7 reasons why CS students get high paid jobs

Many students ask, why CS students get high paid jobs than other majors?

The average median salary of a software developer is $110,000 per year. But the incredible thing is in just 2 years of experience, a cs student can reach this salary.

while in some other major it might take 10 to 15 years to get there.

So what is the secret behind that?

In this article, we’re going to discover the 7 crucial reasons why CS students get high paid jobs than any major. So keep reading to know the true reasons.

computer science jobs have a shortage

In the US the number of graduate computer science students is around 400 000 a year. While on every year 1.4 job opportunities are created each year according to Dax.

So 1 million software occupation is unfilled each year in America, this indicates the huge potential that this domain has.

The CS job is the fastest growing industry in the world it grows by 22% each year, while other stem majors don’t exceed 3 to 5% a year. So the increase in the market is horrific.

So it is obvious that if you are a computer science student, you will be luckier to get a high-paid job. That is because the market is struggling to find software developers.

So it is noraml that CS students get high-paid jobs because companies want to attract them or at least keep working for them and not for anyone. That happens a lot with skilled and experienced people in the field.

data analysts are very demanded

More than 40% of CS science jobs have a shortage today in America. That is to say, more than 600 000 data science occupations are unfilled today only in this field.

So it is not weird to find millennials CS students getting 6 figure income a year which makes a lot of people wish to be in their places.

For this reason, we find ads everywhere encouraging people to study data science or computer science. While a lot of students go away from this field.

we will talk about that in the next paragraph.

people are not majoring enough in CS//

it is right that the number of graduates in the US is 400K. But if compare it to India or china we find that:

  • china’s number of CS graduates is 3 times that the US
  • India’s number of CS graduate is 4 times that the US

in the US there are more than 20 million college students, so 400 000 graduates represent only 2.5% of global college US students. As a result, this number is not enough to cover the huge demand in the US market.

The reason for that is many college students are afraid of the computer science major because of math. Computer science major has a lot of math while 50% of US people have bad experiences with math. In the US, math is a stigma for a lot of people.

So many students ask Should I study CS if I’m bad at math? (Honest answer). So we responded to that in this article.

while a big portion drop from the major and we will explain why in the next paragraph.

CS is the highest drop out rate in the US

One of the reasons that make CS students get high-paid jobs is most of their colleagues drop out and don’t continue this major. To keep you close to reality, 9.8% is the drop rate in the computer science field.

This drop rate is the highest one among all US majors, there is no major that has this number.

33% of CS students drop in their first year switching to another major and one principal reason is math. CS major is full of math, especially in the first year.

many students can’t bear with a lot of math but the beast that terrifies them is calculus. To clarify, in the first year students study:

  • calc 1
  • calc 2
  • calc 3
  • discrete math
  • lineare algebra

so many students have weak math foundations making them struggle in math. As a result, makes them quite cs major.

A lot of CS students drop computer science jobs

according to Stackreflow, 4.5% Is the rate of resignation in software development jobs, and according to Harvard Business Review mentioned in Stackreflow. 83% of developers report suffering from burnout.

This is so normal because the market has a high shortage in this field which pushes a lot of software engineers to work additional hours. As a result, conducting to problems like burnout.

While other switches for different reasons like:

  • starting their own business in the field
  • have reached the financial freedom and don’t want to work anymore
  • following their passions and so on

which is good about computers science major, if you work intelligently for 10 years. As a result, you could resign in your thirties. Because of these 2 reasons:

  • jobs are paying high and during 5 years you could reach 150k a year
  • most software developers do personal projects on the side their jobs

So the CS job market is an unstable market which makes any CS students get high-paid jobs in a record time.

CS major is a universal job

one of the reasons that make a CS student get high-paid jobs and let America reach this huge growth rate is its universality. Today most famous software that the US develops make serve the world, not America alone.

if we take 3 famous examples in the world we find:

  • google
  • amazon
  • Facebook

and their number of employees are:

  • amazon employ only 1.5 million persons
  • google employees 150 000
  • facebook employ 60 000

today most famous web platforms in the world are Americans. So the CS major is a job that doesn’t have any boundaries you can work with the world.

it is not working in the manufacturing industry or a local business in the country. People take projects from the whole world countries and can work with anyone around the world the only thing needed is a comptuer and internet.

So CS major is a transition from working with a 300 million population to 8 billion people around the world.

software companies earn a lot of money

running a business in software engineering has more dividends than any physical industry in the world. Investing in software engineering or starting a startup in his field doesn’t require a huge amount of capital as traditional businesses need.

for instance, Facebook in 2020 generated 85 billion dollars in just one year this number can t be generated by traditional companies except the energetic or petroleum one that invests millions of dollars as capital and takes many risks to get at this position.

we can take 2 famous examples who are Instagram and WhatsApp. So you can more understand the huge potential that this domain has.

After being rejected many times to work with Facebook, the WhatsApp founder decided to make an app for calling and sending voice messages. Finally, he sold this app to Facebook for $16 billion.

A similar story happened with the Instagram founder it was shocking when Facebook decided to buy a 13 employees company with $1 billion. But today this app contributes by $20 billion to Facebook’s annual revenue.

So when we look at the software engineers or CS major salaries we find them like a pence compared to the horrific annual revenue of cs companies.


The technology is evolving very fast especially when the covid hit down the nation in 2019. As a result, everyone was forced to use technologies to protect their lives. The specialist says that COVID has accelerated the use of technology and automation by 4 times more than a normal rate.

Many software apps have been raised during this lockdown and a good example is a famous application called zoom.

So CS major has a lot of potential today and if you are a CS major you are luckier. But for students who want to go into this field, the good news is:

you don’t need to have a CS degree to earn 150K, you could find more information in this article.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.