For those who think they aren’t smart to study CS…

many people say they are not smart and wonder if they should study computer science or not?

in this article were going to solve this problem by responding to the following questions:

  • should I have to be a genius to study computer science?
  • should I have to be smart to learn computer sciences?

Also giving one example of a successful story of a ” NOT SMART ” student who surpassed computer science major.

if you want to solve these issues read until the end of the article. Because you will find very unique and helpful tips.

Do you have to be a genius to do computer science?

Absolutely not a computer science major doesn’t require to be genius or even smart. To clarify, you just need to have solid mathematical basics, especially the interesting thing that most students ignore is interest. To prove to you that, we’re going to make a simple comparison of what is happening in the world today.

Genius people are not representing more than 2% of the US population, which means 6 million people in the US. But with a simple calculation, we find that genius students in the US don’t exceed 400,000 among 20 million global college students.

Today only 400,000, graduates yearly from computer science in the united stated. So do you think that all American genius students major only in computer science?.

if that is right, what about ?:

  • math major which is harder than computer science
  • physic and chemistry major

So numbers prove that this idea is totally wrong, to major in computer science you don’t need to be genius or even smart.

On the other side, there is a big difference between genius and intelligence and a lot of students don’t understand that.

Genius are people whose IQ rate exceeds 160 while to be intelligent you just need to rate 130. But the good news is even if you are not intelligent and have below this number you can do it and the proof is:

Feynman 125
Julia Robinson 98

These were 2 examples of math scientists, which means are working in the difficult major in science, while still having a lower IQ.

While the smartest person in the world, which is smarter than any scientist you might hear about is a working bouncer, you could watch this video below.

So don’t bother yourself with these things. In order, to major in computer science, you don’t need to be smart. You just need some rules that were going to talk about later in our article.

successful story for a not smart students in computer science

Were going to expose one story of a successful student who was saying ” that he wasn’t smart enough to go in this field “. But regarding that, he succeeded and graduated from college.

In other words, it will be an inspiring story for you.

The beginning of a story

He said:

After graduating from high school I have the interest to go into computer science because I loved programming. But the problem I had is I wasn’t good at math like my colleagues in high school.

I was doubting about myself going into this major, I was very afraid of computer science. In other words, I thought to myself that is wasn’t smart enough to go into this field.

Because things weren’t easy for me when I was in middle and high school struggling in math more than my peers. So I was always considering myself the less smart student in the class.

Especially in my case where I hadn’t the best math teachers in school. To clarify, I was struggling in precalculus, so I had to make a lot of effort to recompense the gap between other students.

I was working harder and for longer hours, it wasn’t easy at all in school.

The time when i decided to go for computer science major

One morning I was browsing on the internet until I stumbled on this video.

if felt like something changed inside me, then I said:

You won’t lose anything go and try it and do the best you can, if you lose at least it will be an experience, But, you won’t regret it at the end “.

So this is exactly what I did I made my decision and from now my story begins in computer science.

my first year of computer science was the hardest one because we had to study:

  • calculus1
  • calculus 2
  • calculus 3

it was very difficult for me at the beginning. But on another side, the great thing Is I had is a great math professor.

I was going to office hours every Monday afternoons to ask the professor questions about math subjects, he was giving me:

  • additional homework to do precalculus
  • explain to me some that did not understand
  • orienting me on things I should learn and work on

honestly, in the beginning, it was incredibly hard, But I just make sure not to give up.

But regarding that, I was loving computer science, loving programming, and also applying math in programming. Even it was hard for me but I knew that I’m in the correct spot.

when things become to change

I engaged with some group of students to study math which was helpful for me, especially in these related topics:

  • machine learning
  • data structure
  • data analysis

I was working hard at least every 4 hours a day, most times studying math, but fortunately, things start to get better and better. In the end, I validated all my models in the first year including calculus and algebra, and discrete math.

I validate and got a C in calculus which was good for me. But in algebra and discrete math, I did well by getting A.

After the first year thing became easier for me because I gained confidence in myself until I got my degree in computer science. After 4 years and I m so proud of myself today.

To be honest with you it wasn’t easy it was very hard, sometimes I had a feeling of crying during lectures. In other words, I paid the price to get what I’m in today.

So my message to you:

Don’t judge yourself too much you’re not stupid, maybe you’re different but you have to accept that and fight for you dream

10 things you should have to study computer science if you’re not smart

We’re going to list the 10 important things that you should have to study computer science if you find yourself not smart enough.

1- interest

The first requirement that you should have to study in the computer science field, is the interest. If you aren’t interesting or choosing this major just for money or something else you will probably fail.

you could read this article to know more about this subject 15 critical signs that indicate that CS is not for you

2 -have basics in algebra

Having the basics in algebra is very important to allow you to go to the next stage in computer science math classes. If you are bad in algebra you will fail for sure in calculus.

Algebra basics aren’t though, you just have to revise and understand well because they are fundamental.

3- have the basics in precalculus

before going to study computer science you have to ensure that you have a solid base in precalculus. To explain more precalculus is the bridge or the solid base that you will need in your math computer science classes.

Most students are suck in calculus and run from it, to confirm 33% of computer science students drop this major in their first year. In the first year, there is a lot of calculus that is waiting for you.

This is not to offend you, but precalculus is not hard too much, you just have to go and study it. You could find the precalculus free course at this link.

4 – Being ready to work harder

you need to work harder, you will struggle and face a lot of hardships so the only thing to get out there is to work harder. If the smartest student work 1 hour day you should work 3, the hard work is going to recompense your weaknesses.

5 – being ready to make good relationships with professors

To succeed in computer science you have to build a good relationship with professors, and the dangerous thing is to prevent or avoid skipping classes. Don’t do that at all it is so harmful, especially in your case.

Professors notice and remember students, but if you build with them a good relationship and show them the discipline they will help you and even curve your notes.

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6 – go to office hours

You have to go to office hours every moment you have the opportunity, this is very helpful to benefit from professors. Also, to prove to them how much serious you are about lectures.

7 – make good relationships with students

Making a good relationship with your colleagues is very helpful for you. In other words, you should form study groups to share knowledge with them and help you when you suck in something.

But you have to choose good students who are diligent and ready to work harder like you.

8 – you should enjoy learning new things

You will need to learn a lot of things in computer science this is very expectable. So you have to make sure to have the resistance to learn new things. That relates to interest more than intelligence.

Even if you’re not smart you can learn new things, you just need to have the interest to sit down and learn.

9 – love to solve problems

The major and important thing for students is having the ability to solve problems. Computer since is a field that prepares you to solve problems. So you have to make sure if you like to solve problems or not.

software developers spend 75% of their time, solving problems. So this is what you should expect and be ready for in computer science.

10 – sitting in front of the computers for hours

the last thing is, Can you sit for long hours in front of computers without getting overwhelmed?.

if yes, no matter if you are smart or not you should study computer science. You can do it if you have the patience and the resistance to fight against the pushbacks.


To study computer science you don’t have to be a genius or smart, as much as you have the right map, you can succeed in this field.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.