11 facts about studying in the dark with a desk lamp

studying in the dark with a desk lamp is helpful or not?

what are the goods and bads of studying in the dark with a desk lamp?

in this article, we’re going to expose 11 facts about studying in the dark with a desk lamp. So keep reading to prevent falling in some mistakes

it helps to concentrate on your studies

it is a good idea to have a dark desk with a lamp, it helps students to concentrate on their studies. Also, prevent many sources of distractions in the room.

That is to say when you study in the darkness with a lamp desk you have 2 only things to focus with:

  • light desktop
  • what your study or read
studying in the dark with a desk lamp

You can’t see the picture sticked on your wall or a colorful magazine on the desk, you have one spot to focus in. This is so important when you study some complex subjects like math or physics that require a high amount of focus.

good for students to stop distractions

studying with a lamp desk eliminate all source of distraction, to clarify today most students have in their rooms:

  • stickers on the wall
  • game consoles
  • TVs
  • phones

when you use a desk lamp in the darkness you can’t see or look at your stickers on the wall. Even if you move your head from a desk you won’t see anything.

some students are addicted to game consoles, they love to play with them so much. Especially when we talk about Nintendo Switch is portable and easy to pick up.

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So studying with a desk lamp keeps your mind out of the radar from these encouraging games consoles.

it is easy to lose concentration or give up an assignment just for watching tv Netflix films, especially for some students who love watching films. So studying in the darkness with a desk lamp is a good tool to isolate you.

The last thing that keeps students out of control is phones, having one notification on your phone is enough to ruin your concentration.

having a desk lamp allows you to put a phone away without being able to see inside of the darkness.

desk lamps are great for students living in dorms

for students who are living in dorms having a desk lamp is so useful, it allows you to respect your roommate’s sleeping time. Also, avoid disrobing him when they want to sleep.

you can study at any time you want which gives more flexibility to your schedule times studies.

if you are a nighter student having a desk laptop in a dorm is important. So you just have to put on a dimmer light and finish your assignment on a fully dark night.

good for computer science students

70% of programmers love to use dark mode for coding. So as a computer science student you will have a lot of coding assignments that you want to complete in the night.

So the solution that you have is to work with a dark mode and use a lamp light desk with a dimmer light insensitive. But what is great about a desk lamp is you can set up an intensity light to ensure equilibrium and not strain your eyes.

studying in the dark with a desk lamp for computer science students

In addition, using a desk lamp with a computer allows you to see the keyboard, this is so important. Especially for students who can’t type on the keyboard without looking at it.

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They have different mode for studying

studying in the dark with a desk lamp gives you different modes of studying that depend on what your read or study. The most important modes that students use with a desk lamp light are 4:

  • reading mode
  • PC mode
  • night read
  • keyboard mode

==> reading mode: this mode is good for students who want to read books, stories, magazines, etc. It gives a regular light intensity to ensure comfort while reading.

==> PC mode: this mode has an equilibrium light intensity, the intensity is medium is not high or low. The goal of this mode is to ensure the same light of intensity coming from a PC screen.

==> night read: this mode is used for students who read at night, the light of this mode is dimmer than the first mode we noticed above. This mode is popular for students who want to read something sweet like stories or poetry. But, it is easy to fall asleep with this mode.

==> keyboard mode: this mode is made for students who use intensively their keyboards for coding or writing essays, it is so useful at night.


The majority of desk lamps are portable so if you are a student who loves to go for outdoors is a good idea to have one. This allows you to read when you are at the camp.

Some desk light lamps can last for long hours with a single charge. But as a minimum, you will have 2 hours of battery autonomy which is way more than enough for a long reading night.

The second good thing about portability is the majority of desk lamps are foldable. So you can put them in the backpack without any issues.

But the important thing for students is when the electricity is cut off and you have to complete an important assignment. Having a desk lamp allows you to continue your work without problems.


The problem that most students suffer from in traditional light desks is having faint light. As a result, create a shadow of your finger and disturb your reading or studying.

currently, modern desk light lamps have an adjustable light so you can adjust the intensity of light and avoid this issue.

The second thing studying in the dark with a desk lamp today is more flexible and you can monitor it. That is to say, using apps to customize the light and color intensity.

some desk lamps are customizable for students

Most desktop lamps are customizable that is to say you can do many things with them as a student. To explain more modern desktop lamps have wifi and can be monitored by phones they allow you to have:

==> timers to schedule your subjects, especially if you study multiple subjects in a single day, for instance, you can program a desk lamp run for:

  • 45 minutes for physics classe
  • 60 minutes for mathematics
  • 30 minutes for English classes

or turning the light off when it gets late in the night, there are many ideas to apply.

==> you can customize with a phone application the light intensity for each mode, depending on what is comfortable to you. For instance, you can:

  • make warmer light for reading mode
  • make natural light when you study math
  • set a maximum light when you use a laptop or PC

you can do anything you feel comfortable with or suitable for you.


most desk lamps are durable, even if you are a student and use them heavily they can last with you for years. In addition, you can hand them to your kids.

the average desk lamp can last for 20 000 hours which means:

if you study every day for 8 hours it will last for 10 years. But is rare for students to study these long hours. This condition could happen unless you use a desk lamp for a long day.

if you study 4 hours a day it will last for 20 years, this tends to be more realistic and close to a student’s life. But as a student, you won’t study for sure every day.

So this tool can last with you for your lifetime.

they have different color temperature

if you love to study in darkness and are afraid to harm your eyes, a desk lamp gives you a different range of color temperatures. So you will have the flexibility to change between temperature colors.

you can set up your light color intensity from 2000 K to 5000 K. But to eliminate a blue light intensity we recommend setting it up at 2000 k.

  • 2000 k reduces the maximum blue light which allows you to relax and fall asleep.
  • 4000 k to 5000 k is natural light if you want to focus more and stay awake a night, it is good for nighter students who prepares for exams.


desktop lamps are good but have one drawback which is the price, the high-quality desk lamps that have all features the we mentioned in our article are expensive. To clarify some of them can reach up to $150 or even more.

Bout in general $50 is what to expect to spend for a desktop light as a student for an acceptable and cheaper model.


if you are a student who:

  • live in a dorm
  • have roommates
  • love to study at night
  • struggle to focus
  • use a computer at night for longer hours
  • afraid for your eyes

Having a desk lamp is very useful for you and it will be helpful for your studies. You could find some examples in this video.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.