Architecture or computer science? which is better

Many students are asking which better architecture or computer science. In this article, we will dig into details and determine which is the best major to choose for.

  • We’re going to discover together the subjects that architecture and computer science students study.
  • Also, determine which is harder, architecture or computer science, the market demand for architecture and computer science major
  • Make a test quiz to determine if you are meant for architecture or computer science

So keep reading to know all details about this subject, also prevent some famous mistakes that a lot of students are making, comparing majors.

Architecture vs computer science: the hardest subjects that students study

Architecture and computer science are both major that isn’t easy to pursue or get a degree in.

So in this paragraph, we’re going to discover the top 5 subjects that architecture and computer science students study. As a result, know what you will study and prevent getting surprised.

The top hardest 5 architecture programs that students study

here are the 5 hardest subjects in architecture programs that you should know about:

1 – physics

Physics is one of the difficult subjects for an architecture major. Architecture students study multiple physics aspects like:

  • thermodynamics ==> to know how material is changing energy, for instance, how buildings are preserving the energy
  • acoustics ==> study the sound and its dispersions in different environments like buildings, stadiums, or small rooms
  • a few electricity ==> know how the electricity is behaving and how to make building save from electricity shocks or isolating
  • Dynamic or solid mechanics ==> studying forces and calculating the force a building can support. This part is exciting in physics.

So physics is implemented and focused on architecture, while many students are running from this major because it is not easy as other subjects.

2 – math

The second and the hardest part of architecture is mathematics. Yes, you will need to use math, but you don’t have to worry if you aren’t good enough at math because it is not intensive as computer science.

The principal math subject you should be using is Algebra and trigonometry. You will need to use some calculus. But it is not intensively used in architecture like computer science.

Calculus will be used with physics, especially for studying dynamics and forces, as we mentioned in the last paragraph.

3 – AutoCAD

The second hardest thing in architecture is Autocad. You have to learn how to sketch your idea and transform them into reality. The hardest thing that architecture students face is translating their ideas quickly to 3d design softwares like CAD.

So you have to learn how to use and work properly in AutoCAD and also use some other softwares like:

  • Revit
  • Sketchup
  • Abode suite

So the most challenging part is you need to practice for long hours to hone your skill in those softwares.

4 – Arts

The other hardest side of architecture is the arts. You need to have an artistic feeling or work on it to create a beautiful and suitable design for each case.

  • you will study the freehand drawing
  • photography model
  • the science of colors

It will be pretty hard for people who struggle in freehand design but is not frequently used.

5 – English

the last thing that many architectures students struggle with is English subjects, including these 2 important aspects:

  • writing
  • speaking

It would be best if you had good writing abilities to express your ideas, and at the same time, you will need some speaking skills that will allow you to communicate with customers.

So you will receive some courses in communication, for introverted people, they might be suck at. But it is not a big deal if you push effort and follow the professor’s instructions.

The top hardest 5 computer science programs that students study

here are the 5 hardest subjects in computer science that you should know about:

1 – math

In computer science, math is essential. You will study all math subjects like:

  • algebra
  • trigonometry
  • statistics and probability
  • calculus 

Most computer science students drop out from comptuer science because they could not bear the tremendous amount of math to study. So if you are bad at math, you have to think twice before going to this major.

Being bad in math does not mean you should not study computer science, but you have to understand that math is needed in this field and improve yourself on it.

you could read this article: Should I study CS if I’m bad at math? (Honest answer)

2 – programming

The second thing that is hard in computer science is programming. As a comptuer science student, you will need to learn how to program. So you will study a lot of programming subjects like:

  • algorithms
  • programming languages like c and c++, which is essential
  • machine learning
  • comptuer vision
  • data structure
  • artificial intelligence and so on

All these subjects are math-heavy so you will apply a lot of algebra and calculus in these subjects. So math is too interesting.

3 – physics

Physics is also important in comptuer science, especially in computing subjects, the hardest physics subject you will study is quantum mechanics.

