Hardware
  2. Software

Hardware is the physical part that you can touch or sense. In other words, is mostly the green card or board that you can see inside any device like can see in the image below.

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If we look at any machine or device, 99.99% have these boards, so all these boards, called hardware, are the principal part of computer science.

A second thing is a software which is the non-physical part. In other words, it is a program or instructions that computer scientists write to run machines. It is the second part of science that computer science major study.

Both aspects are globally representing what computer science is.

In other words or definitions, computer science is a science that teaches how to make or build computers and also how to program them. So it is an independent science like biology science or any other type of science.

Why is computer science considered a science?

Before talking about why computer science is considered a science, we invite you to read this definition below of what science is, according to Britannica.

science, any system of knowledge that is concerned with the physical world and its phenomena and that entails unbiased observations and systematic experimentation. In general, a science involves a pursuit of knowledge covering general truths or the operations of fundamental laws.

So from this definition, we’re going to start our explanation.

To summarise, we will detail this definition into 7 segmentations to make the picture clear for you as a reader. 

So science is:

  1. system or knowledge is concerned with the physical world
  2. that entails unbiased observations
  3. entail systematic experimentation
  4. that pursuit of knowledge
  5. cover general thrust
  6. covering operations
  7. put fundamental laws

So we are going to project each part of the science definition to see how much is right the concept or idea that computer science is science.

1 – computer science is concerned with the physical world?

So the first thing we should verify Is if computer science is in concert with the physical world or not?

The response is yes. Computer science is not only software or programming, which means staying in a virtual world. Comptuer science field interacts physically with the world.

The prof of that is the electronics or embedded systems knowledge that computer science produces each year. Each year chips are getting faster and cheaper.

Each year computer science gives the world new technologies that make things possible when it is impossible. So we could not deny and take that out of consideration.

2 – computer science has unbiased observations?

Computer science has unbiased observations. This field belongs hugely to logic it is out of any artistic or sensational aspects. Simply because is 100% based on math and physics.

So math theorems do not have biased observations. In this domain, there is no gray portion. In computer science mathematics, things are 2:

white or black, which means working or not.

3 – Does computer science entail systematic experimentation?

Yes, computer science entails systematic experimentation. Computer science is a science that bases a lot on systematization and experimentation.

Creating a langue that runs millions of applications is a significant and interesting systematization. Bjarne Stroustrup (the inventor of C++ language) made a tremendous systematic approach in c++ language to be used for any kind of software project.

The second thing is experimentation. Computer science is full of systematic experimentations. For instance, the computer electronics board from where we write now has passed through thousand of systematic experiments before being present in my house.

4 – Computer science pursuit of knowledge?

We can affirm that most majors that pursue knowledge in computer science, the proof of that is the horrific speed this science is evolving.

In just 50 years, we moved from a house space computer to a 100 grams computer.

To make this fast-moving in technology is essential to pursue much knowledge. So this is the reason that makes the US education system gave it independence from the engineering and mathematics fields in 1963.

Computer science is not an old science. It was included with math and engineering as subfields before 1950. But according to the speed that was evolving, the education system decided to make an independent field in 1963.

5 – Does computer science cover general thrust?

Computer science, as any science, covers a general thrust. It could be that astronomy theorems last years before they get proved. Many theorems have been adopted for years until someone finally proves their non-credibility.

Computer science is different, is a field that is based on tests and results. All the computer science components are present. So we do not need to take a test to prove if it works or not.

It is not like physical or astronomy theorems based on assumptions and imaginations.

6 – computer science covering operations?

The computer science field is another science that covers operations, especially when we talk about algorithms.

For instance, if we take data structure as an example, we find that computer science covers all operations that users need to program effectively on computers.

In addition, many other aspects of this field have the same rules.

7 – computer science put fundamental laws?

The only thing that we can exclude from computer science is putting fundamental laws, comptuer science is not a major like math or physics.

Comptuer science uses the fundamental rules based on math or physics and applies them in this field. So this is a drawback or a gap that makes people assume or think that computer science is not a science.


to prove a computer science is a science, we divided the definition of science into 7 parts. As a result, 6 parts of the science definition corresponded to computer science.

In other words, computer science respects the 6 conditions to be adopted as a science.

I hope you enjoyed to projection. Waiting to hear your opinions in the comments. you can read these related articles:

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