18 reasons to learn math even if we have calculators

many students ask or wonder why should we learn math at the existence of calculators?.

Doe’s calculators or computers can replace mathematicians? or there is something else we need to understand.

in this post, we’re going to respond to this question by listing the 19 facts that you should know about the difference between math and using calculators.

Calculators don’t do math

Calculators don’t do the math, that is to say, we do the math before even touching a calculator. We use a calculator in the last phase just for getting numbers not that much and we will give a simple example of that.

You have a car going with 60 Milles per hour, how much time does it take to cross a distance of 60 Milles?

So can you solve that only with a calculator, if you don’t know math equations?

Even this equation is obvious and doesn’t need a calculator.

Math is not 1+1

There is a big difference between math and calculations, math is not multiplying numbers like 1+ 1 or whatever else. Math helps you to arrive at the 1+1 as a result, but the problem is how we did get this fact. So this is why we do the math.

To simplify more, working in a supermarket or a store giving people changes doesn’t mean you are mathematicians you are just doing calculations. A lot of people don’t understand that.

math need proving

let’s take an example if you are in a math exam and the teacher asks you to respond to this question below.

if you do that with a calculator this is what you’re going to have which is true, but we will guarantee you that you will get a beautiful zero in the exam.

Because math demands from you to prove how you got the result. So instead of doing it directly with a calculator which is useless, you should write this way.

As we can see we have proved the result and this is how we can differentiate math from calculation.

we use calculator in the last steps

A calculator is a tool made to use in the last step just for giving numerical numbers while math is the basic process.

For example, if we want to determine how much time takes to fill a swimming pool with a pump. AS a result, we need before to know the speed of the pump and its filling capacity before making any calculation.

Once we figure out that, the last thing is to make calculations, so then you could use calculators.

We can make an approximation between the human mind and calculators as a driver and a car. The car can bring anywhere but without your control, it can’t move one foot.

you maybe right in this particular term but

if you only mean that math is giving people changes coins or memorizing table multiplication you’re right. In this case, learning math is useless but the fact math is way beyond that.

The technologies that humans have achieved are all based on math and no one single of these technologies can run without.

  • how we can we lunch today a rocket and reach its specific position in space?
  • how you could fly from New York to Paris in just 8 hours instead of months?

Math is hugely important but people don’t give it credit. Because, we don’t know that, and they didn’t teach us well about this fact.

Calculators don’t solve equations

math is equations not only numbers, so calculators can’t and won’t have a mind to solve equations. Many math equations need to use specific methods and assumptions that only humans’ brains can do. Even if you use the most sophisticated computers.

This is why there is a yearly noble price dedicated for mathematicians.

Math is used everywhere it is not solitaire

Math is closed to us, we use math more than we can expect, to prove that we will ask you these 5 questions and let you respond to them.

  • it was possible to build or live in a building that has more than 50 floors?
  • it was possible to carry a heavyweight on the plane?
  • it is possible to call or use the phone without math?
  • The shoes that you wear are built without math?
  • The windows that you have in a house are installed simply without math?

Math is everywhere and calculators are just a complementary tool.

we can give you a calculator in math exam and you still get 0

calculators aren’t math and the proof of that is calculators are allowed to use in exams. So why we should use a calculator in math exams if we consider math is a calculation?.

in addition, having a calculator is like driving a car for the first time. So can you drive a car without learning to drive which is the same thing for math?

If you don’t study math and learn its principles you will beautifully get a 0 in maths exams, even if you bring the most sophisticated calculators in the world.

Some math exams don’t need calculators

many teachers and professors don’t allow calculators in classes because they design math exams that don’t need to use calculators.

For example in algebra exams, students don’t need calculators to pass exams. Moreover, in calculus, a lot of teachers don’t allow that, and this is for many reasons. So we can observe that calculators don’t have any relation with math.

for more information, you could read this article 13 reasons why calculators are not allowed for calculus?

We made calculator not calculators made us

The most important thing that people forget about, is humans used math to make calculators. In other words, calculators will never be going to be a math replacement.

Even today with a huge advancement in technology the super and powerful computers are still behind humans’ brain capabilities.

According to the research made in 2014 scientists found that it takes from the top supercomputers 40 minutes of calculations to make what it does to the human brain in a single 1 minute.

if you don’t learn math you can’t use the calculators

if you don’t learn math you can’t use calculators it is so simple, a calculator is a dumb machine that just receives the instructions for its user and transforms them into outcomes.

The calculator doesn’t know if you should use +, – or even /, it is like a slave, is only waiting for orders to apply.

Using calculator a lot makes people dumb

A lot of schools banns calculators because it makes people dumb, in other words, their minds become rusty. Moreover, it makes them lazy and become dependent on doing the silliest operation with a calculator.

Today we can see people making 5+6 in calculators which is a shame. The people who work in supermarkets and stores become dumb in math, just because they used to work with box cash registers.

Especially when these machines go down you find them unable to do simple math arithmetic operations without calculators such as addition or subtraction.

calculators do what the person tells them not

Calculators are just a single tool that humans monitor is like using a pen or pencil to write. So pencils or pens don’t write if humans don’t use them.

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calculators are just assistant

A calculator will help you get the numerical answer, but not tell you which keys to press to get the answer. It is just an assistant so you could get a wrong or right response depending on what you press on.

calculators can give wrong answers

Calculators can give you wrong answers if you don’t know or learn math. For instance, let’s say that you wrote on calculator Cos(π ) and you get 5 which is wrong.

But when you know that COS or SIN is between 1 and -1 and it is impossible to be equal to 5. As a result, automatically you will detect and know that something is going wrong.

So at this moment, you used your math knowledge to judge calculator results.

The second example is when something goes wrong on the plane, a Capitan decides to switch from an automatic pilot to manual control.

So this is was a simple example you could make mistakes using calculators like pressing the wrong button or activating the wrong mode. Finally, your math knowledge is still a principal judger.

even the last or advanced calculator aren’t useful to help you

learn math even if we have calculators

As you can see this is one of the most sophisticated calculators that you could find in the market, you can find more information by reading this article.

But even these calculators won’t be able to help you do the math.

because Firstly, if you don’t know math you won’t be able to use this calculator. While the second reason is the calculator is a programmable device so it only responds to your questions.

In other words, it can’t analyze and tell you which button you should press to get what you want, only your brain and what you’ve learned doing math.

yes is useful to use the calculator in supermarkets and stores but

It is so useful to use a calculator in supermarkets or stores because it prevents humans to fall into mistakes and increases productivity.

But for making and pretending the sales in the next mounts or how we should have dividends from each product. This will not be done by a calculator.

Asking this question indicate that …

  • you have to revise and know more about the importance of maths in our life
  • you hate math and you are from a different major

Both are acceptable reasons, but we have to accept that math is very important even if we suck at it or hate it. You could these related articles

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