Learn Linux worth as a CS major? (3 popular questions)

we’re going to respond to the most popular question that cs major ask about Linux.

Is learning Linux useful for CS students?

why should I learn Linux as a computer science student?

what are things that should learn in Linux as a computer science student?

Is learning Linux useful for CS students?

Today more than 50% of developers are using Linux in their applications which reflects the importance of this operating system. Linux is everywhere but we don’t give it Credit in our life.

  • The videos are you all watching on YouTube are made with Linux.
  • The top 500 supercomputers around the world are working with Linux.
  • Microsoft today uses Linx in their application like Microsoft Azure cloud service.
  • Linux is a secure operating system in the world
  • Linux is portable and doesn’t take more than a 2GB USB key to save
  • the future is Linux and most Developers know that the fact that 50% of the developers are using Linux is not something from scratch.

So as a computer science student that is not needed to ask about if Linux is useful or not if you don’t learn it now you would be forced to learn it later.

Why should computer science students use Linux

We’re going to list the 14 reasons why computer major students should learn Linux:

CS major need to understand the deepness of operating systems

To have a good base as a programmer or developer you need to understand how the operating system receives your code. Learning linux is a better option that helps you to understand what is behind the scenes and create powerful code.

Running the program is a CSS my job is something overrated today the market demand the best and the efficient program.

Job oppurtunities

according to yahoo the Cloud computing market It’s expected to grow 445.3 billion in 2021 to USD 947.3 billion by 2026. This means the Growth rate is predicted to grow by 16% in the next 6 years.

Linux is the first and the best operating system used in the cloud this would automatically translate and create new job opportunities in the next six years to come.

The top web companies in the world are using Linux.

Facebook Amazon Twitter Netflix google and many other successful web companies are using Linux as a principal element of their infrastructure. They use Linux their cloud service software.

And also to scale their software business at the same time keep it secure and safe from cyber security attacks.

The data War

Today in Utah there is Data Center that’s cover 1 million square foot with a storage capacity that reaches 5 zettabytes which means 5 billion terabytes.

Today companies are competing against each other to gain the most valuable data or information about their customers. In other words, all this data are stored in clouds where Linux is performing well.

Linux is the first operating system used in embedded systems

Access existing everywhere around you:

  • Computer run with Linux
  • Cloud runs with Linux
  • Electronic devices mostly run with Linux
  • Routers
  • Smart TV
  • Industrial machines
  • Medical machine

So the list is so long that Linux in embedded systems is so powerful this is what makes it popular and used by 70% of embedded system applications.

So if you think to go into electronics and in how to design and program it circuits you should learn Linux.

Linux is the most secure operating system in the world

Linux has a different methodology of working it doesn’t work like Windows allowing programs to run in the background. In Linux, everything is run manually by command.

To clarify if you don’t give it permission to file or program to run by yourself it won’t. This methodology solidifies the system against spyware programs that you can install easily from Windows applications.

Linux is so important in cybersecurity

When it comes to security we talked about Linux, for computer science students who are interested to follow this path of security. It is important and hugely recommended to learn Linux.

All back-end programs or software companies are working with Linux it helps software developers to know more about the operating system and protect it.

Linux is used primarily to run servers

If you think to go and work in IT managing services like doing engineering maintenance you shouldn’t have Linux in your background to be able to manage service and fix issues.

Today servers are everywhere it is impossible to find a company that doesn’t have its own servers.

Linux is open source

Development in a Linux environment is different from Windows or Mac, in Linux you can see the source code open app that you are running if something goes wrong you can fix it by yourself.

Moreover, you can add to the app that you are running your preferable extension like button or customize it as much as you want.

This allows you to letter better auto code and see all those people’s codes.

linux Improves your programming skills

Using Mac or Windows ensures the easiness accessibility for users but the goal of Linux is different. With Linux, you do everything by yourself.

At first times, you can stuck in simple changes that Windows users don’t even talk about. Because you do everything manually with Linux.

This helps you to understand the operating system, in other words, the logic of how it works with the operating system. This helps you to improve your programming skills.

Linux is great for automation apps

If you are mad at an app and you want to make a change in order to add some features to simplify your job you can do that with Linux. You can automate tasks and reduce a lot of headaches.

Linux is like a Lego toy you can Will device as you want.

Programmers love Linux

As we said in the first article 50% of programmers use Linux as a principal operating system for their jobs. Programmers find Linux:

More secure
Flexible doesn’t have any copywriting restriction
Doesn’t have a flow or bugs like Windows
Has bigger community that share information

Linux is Dominating in these industries

Nix is dominating and Webb platforms why are 99% off computational devices are working with Linux.

Linux is dominating in:

web servers
email servers
DNS servers
database servers

Linux is for developers and windows for users

a lot of computer science students are complaining that Linux is not “user friendly” but they forget that Linux is a tool that teaches students to learn programming not to use computer tasks like windows.

for students who want to learn the programming mechanisms, they have to use Linux.

3 things that you should learn as a cs major in Linux

where going to list the 3 important things that beginner CS students major students should learn into Linux:

learn commands

the first thing that computer science major students should learn is Linux command, that is to say, to run a system. The Original Linux is not using a mouse and clicking on icons. Everything is done by keyboard and commands.

The famous Linux command that cs students should know are:

  • cd Linux command.
  • ls command.
  • man command.
  • cat command
  • touch command
  • mkdir command. …
  • chmod command. …
  • rmdir command. …

perform Linux editor

The second thing is to perform or learn how to use a Linux editor There are many editors that you could use for Linux the famous ones are

  • Vi/VIM editor.
  • Nano editor.
  • Gedit editor.

learn how to use the internet by Linux

using the internet with Linux is different than any windows or operating system it requires a different knowledge you could find more info about it in this video below.


Linux is very important for CS majors if you want more profs you could read this article 11 Things that college students don’t know about Linux. This article will open your eyes to know how much Linux is powerful even if it is not used in college or schools.

if you are interested to learn Linux we recommend watching this video.


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