I regret majoring in math(2 Sad stories)

We’re going to share 2 different stories of people who regret majoring in math.

Were going to discover together what are the reasons that make them regret this major. Also their goals about the future.

So keep treading to benefit from these 2 full experiences and maybe you will find something that might resonate with you.

Story 1

my story begins with mathematics when I decided to major in math after getting good and highest grades in high school. My friends were calling me a genius man in math.

math wasn’t something I have to prepare too much to get high score exams.

In school, I was always among the outliers in a class, especially in math. I was feeling sorry for my colleagues the ones who are preparing and working too hard to get things that I can understand in a short period of time.

It is not a brag but the reality I m telling.

Everything was good, my parents said to me that I should major in math. Because I m very smart and I could have an interesting and high-paid job.

So this is what I’ve done, I majored in applied math without any hesitation.

I was good at math, but I wasn’t enjoying it too much. The only thing that I enjoyed, is when I get these higher grades on the exams, and when my friends or colleagues decide to make friendships with me.

I knew that most of them weren’t true friends they just want to take advantage of me,

but I accept it. To not be a hypocrite I loved people talking good about me and saying how I’m intelligent in math. In other words, it was giving me value and big respect among my friends, especially about girls.

After that, I got my bachelor’s degree in 4 years where most of the students take 5 years. After that, I worked directly with a graphic company making software animations.

When I got a job

In the beginning, it was cool especially when I got a good contract that begin with $90,000 a year. As a beginner it was waw for me I was flabbergasted.

But after 6 months of work, I began to feel that something is wrong with me, in this job. I was doing quite well in this job because I wasn’t purely enjoying coding.

I didn’t like to stay hours in front of the computer without talking to anyone and just focusing on the screen. It was draining for me. I was an extrovert person, who loved to be social and surrounded by people, this was a big mess for me in this job.

what make you regret majoring in math

After 1 year of work, I decided to quit this job, because I burned out. In other words, I couldn’t deal with daily routine tasks. Simply because I just want to meet people not to work in a cubical job doing technical things.

I felt that this job wasn’t me.

I quit this job without having lined up something else on the side, I said to myself that I have a math degree. So everybody will love to work with me or hire me.

But the problem that I always was finding is that most mathematic job offers that I had an interest in-demand coding. Which means the same thing that I was doing in my previous job.

For me, I wasn’t wanting to go back to coding because I wasn’t the guy who can stay in front of the computer for a long hour without talking to anyone. But I couldn’t find alternatives.

After 6 months of being unemployed, I didn’t find an alternative except going to the miserable cubical programming job that I hated and I hate today talking with you.

So the only thing that ic can say is I regret majoring in math major, I regret it, regret it…

Most math jobs demand code and I hate coding if I would be in electrical or mechanical engineering. As a result, at least I would have much more flexibility than today.

Being good at math wasn’t enough indicator to go in math. I regret to take this course instead to listen to my heart and f find what I like or enjoy which was business and communication.

What you are looking for in the furtre

today I m taking courses in business and economics, is it not that hard for me. Because I already have knowledge in this mathematics.

So I’m looking to take some diplomas that can allow me to do where find myself. Also, giving me fulfillment or happiness.

The message that I want to invite to anyone who is interested to do the math.

You must figure out who you are and don’t let people tell who you should be, except you.

Is your life. So, I desperately don’t want people to make that same mistake that I made which cost me a lot of time and money.

Story 2

I followed the math major because it was interesting for me. In other words, I was enjoying math in a college where most of my colleagues were suffering into.

It wasn’t a problem for me to take the maximum credit in my program math. Because I knew that I could bear with that, without risking or failing in any model.

The phase of the math procedure has passed without any issues, after 4 years I validated my all math courses then get a degree. So I was so excited to join a market and test my math abilities in that job.

When I got a job

I received an offer from a cybersecurity company, to work with them in the development department of software. To clarify my job was focused on developing new mathematics technics or discovering new methodologies and technics in cryptography.

To be honest, the job was challenging in the beginning, but with time I integrated into this domain and proved myself on it.

But the problem that was faced in this job was stress, we were always tied with short stressful deadlines to finish a job. Most of them weren’t logical and too challenging.

After one year I felt burned out, I couldn’t pursue more. Yes, I was doing the math that I love but it wasn’t in the way that I expected it to be.

So after months, I decided to quit this job, because it wasn’t worth spending or consuming myself by working above the average.

I was making 150K a year, but when I was comparing the dividend that the company was making. In fact, my wage was nothing compared to what a company was making a year.

The guy or a CEO who made this fortune a year wasn’t a math or CS major. In other words, he wasn’t the guy who spent 20 years of his life studying and now still paying the college loans. Simply it was a businessman.

what make you regret majoring in math

I understood that to become rich you don’t need to study math or physics or get a degree as our parents thought us.

” Study hard ==> get a job ==> work hard ==> save many ==> buy a house ”

This map was totally wrong.

I was thinking that the people who study difficult sciences like math or physics are people who get rich in society. But I discovered that I was wrong. In my example, I was used by a man who hasn’t any background in mathematics or physics.

But he just was an entrepreneur. That is to say, the guy who was willing to take risks and go out of his comfort zone.

I regret majoring in math because today I see people making millions of dollars running their own companies or business.

Instead of spending 5 years and accumulating $100,000 of debt. I should be making money now and living the freedom that any entrepreneur lives now.

Instead of spending 5 years of my life with math professors, I would spend it grounding and taking a full risk to live a life that anyone would dream about.

I’m not encouraging anyone to do that, but I’m telling you my story and why I regret studying math.

150,000 is something waw for someone who graduates in America and fewer people reach this position. But, when we look at the cost of living in some cities like New York or California you won’t be rich with that wage.

what you are looking for in the furtre

Today I’m working with a drone company helping engineers to write and develop powerful softwares. This job is good, is less stressful, and gives me time to do something on the side.

I do well in this job and that is based on the experience that I acquired in the previous company. But I decided with myself that will never stay employed for my lifetime. So, I’m preparing on the side, working on my own projects.

I’m 31 years old and I could say that I regret taking a math major, but the regret will not solve the issues. So the time is still in front of me to achieve the thing that I m looking for.

My message to the people who are thinking that getting a math degree will make them rich:

if you look for money don’t follow math or physics follow business and be ready to take risks, this is the only road that will get you there.

Getting a Bachelor’s or Ph.D. won’t make you rich. So this is was my story

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