11 reasons why high schoolers love iPhones

many students and people ask why high schoolers love iPhones over other android devices?

in this post were going to discover the 11 reasons why high schoolers love to use iPhones.


Apple has the one of strongest marketing systems in the world,  in 2019 apple spent $1.8 billion on marketing. This reflects the importance of the marketing system that Apple is using. So it is not weird to reach this high level of success.

The biggest competitor of apple which is Samsung wasn’t spending the biggest budget on marketing like apple until he knew its importance due to the monster sales numbers apple made these last years.

Teenagers get easily impacted they don’t care about research and numbers, all they watch in the advertisement is that iPhone is the best which apple knows well. They buy feelings to gain social respect and look important to others.

This is not happening only for high schoolers it happens for most adults and even to the aged people. It is the magic of marketing.

today apple refuses to show its marketing spendings which make a lot of question to ask about.

Apple support high schools

since 2014 apple has invested in many educational activities, $100 million was spent for teaching and providing learning solutions to more than 144 schools around the US.

you can find the details in this official apple website link.

Apple provides a lot of donations to schools like iPhones iPads and even computers. In 2013, 4.5 million iPad were recorded in US schools. we are 10 years from this time. This is proving the marketing strategy apple is using which is very interesting and intelligent.

Targeting this range of age, get-it fruits, in the long run, apple plant his brand on the mind of high schoolers to raise with them. As a result, make a brand familiar and make them very hard to let it when they grew up just because they got used to it.

having apple mean you are rich

High schoolers love phones simply because they are expensive and make them look more classy it is a sort of a fashion. Having a bitten apple on the hand makes them look flashy and respectful to people.

This is noraml and not strange because we can see today rich adult people buy expensive gadgets just to indicate their uniqueness or richness even if they are or not.

Today social media has changed the whole game, everybody wants to be rich and everybody wants to win a super ball.

iPhones are durable

It is right that Apple products like iPhones or iPads are durable, but if we look at iPhone. As result, we don’t find something special with iPhones that differentiate them from other brands.

the only thing is iPad and MacBook have this reputation so they automatically transferred it to iPhones.

Yes, we can’t deny that iPads and MacBooks are the best devices on the market. Many people say that iPad last with them for long years more than 6 years without making any problem.

But if we compare iPhones to others competitors’ smartphones there is no difference.

it gives a friendly user experience

The apple work environment is so simple, the software and apple apps are fluent and simple. To clarify, it doesn’t require time to learn to use them. For instance, Apple has many simplicities such as:

iPhones are simple and don’t have many details or icons where high schools can get lost, it is friendly for users. In addition, the operating system provides a good user experience.

with iPhones, high schoolers don’t take time to learn its tricks. In other words, it’s easy and simple even kids arrive to use them easily because they have an appealing dashboard.

famous celebrities use iPhones

high schoolers love iPhones because most stars and famous personalities have one. These kinds of people are an inspiration source for younger students or high schoolers. So they love to mimic them in any movement they make.

for this reason companies, today pay billions of dollars to the celebrities marketing for their products. In other words, everyone wants to be like them.

everyone wants to be like brad Pitt or will smitt. So this aspect companies take advantage.


iPhone has in its philosophy a simplicity in design which a lot of high schoolers love, the company doesn’t tend to have complex designs like some other brand.

The apple products especially iPhones are dynamic and simple in their use. Thus many high schoolers love that about iPhone.

steve jobs

many high schoolers buy an iPhone because its founder, steve jobs represent a big inspiration man in technology. Because he just started his company from the ground especially form a garage.

A lot of high schoolers love steve jobs and love it saying:

you got to find your passion

Everyone knows the steve jobs story and its inspirational talk made at the University of Stanford, many high schoolers look at him as a hero. Steve succeeds to relate his great story and commercialize it on his products like iPhones.

iPhone is better for running some social media apps

highschoolers prefer to use social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, these platforms work better in iPhone. But before the apparition of Instagram and Snapchat, the apple iMessage application was so famous among high schoolers.

in addition, someones love to use Facetime with their iPhones which are missing in android phones.

they look down at each others

the bad thing for highschooler that apple benefits from it, is kids are getting bullied in high school if they don’t have iPhones. Many parents affirmed that their kids are pressuring them to buy iPhones in schools.

Even if a teenager doesn’t want to think about or have an iPhone, their colleagues pressure him to have one. If not he will get constantly some sort of discrimination and non-respect.

many high schoolers say they didn’t have friends just because they didn’t use iMessage in a school, high schoolers are excluding each other without feeling about that.

Apple was the first popular smartphone

Apple was the first company that has launched successfully a smartphone in 2007 by steve jobs which was the iPhone. It was a magical phone nobody had thought about using a full touch screen phone. It was a genius idea.

Steve didn’t invent a touch screen but he succeed as the first one who introduce the new generation of smartphones that have changed the world. So high schoolers and teenagers we amazed about this technology.

That has gained a strong powerfulness and respect to highschooler for the brand.


to be honest, Apple doesn’t have something special for high schoolers to love iPhones than another brand. But if look at laptops like MacBook there is a big difference.

MacBooks are soo good for high schoolers and here is why


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