Bring Nintendo switch to college or school (11 Facts)

Should you bring the Nintendo switch to college or school?

Nintendo Switch is considered the most famous video game portable console in the world, which students love a lot.

  • But is a college or school student bringing a Nintendo switch a good idea or bad?
  • Can you bring a Nintendo switch to college or school without facing any problems?

In this post, we’re going to list the 11 important facts that you should know before bringing Nintendo Switch to college or school.

So keep reading till the end to learn from the mistakes that students made before.

Nintendo switches can be stolen

According to a survey made In 201457% of over 50,000 reported crimes on college campuses were property crimes

A lot of computers, iPods, phones, cars, and bikes have been stolen.

You aren’t protected completely from being stolen in a college or school, especially for students living on campus. Many students reported losing objects from their dorm rooms.

Also, bringing a Nintendo Switch to a college library or school class is not as safe as you might think.

Many poor students can afford to buy a Nintendo Switch, so there is a guarantee to play video games on your Nintendo switch while others who are wishing to have this opportunity. (it happens with some bad people)

You can bring a Nintendo switch with you to college or school. But you have to be careful and don’t let your Nintendo switch on the table or give it to strange people.

In addition, we recommend for students who are living nearby to schools or Universities not walk playing with Nintendo switch.

Because it might be that someone would follow you and finally find yourself threatened with an arm, put it in the backpack until you arrive at a school or a college.

you have to choose the right roommate if you live in a dorm

for students who are going from high school to college and think to live in dorms, the best thing that you should do is to find a trusted roommate.

But the question is,how can I be sure that my roommate is trustable?

3 tips to test your dorm roommate

it is hard to find a trustable person but we recommend some tips to test your roommate’s trust:

1 – Ask about him in a college, asking your other colleagues about him.

2 – Watch his behavior with you in a dorm, for instance, see if he accesses your devices without your permission.

3 – Try to owe him money and determine a precise deadline to see if he’s fair or not.

These tips are going to allow you to determine let’s say by 80% if your roommate is trustable or not. In other words, if you catch him doing some inappropriate things or still have doubts about him. As a result, go and have a lockbox.

you could have thises kind of a lack box

theses kinds of lock blocks as you have seen can get fixed to a bedframe or anywhere you want, so you can keep your Nintendo Switch without having any fears.

It is recommendable especially if your dorm has a lot of thief cases.

But if you trust your roommate you still have to talk with him about one thing which is visitors.

your roommate has friends that you might don’t know about them, so you have to ask him if his friends are trustable or not. Or at least to warn you to be careful when someone is going to visit him.

But if your roommate has a lot o friend or your dorm get a lot of visitors we recommend having a lock block to keep your Nintendo Switch safe and stay away from all these issues.

It can distract form your studies

Bringing Nintendo Switch to college or school is good but at the same time, it can be distracting from your studies.

2 hours a day is the maximum time that you can spend playing with Nintendo Switch or any other gaming console. To clarify, we made a study where we exposed:

you could find more details in this article Playing video games in college is a good idea?

Many people have some bad attitudes and the dangerous ones, are someones who bring and play with their Nintendo switch during classes, you could discover more about this topic by reading this article.

It is good to play video games during classes? (Solved)

So you have to be careful about that because it can ruin your life as a student. To clarify, it is easy to become addicted to the Nintendo switch regarding its advantages.

Nintendo Switch is good to play during downtime

Bring Nintendo switch to college or schools remains ideal, especially in these downtimes:

  • playing between classes is a good opportunity to chill out and relieve the stress of lectures and homework.
  • recompensing yourself when you get done to form a big assignment or work home. So for example playing in Nintendo switch Animal Cross or Fortnite seems pretty nice.
  • sometimes when a teacher or a professor doesn’t attend, you could have 1 or 2 hours of gift time for playing with your Nintendo switch.
  • Also why not in the lunch break, it won’t be bad to take a Nintendo switch for while and enjoy your time after finishing your lunch.
  • Playing in a bus with a Nintendo switch seems a good idea.

Nintendo Switch is good for socializing

It will be a great idea to invite your friends and play together, Nintendo switch can allow up to 8 players to participate in one single game. Especially on weekends and some short holidays when you don’t have time to visit your parents.

There are many great games that you could play with a friend in a dorm or a college like:

  • jackbox Party Packs,
  • Mario Kart,
  • Brawlout.
  • Rocket League,
  • SnipperClips,
  • Overcooked,
  • Crawl, Monopoly
  • Minecraft,
  • 1-2 Switch,
  • Astro Bears Party,
  • Super Bomberman

This is so useful for students to chill out and break the routine, especially for students who are living in dorms away from their parents.

Nintendo switch removes boredness//

Sometimes Nintendo Switch becomes so useful to fight against boredom, you might finish all your work at home, and your obligations and still have some spare time.

Bringing a Nintendo switch with you to college is a good fighter of boredom.

Students who are living on campus will feel that deeply, especially when you have 1 or 2 days of holiday time where you can’t go back home or do anything.

You can pick your Nintendo switch somewhere like a part or coffee and change a mood. The beauty about the Nintendo Switch is it can last up to 3 hours for a single charge if you like to play outdoors.

In some dorms you can’t access to WIFI easily

It’s great, but some campus’ WiFi requires a username and password. Sometimes you can’t connect to that handheld, so you have to use an Ethernet Nintendo Switch dock port.

But that is still rare because most campuses let you register your device and automatically browse for your switch.

Nintendo Switch is a great tool to relieve stress

According to CBC, it has been proved that playing video games remains a good stress reliever:

The University of Saskatchewan computer science professor Regan Mandryk says video games aren’t just a mindless way to waste time.

“Mandryk’s latest research” shows video games can actually help reduce stress and improve mental health.

So video games are not bad and just time-consuming they still have many benefits. To prove to you that you can read this article.

Do successful students play video games? 7 facts

you can bring a Nintendo switch to study with

The majority of students don’t know that the Nintendo switch can be used for studies if you already know the Anki application you might be aware of that but the majority still do not know about that.

if you are a fan user of flashing cards bringing a Nintendo switch with you to the dorm college room will be beneficial.

To clarify you will use the Anki application with your Nintendo switch joy-cons, the experience becomes very fun and educative. As a result, will help you to recall or revise many flashcard information.

you could watch this video below and see how to do that.

bringing Nintendo to college switch will give more freedom

In some cases, we find up to 16 people sharing a common living space, where are included a TV and couches. This is not common to all US students.

But having 4 roommates in one room is normal in dorms so if you have a PlayStation or Xbox you aren’t allowed to use them any time. Because your roommates will use a TV for Netflix or whatever else.

Nintendo Switch doesn’t need a TV-like PlayStation or Xbox you can pick it up when you want and where you want. As a result, this allows you to stay away from any conflicts with your roommate.

simply you can remove it from a dock and play on your bed or where you want.

It is better to bring a Nintendo switch to a dorm than Playstation or Xbox

bringing a Nintendo switch to a dorm is better than a PlayStation or Xbox because:

  • Nintendo Switch is cheaper, so if it has been lost or stolen I won’t be detrimental like PS or XBOX
  • is portable you can play where you want and when you want (you don’t need a Tv)
  • Everyone has their own device you can play with your friends or college dorm colleagues without being afraid of someone breaking your PS or XBOX handheld.

we wrote a specific article about bringing XBOX to college mentioning its pros and cons you could find it at this link below.

Bring XBOX to college: “9 facts you should know”


if you think to bring a Nintendo switch to a college or school you have to be careful about the 11 tips that we mentioned above. So you can prevent problems in school or college.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.