14 famous reasons why some teachers are mean

why some teachers are mean, that many students ask these questions?

in this post, you will find the 14 principal reasons that make teachers mean or rude in schools. So keep reading to know why might your teacher be mean.

1 – Don’t love their jobs

According to USAToday, 92 percent of teachers say they love their job, but a majority of them, 54 percent, say they have thought about quitting. But we still find that 8% of teachers don’t like their jobs in America.

today in America we are close to having 4 million teachers globally.

  • 3.3millions in public school
  • 500 000 in private schools

8% is equivalent to 320,000 teachers who aren’t satisfied or don’t love their jobs, which is not a small number.

So if we consider that a teacher is teaching 30 school students per class. As a result, we will find 10 million school students studying with teachers who don’t love their jobs.

So it is probable that 10 million school students be right and say that teachers are mean.

That doesn’t mean that any teachers who don’t love their job his mean. But teaching is a hard profession and requires a passion from a teacher to gain the love of their students.

2- aren’t qualified

according to epi :

8.8 percent of teachers do not have a standard state certificate or advanced professional certificate,

17.1 % have followed an alternative route to teaching.

Only 22 % have an experience that exceeds 5 years, which means 78% aren’t experienced enough.

theses numbers are shocking in America, it is hard to belive those numbers. Teaching is not an easy job, teaching is not about telling students how to read or learn math.

Is a profession that requires many education skills to attract students which requires a lot of experience and proficiency.

Unfortunately, the united state has these issues, because teaching jobs aren’t getting the interest or respect as other majors such as engineering or medicine.

As a result, we find this poor quality of students, and the reasons are listed in the next paragraph.

3 – teaching is a less paid job

according to CNBC:

  • Teachers make about 20% less than other professionals with similar education and experience.
  • 25% of teachers leave their job because of poor salaries, so look for other jobs.

the median salary of a school teacher in the US is $60,000 which is lower and fruitful according to challenges that teachers are facing with students. Most engineers have bigger salaries than teachers and put less effort than teachers are making.

is probably to find a mean teacher in class for this reason, and we’ve heard a lot about their complaints.

For instance, there are millennials who have only 2 years of experience in software engineering and get more than $100,000 as a median salary. So many teachers fall into these comparisons and finally, students pay the price.

4 – they have been raised in a dictator environment

many teachers had a tough childhood where they’ve been raised over strictly. As a result, reflect on their personality and make them rude or mean to students.

For instance, if you make a small and silly mistake you find a teacher screaming in your face.

Sometimes because you just smiled or made a normal movement without having any bad intent. you get punished without knowing why. They are very mean to students.

These teachers forget that children or teenagers are active and can’t be frozen for a long day in a class.

These kinds of teachers have the wrong basics about education and expect perfectionism. That is to say, treating students like they are in military school.

5 – Don’t have a patience

Some examples of teachers are in the wrong job, for this reason, you find them very mean. In other words, they don’t have the minimal requirement of patience that a teacher should have.

They expect to form a student to understand from the first time of explanation. The bad thing is to ask or tell them I didn’t understand, you will hear things you have never expected in your life.

personally, I’ve gone through this experience, she was one math teacher having these treats where all students were complaining about her.

if you ask her what I didn’t understand she says frankly “ I don’t have to explain to you something you didn’t understand before“.

Frankly, it is the mean teacher that I personally met in my lifetime. Nobody was scoring with her in math even the brilliant students.

6 – Aren’t satisfied with their jobs

Many teachers are mean to students because simply they are not satisfied with their jobs. So many teachers have chosen this path because they were forced to or hadn’t any choice.

In the beginning, was for them interesting to get a decent salary, but once they got a job a routine sneaked into them.

For this reason, passion is very interesting it helps so much to cure the hardships that teachers are going through. So if you have a mean teacher in your school it might be the reason.

7 – it is hard to punish a public school student in the united stated

A study made found that only 2.1% of teachers get fired or punished in high schools.

This number is enough according to many reclamations that students are making against teachers. This is noraml because it is very hard to punish a teacher, especially public teachers.

In other words, they have unions that protect them against reclamation or any sort of punishment. So a lot of mean teachers know that and unfortunately take advantage of it.

8 – some students made them mean but

Many students are mean also to be fair as result make teachers mean to them. But the problem is teachers take things in general and everybody pays the price in the class.

In the bringing some bad or mean students find a nice teacher, but unfortunately, understand that wrongly. As a result, make a teacher flip his nice face and show them a mean character.

9- are weak and want to prove themselves in classes

Some teachers are weak and have unstable personalities, meaning they’ve could be bullied in their childhood. As a result, reflect that on their personality and create a feeling of hate and vindictiveness.

As a result, you find them trying to improve themselves in any position, if you discuss with them you might fall in trouble.

it is not weird to find them not having any control in their life which means:

  • they can’t control their wife
  • they can’t control their kids
  • even can’t control themselves.

But to recompense this feeling of loss, they take the authority that the teaching profession gives them. So many mean teachers are in this genre.

10 – the administrators tell them to be mean

many administrators tell or encourage teachers to be mean with students under the excuse of ” you have to be strict with students if you want to respect them”. It is right on one side but…

if look at the other side there is a big difference between being strict and being a men’s teacher.

Many students love strict teachers because they aren’t mean, which is a game that nobody knows how to play it. To clarify, many teachers don’t find the balance between being strict and being mean.

  • yelling or screaming in the face of a student as a teacher is not being strict is being mean
  • punishing a student for a silly or incomprehensible reason is being mean

They only have in the mind, “I have to be strict so students respect me “. But they don’t know they aren’t strict they are mean.

11 – A teaching job is very stressful

One survey made on 1000 former public teachers found that 55% of teachers quit their 2 years school, especially with the pandemic that we world lived in 2019.

Most teachers level their jobs because of the high stress they face Most of them say

The job is so stressful and the payment doesn’t match that or meet the effort we put

So don’t expect to form a stressful teacher to be kind to you. Many teachers can’t control their stress and become very mean to their students.

12- Some teachers treat students with the same behavior

Some teachers are mean with a mean student and kind with a kind student, they follow this strategy. As a result, it is not detrimental but as a student, you have to be careful in dealing with them.

Because simply they can ruin your life and student has faced this issue. The worst thing is to find bad notes or grades in exams.

so don’t ever challenge these kinds of teachers because they can become very mean to you.

13 – sometimes teachers have to be mean

according to APA

in 2015-2016, 6% of teachers reported they’d been physically attacked by students. As a result, these mean students give a bad rap to the rest of the students and allow these to happen.

Many teachers treat bad and become very rude to students when they hear about these accidents. As a result, many students pay the price for these outcomes.

14 – Facing some personal problems

teachers are human and have faced problems like anyone could face in his life. But unfortunately, someone doesn’t succeed to isolate their personal life from a professional one.

As a result, treat badly their students and become very mean to them, which teachers should not do at all.

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