You will also study some physics components that come with it. But fundamentally, computer science is not based on physics as much as mathematics.

4 – electronics

  • In the first year as a computer science major, you will study electronic basic circuit models. Which will introduce you to electronics laws and enable you to discover the electronic components like resistors, capacitors, and circuits.

You will learn how to make lots of electrical circuits and program them as you progress. In the electronic model, you will also apply some mathematics, such as algebra, to analyze electronic circuits.

So which is harder, architecture or computer science?

Suppose you look and compare the intensity of math used in both major computer science and architecture. In that case, we find that computer science is a lot heavier in math than architecture major. So computer science is more challenging than architecture.

But, things always are relative. In other words, some students can find computer science easily and struggle in arts and drawings. So it depends on what you find yourself.

But if we compare them in terms of math intensity, computer science is heavier in math and has a lot of complications. In comparison, architecture students study many subjects that don’t include math or are at least less intensive.

For example, Calculus is the hardest math subject that many students struggle with and run from. Calculus is heavily included in computer science, while architecture is less adopted except in some topics like forces and dynamics.

Architecture vs Comptuer science market demand?

If we compare architecture vs computer science in market demand, we will find a vast difference.

Architecture salary

the median salary for architects is $82,00, but as a beginner, you will start with $48,000 as a junior architect. So the pay is not very encouraging.

In addition, the growth rate of this major or industry is 3% which is slower than average industries in America. Only 3900 new occupations are created every year in this domain.

So it is very competitive and tough to find jobs as an architect undergrad.

comptuer science salary

While in the computer science industry, things are completely different. If you graduate with a comptuer science major, you will have a higher chance of getting hired. You have to look at these numbers.

  • 61 % CS students find a job directly after graduation
  • around 1 million is a shortage in America of comptuer science occupations 400 000 only in data science
  • computer science is the fast growth rate major with 22% in a year which is 7 times bigger than architecture

The median salary of a computer science occupation or job is $127,000. As a junior programmer, you will start with $80,000 or more than that. But the incredible thing is within only 2 years of experience, you can get to $127,00 or even more.




Architecture vs computer science, what is good for me?

I will give you 20 questions to respond to, 10 questions for each subject, architecture and comptuer science. You will determine which major you should follow if you ask them correctly.

if you mostly answer these 10 questions, you are meant for architecture engineering

if you ask by yes for most of these questions, so you don’t have to hesitate more comptuer science is for you should go for it.


can you sit in a chair for long hours during the day?

do you like solving problems?

do you like breaking challenges?

do you like innovating and creating new things?

do you accept criticism ?

do you have the patience to spend the whole day solving one problem?

do you like to research?

Do you like to build stuff from scratch?

do you learn to enjoy all the time?

do you have curiosity about things and always ask how they work?

 do you love programming ?

are only drive by money to a CS ?

do you have patience ?

do you love math?

do you have an interest toward technology?

if you still have hesitation, you can read this article. 15 critical signs that indicate that CS is not for you

if you answer these 10 questions, you are meant for computer science engineering

If you ask by yes for most of these questions, you don’t have to hesitate more architecture is for you and you shud follow it.


can you sit in a chair for long hours during the day?

do you hate solving math problems?

do you love design?

do you like innovating and creating new things?

do you like arts and colors ?

do you hate programming?

do you like buildings?

Do you like to build stuff from scratch?

do you learn to enjoy all the time?

do you have curiosity about things and always ask how they work?

  do you love sketchip in paper?

do you feel attracted to this major ?

do you have patience ?

do you love physics more than math?

do you hate cubical work?


It will be hard to decide if you are passionate about architecture, but numbers don’t lie. In other words, the odds of getting a job in the architecture industry are way lower than in computer science.

But the good and recommendation that we will give, if you hate programming and feel that comptuer science is not for you, go in architecture engineer at least you will do something you are passionate about.

But in the worst-case scenario, if you didn’t find a job in architecture, you can work as a programmer without the need to have a degree. You can find more details in this article.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.