7 important reasons why Linux is not thought in Schools

In this article, we’re going to discover the reasons in which case school students should learn Linux and which other cases should not.

Also, know the 7 reasons why Linux is not thought or used in school.

Is Linux better for school students?

Linux is good for school students to use especially those who are interested to learn to program, it helps them to be close to a computer structure. But for school students who aren’t interested in stem majors or learning about technology using Linux will be more difficult than other operating systems.

So if you are a school student who has the ambition to learn to program, you should do that and install Linux on your laptop or desktop computer right now. Because you will need Linux especially if you want to study these flowing fields in the future:

  • embedded systems
  • computer science field
  • network services like cloud and servers
  • cybersecurity
  • high computational computers

==> embedded system

if you are a school student and love electronics and build things like electronics circuits you should learn Linux. To simplify if you like to be a programmer of electronics devices like:

  • routers
  • washing machines
  • robots
  • TV
  • phones and etc

So everything that has an electronic chip or electronic board inside. In other words, Linux is the first operating system used in this field

==> computer science field

If you want to become a programmer or study comptuer science you should learn Linux, is better to start from school. As a result, will give you the advantage of becoming better at programing when you join the computer science classes.

You have to understand that 50% of software developers are using Linux for programming, so Linux is so powerful and will give you many advantages instead of using windows or mac.

==> network services like cloud and servers

If you are a school student and love or are fascinated by IT domain-like servers or clouds you are in the right questions, Linux is the first operating system used in cloud and servers.

So you should immediately study and learn Linux because it is an obligation. Also, preparing yourself from a school phase by taking courses in this domain will give you a big advantage over your peers.

==> cybersecurity

if you belive or dream in schools classes to be a hacker or work with the strongest companies in the world then you should study cybersecurity. It is not an easy domain but this will not be our subject today.

Linux is the safest operating system in the world it is safest than Windows and Mac, and all sensitive clouding services are written with Linux. It is an ideal example of security.

Even today Microsoft uses Linux in their clouding services like the famous ones called ” Microsoft Azure “. So there is no escape from learning Linux and you should start now even if you are a school student.

==> high computational computers

if you like math and want to become a computational scientist and get more than $150k a year a salary you should learn Linux and perform it well. Because most computational devices are using Linux.

To explain the top 500 strongest comptuer in the world are using Linux you could find more details about that in this article.

Why schools don’t teach or use Linux?

were going to list the 7 critical reasons that make a Linux not used or thought in school.

1. Microsoft has dominated the market

Microsoft has launched its first product in 1985 that changed the world, it was the first operating system made in the world. This option allowed Microsoft to penetrate the market without any concurrent.

In addition, Linux is an open-source operating system that is totally different from Microsoft. In other words, it doesn’t have the same marketing strategy or spend the money on marketing that Microsoft does.

Bill gates have succeeded to promote his product, especially after the windows 95 releases that made mind-blogging sales around the world.

in the graph below you can see the difference between Linux and Windows operation system market share.

operationg systems discributions

we can see that the market share of windows is 45 times bigger than Linux and 10 times that of iOS.

2 . Microsoft gives free licenses to schools

The second thing that Microsoft makes on its marketing strategy is offering free licenses to schools, in order to get them used to it an operating system.

So that has played an important role to get people used to windows and not anything else instead.

3 . Linux is harder for school students than windows or iOS

Linux is useful but it is hard and not friendly to users. To clarify you can’t convince a school student to open a tab using a keyboard command. While he could take a mouse and drag a cursor anywhere he wants to open by just clicking.

Windows or iOS have a friendly user experience that we could not find in Linux. That is very important for primary and middle school students.

having colorful icons is better than typing on a keyboard and expecting something to happen.

In addition, most school students aren’t yet good to type in a keyboard so it will be a hell, and very slow to use a keyboard for just making some simple and routine tasks.

4. laziness

Students are raised using windows so it is very hard to switch or force them to learn something new, even if it is useful, and this is what Microsoft or Apple has planned before a years ago.

So nobody, student or teachers are ready to learn something new to do the same thing as windows can do. They are not programmers or people who are doing specific tasks that force them to learn Linux.

5. school students can’t use some educational programs with Linux

The competitive operations systems companies don’t allow Linux to support many educational programs that school students use today. So if you are a school student and you use Linux, you can install or use the following software with your Linux distribution:

  • Autocad for 3d design
  • Microsoft office which means words excel and One note
  • Windows media player to run video
  • Adobe Reader to run pdf

There are many other applications that are not supported in Linux.

So can you imagine that students can not use Micorosft word or excel?. So here is, where the problem stands out.

6 . Linux is not useful for any school student

Not all students will go and study a Stem major, that is to say, studying scientific subjects. So many are going to study:

  • English major
  • artistic major
  • law major and etc

theses majors don’t need to use linux, they are away from technology. So Linux is like a specialty that you pick after high school studies when you decide to choose to study stem or not stem.

7. teachers don’t know how two use linux

The last problem or reason is teachers or professors don’t know how to use linux, some of them are barely using windows or mac. So it will be very hard to force a teacher or a professor to learn something new and complex like Linux.

yes, it complexes for 50 or 45 years old teachers you can do a simple task in their smartphone. So it is not feasible at all

it is weird to see how much is important a Linux today in our lives and how much impact is making for school and non-school students. But there are some circumstances that make it hard to be applied in school.


Linux is a great operation system it has many advantages that windows or mac don’t have But its problem is not user-friendly like other operating systems.

Linux Is made for programmers and all people who are interesting in technology, if you are one of them then you should learn Linux.

if you are a student who isn’t interested in technology or don’t think to major in it, Linux won’t add any value or difference rather than struggles


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.