Bring XBOX to college: “9 facts you should know”

Do many students ask if they can bring their Xbox with them into college or not?

we would say yes, you can bring the XBOX with you to college, is allowed. But you have to be aware of these 9 things before you do that.

XBOX can be stolen

The first thing that you should be aware of is if you bring your Xbox to the college dorm it is prone to be stolen. that depends on each college campus, some colleges have high rate theft cases like:

  • Loyola University of Chicago
  • Marquette University
  • University of New Hampshire
  • University of Central Missouri
  • SUNY Buffalo State College
  • The University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • University of Maine
  • Marshall University
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • University of California, Santa Barbara

These universities are the top 10 dangerous in the United States you could find more details about In this article.

So the first thing that you have to be aware form, is who you will live with or share a dorm room with. Do these people or roommates are trusted or not.

Because if you live with a thief this is might be a disaster. So try to pick the best people to live with if you could or have options to choose, If don’t, you have to follow this strategy that we will suggest.

We will give these 3 precautions to do in order to protect your XBOX from being stolen in a dorm or a campus :

  • set a password
  • use a product called Kensington
  • buy a dorm trunck

Set a password

first thing if you don’t want someone to touch your Xbox you can lock it and keep it away from your roommates or any strange people. You could watch this video it got the whole details about this process to follow.

use a product called Kensington

use a product called Kingnsigtor it cost around $30 to $40 or any other lock cable security kit. This product will allow you to protect your XBOX from being stolen, it is a look cable security kit that you can attach to your Xbox.

So if a stealer wants to take your XBOX he has to break it.

here is an old video that we found, explaining how to use that device with an old Xbox, but the principle is still the same.

buy a dorm lock

You can buy a dorm lock and put all your important things like Xbox, laptops and other expensive stuff. College dorm locks are great they came with a strong metal cable or strap that you could use to tie with your bed frame.

We found the best product and cheaper one, you could go and check it out on Amazon.

So in this way, you could protect totally your XBOX from being stolen and stop worrying about it anymore while you are out in college.

XBOX can be damaged

Using Xbox in a dorm will be different from using it in a house, you will have friends or roommates wanting to play with you. So you can’t deny it, and also playing alone seems bored, it’s still very nice.

But the problem is you might find some colleges or roommates not taking care of your XBOX, sometimes things can be risky.

we heard a lot of stories of college students in dorms who:

  • dropped and broke the handheld Xbox
  • dumped water on the console
  • dropped the XBOX console …

So you have to be careful and talk with some people. Because some students don’t give value to other people things.

With one irresponsible behavior, you might lose hundreds of dollars, thus don’t expect bork college students to pay for that.

Xbox is excellent to fight boredom

let’s go away and talk about some advantages.

Xbox is an excellent device to use in a dorm or a college to fight boredom or fill some spare time. In other words, you could play games when you get done form your assignments or work.

nothing is better than having a feeling of finishing the homework and setting your Xbox to start playing.

Sometimes it becomes a good replacement when you are in raining or cold Saturday or Sunday, playing Fortnite or Animal crossing.

You could ask some students who couldn’t bring their XBOX with them because their parents didn’t accept, how they suffer in these times.

Bring XBOX to college

you need to bring TV with you

One mistake that some students make when they bring Xbox to college, is forgetting a TV.

On some campuses, you find one TV for every 16 students, installed in a living room. So it is impossible to use play with your Xbox, in this case. But in general, it is expectable that every 4 students have a TV in a dorm room.

In both cases you won’t have full access to a TV, you might find your roommates using it to watch tv or something else.

So you are limited and the only solution is to bring your Tv or monitor to play in any time you want without disturbing or being disturbed.

Brining Xbox to college can be distracting from your studies

if you love too much gaming and feel that you can control yourself, bringing an XBOX to a college can be dangerous. In other words, it might be distracting and keep you away from your studies.

In college you are free, it is not a school, you do whatever you want. But the bad thing is we’ve seen many students playing for long hours a day and staying up to 2 to 3 of the morning with a console, which is very bad.

Many students skip college classes for this reason which deteriorates their life and lose time and money.

For these reasons we find many parents rejecting this idea of bringing an Xbox or any console to a college. So you have to be responsible, and you should know that:

approximate that 700 000 college students have addiction behaviors toward video games. you could find more information by reading this article.

Playing video games in college is a good idea?

Bring Xbox to college can be good to relief stress

There’s is research made by The University of Saskatchewan proved that video games aren’t just a mindless way to waste time.

playing video games is a good tool to relieve stress and improve mental health. Especially the social games when there are more than 2 or 3 players.

It is good than staying alone in a room doing something inappropriate like watching Porno or masturbating.

Don’t connect to wifi dorm with your Xbox

You have to connect your Xbox with an ethernet port no using wifi because the connection sucks and you will suffer if your love to play online video games.

Most students don’t know about that, college responsibles don’t appreciate using wifi for gaming. Because it slows their wifi connection by interfering with Wifi bandwidth.

So you just have to connect your Xbox console to an ethernet port, you will find the instructions of how to do that is quite simple

you might have some fake friends

You will expect to have a lot of fiend wanting to hang with but most of them are fake friends, they will just profit from you by letting them play with your Xbox.

Because nobody will reject having a friend with a kid that has a tv and video games, especially XBOX.

Some of them might be stealers so be careful and don’t let anyone take advantage form you, because you might pay the price expensively.

We heard many cases of students who have been stolen by their close friends, once they find their opportunity, you’re done. Especially be aware of those who don’t respect your time of studies and ask you to play.

They might not rob your things, but they might rob the priceless thing you have is your time and life.

This device is a saver to bring to a college

if you are afraid from your Xbox form stealers or something else you could bring or buy Nintendo switch is:

  • cheaper than Xbox
  • protable you can play where you want without a need for a monitor tv
  • if it has been stolen it won’t be tough like Xbox
  • you won’t have some fake friend asking to play

we wrote a specific article about bringing Nintendo switch you could check it If you want more info about this topic.

Bring Nintendo switch to college or school (11 Facts)


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