Wearing a gaming headset for zoom classes (7 facts)

Whether you are a student or teacher wearing a gaming headset for Zoom classes can pop up in your mind.

So is it worth it to have a gaming headset for zoom classes as a student or a teacher?

in this article were going to respond to this question in detail…

Also, explaining the difference or things that gaming headsets can add to zoom education calls. So keep reading before making the wrong decision.

Are gaming headsets good to use in Educational zoom calls?

For an honest response, gaming headsets are good and create some differences when we talk about wearing them in zoom for educational meetings.

But the good ones are expensive and cost more than $200 if you want to benefit from all the good advantages and see the difference between traditional headphones.

So if you think to have a good gaming headset to use in zoom classes calls under $200, is better to opt for traditional headphones because $100 headphones are way better than cheaper gaming headsets.

To know more about this subject we’re going treat this subject from different angles by:

  • seeing what are the benefits of using gaming headsets in zoom metting
  • correcting some wrong widespread ideas about this subject
  • finally know, when is critical or obligatory to look for a heseat gaming for zoom students or educators

1- gaming headsets are expenisve

We see a lot of marketed or promoted gaming headsets in the market under $100 or even less than $50, unfortunately, some reviewers give the wrong impression to users about them.

But if look at them we find them crapy and don’t have any advantages to be used in zoom calls.

Sometimes earphones are better than some models, so as a teacher or a student, you have to be careful and not just trust anyone making reviews.

If you look by going to amazon and from the professional reviewers. As a result, we find that the best gaming headsets that Zoom users can benefit from are expensive.

To clarify the minimum budget to have a good and useful gaming headset is $200 or more.

Below that, you will risk paying money for a usual product that doesn’t have any value other than a cheaper and traditional high-quality headphone. Wich you can buy for only $100.

2- you have to chose clean desing

for people who can afford these expensive good quality gaming headsets, they have to understand this thing.

Most gaming headsets are not aesthetic, meaning are ugly. So teachers have to be aware that, it won’t sound good to wear in a zoom class a gaming headset like this

Wearing gaming headset for zoom classes

for a student, this is not going to be a problem, but as a teacher or an educator, I will sound inappropriate. Especially for some professional meetings, people can get the wrong impression about you. So you have to look for a simple and dynamic design gaming headset that:

  • simple
  • arent bulky
  • slim in their design
  • avoid ones that have lights or colors
  • choose smaller forms

But for students, this might not create a difference they could choose what they want, because a teacher is not a student. So some looking respectful and professional play their roles. for instance, this example is in the image below.

Wearing gaming headset for zoom classes

3 – noise isolation

The best thing about having good-quality gaming headsets is a noise cancellation option. Especially the micro noise cancellation, they are great for students or teachers. This means, with a gaming headset you can run a Zoom conversation from any environment.

The micro embedded in the headsets don’t catch up with external noise or inappropriate sounds that can be embarrassing you when you are in an important meeting.

Also, nobody will determine from where you work a house or any other place, you can use them without a problem. So you won’t worry about your privacy anymore if :

  • You are in the house while kids are screaming
  • in coffee shops
  • libraries
  • if someone talks to you while you are in zoom meeting
  • dog bark

This is the useful thing that good gaming headsets have for students or teachers using zoom for conferences.

4 – some gaming headsets have their own sound processing

Even if you have a crappy laptop or desktop the sound will look better, you just have to plug the USB cable that headsets came with, and then you are.

Gaming headsets have their own voice system that analyzes a sound and enhances it. As a result, improve the sound quality and makes it different than headphones.

Using this option is very interesting for people who have poor sound cards or even a broken sound card. So you don’t have to worry if you run a zoom conversation with a crappy laptop or desktop computer.

But at this same time, this option has 2 major drawbacks, if you buy a USB headset gaming:

  • you can’t connect it to a sound card simply because it doesn’t come with a jack
  • The same thing, connecting it to a dock if you find the sound lower and want to rise it. Especially when you make a zoom conversation with students or teachers.

so you have to look for gaming headsets models that cames with double cables. USB cable and jack cable like this in the video below.

5 – Aren’t portable like earphones

If you look at the portability headphones aren’t great they are bulky and heavy, and here are some numbers to remind you:

  • Gaming headsets are heavier 20 times than earphones or earbuds
  • Smaller 20 times than gaming headsets

This is very important for teachers who spend a long time doing zoom conferences, using earbuds is more portable and easier. They are pretty well and have decent quality.

The 2 problems that you might face using gaming headsets or headphones in zoom conference are:

  • Not having the freedom to move around to a desktop you are tied with a cable.
  • Your ears are going to sweat, so you can get a cold when you get done from a zoom conference or class
  • you might face some aches in your neck if you use them if you keep them for longer hours

So if you look for portability or freedom gaming headsets or headphones aren’t useful like earphones or earbuds.

you could read this article Students should walk with headphones or earbuds?

6 – Sound quality

Ruining zoom conferences or meetings is critical when it comes to Tele-education, in this case wearing high-quality gaming headsets for zoom classes can make a difference but you should know this thing…

if you look to provide the best sound quality as a teacher or instructor by doing some educational meeting in the zoom, or teaching online students. in other words…

You don’t need also to have a good quality gaming headset is better and recommendable to have a separate amplifier or a DAC if you have to get an optimal sound quality. Because a DAC allows you to:

  • raise the sound if you find it quite
  • filter the sound from unwanted noises such as hissing
  • modify the base of sound and other parameters to make it more appealing and less distracting.

for people who teach online music or study it, having a separate amplifier and gaming headset is an obligation. In other words, you can’t learn music or teach it by zoom with a DAC or a poor headphone quality.

7 – Gaming Headsets are marketed well

if you look around headset marketers you find them playing in these 3 sides:

  • surrounding sound quality
  • Quality sound
  • Microphone build on

And here is the truth:

==>The surrounding sound quality is not great and effective like they promote advertisers, it many times it sucks and doesn’t give a real or sound quality, it is very noticeable in cheap models.

==> the quality sound is not great yoiu can find $100 giving better sound quality than a $150 gaming headset.

==> microphone built-in or attached, to clarify most gaming headset microphones are bad. to get a better sound quality you have to buy an expensive model that came with a clipper microphone. Wich only cost $100.

For this reason, we repeated and say that:

” don’t buy cheaper gaming headsets they useless, headphones are cheaper better than them”

So if you think having a gaming headset get better quality or don’t !!!


Wearing a gaming headset for zoom classes seems pretty for students to use in zoom studying, but honestly using them won’t add something special to a teacher or a student except in these 2 cases.

==> working in busy environments, instead of bringing a microphone and his filter to a coffee shop or library having a good gaming headset will be good to solve this issue.

==> if love gaming, for students who love gaming, having 2 in 1 device is good. That is to say, using a gaming headset for playing games and at the same time using it for Zoom meetings or lectures.

if you aren’t one of these people, using gaming headsets in zoom meetings won’t add anything rather than spending an additional $100 to do the things that can a studio headphone do the same or even better.

For more information, you could watch this video


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