From crap at maths to brilliant (2 successful stories)

In this post, we’re going to list 2 inspiring stories of people who were really crap at math to good and brilliant levels.

Somone of them say “I don’t belive I m the guy who is called the math genius “…

so in this article, we’re going to share their stories, so depressed students can benefit and recover the hope.

2 case studies we’re going to share in our post, so for those who have lost confidence in themselves, this post might change your life.

CASE 1 ” from being totaly crap at math to a leader “

my story with math become when I was in middle school, struggling and getting bad grades…

my friends were getting higher grades than me, while I only was scoring lower than medium grades. I arrived in a case of wishing to get passable math scores for just skipping the math subject.

I was literally terrible at math and to show you that, once in one math exam I made an astonishing stupid mistake where all school students were laughing at me. I will below give an example of what I did in this exam.

This equation will never be forgettable in my lifetime, I looked like the dumbest one in the class when a teacher was correcting an exam and writing this equation.

I remember that the all class students laughed at me, I was at a point to cry in the class. I felt humiliated, no one was respecting me like my good math colleagues.

I arrived at a point to drop my last year in middle school because I hated this teacher and I hated school. But things have gone differently and regarding that, I succeeded and passed high school.

But the amazing thing is I have chosen to pursue STEM, it wasn’t any indication that proves that I should pick up this major.

All my colleagues were suggesting me to choose English majors because I was better at its subjects, and scoring regularly good marks. But regarding that, I decided to follow this path without any rational perspective.

The changing point in my life

The first 2 years in high school were terrible in math until reaching the moment when everything has changed in my life.

In the second year of high school, I decided to repeat the program because I’ve seen that I don’t have any hope to succeed. So this is what I did.

I delivered a demand of ” repeating the whole year class ” to our high school director, facing a lot of rejections from my colleagues. But my decision was clear.

I challenged myself and decided in the summer to go back from the ground and study the all math basics. I studied the:

  • algebra
  • fractions
  • arithmetics
  • also the sillest and elementary school math stuff

I discovered that I had silly problems that I was making, and I could give you one sample of them.

The thing I discovered at these summer courses is:

I’m not a dumb at math but I don’t have a correct math foundations

This was my beginning journey, in other words, I studied from scratch the whole mathematics basics like:

  • fractions and their operations
  • race square and how to make operations( addition, subtraction, and multiplication)
  • solving the basics math equations like the first-degree equation
  • memorizing and revising the multiplication table because I had some struggles
  • revising the basic trigonometry classes like Pythagoras, SIN, and COS…

I literally started from the ground, to be honest, it wasn’t easy that summer. But I swore to myself that I will never be again the weakest math bullied guy like before.

After the summer holidays, we began our studies. So my colleagues were at K-12 when I still was in K-11. But I said to myself that the decision I made was good because is better than struggling more with weak math foundations.

where I started to see good math results

Afterward, I began to understand math lectures and peruse them with my instructor. I was so happy I couldn’t believe that these things were evolving great.

But the first thing that I couldn’t belive is the highest math exam mark, it was mine. Yeah, it was mine…

  • The dumbest math person who was bullied in middle school classes is getting the highest math scores now.
  • the dumbest math person now is the respected one in class and leading the class today.
  • Some students were calling me the genius math in high school class

But they don’t know that I was the stupid man guy math before. The magic key that I discovered is I just had week math foundations not as they were saying:

  • you are stupid
  • the math is not for you
  • is better to go for an English major

and the results are, I was the first student in the k-11 class and the K-12, math become the favorite subject for me. Moreover, I didn’t expect that I will explain math to other students.

So this was my story. from being bad at math to brilliant and the message that I will send to you is

you are not weak at math or stupid you just might not have enough foundations or you studied wrongly

key points to learn form this story

Math requires solid foundations 

Sometimes You might need to go back so you can go fast ahead 

Math requires hard work and practice it is not like reading an English book

Math requires understanding where you suck at to solve a problem

You may need to learn math from scratch to acquire the basics

case 2 ” I was studying longe hours a math but without any results until i found “

I was studying and making an obnoxious effort to understand or pursue with a teacher in a class. But finally, without any results, I don’t catch anything. I feel like my mind is stopping when I try to focus on math or solve any exercise.

I didn’t know what was the reason, why all my colleagues understand and can follow with a teacher except me in the class?

I lost totally confidence in myself and started to compare myself to other students, I was literally dying from inside. I reached the belive that I’m stupid and math will never be good for me.

My college students who were brilliant at math have looked at how much effort I put to stay on the race. But everything seems useless.

The worst thing is when a teacher hands us the results of math exams, the marks are shocking. I was scoring in math like a student who has never studied the subject.

My colleague that I studied with them were feeling sorry for me because they know how much effort I put into it. As a result, makes me feel terrible about myself.

The changing point in my life

Until one day when I meet with my old math teacher and talk to him about my problem with math. When he said the statement that I will never forget.

if you don’t have solid foundations in math you will struggle for the rest in your life with math no mather how hard you work

I said what you mean by that sir.

he said: your struggling in math not because you’re not doing or practicing enough but you are doing it wrongly?

I said: how could that happen, sir?

he said: you will never be able to understand well the math while you have problems in the basics. so you have to go and fix your math basics.

I said: how can I do that sir?

he said: you just have to go back and study high school math courses if you want to solve this problem.

Firstly, this answer wasn’t convincing to me, But I said to myself I don’t have anything to lose let’s do that and see what is going to happen.

Since that time I started some high school math courses, studying calculus and algebra, afterward, I found that my old teacher was right. Because I figured it out that I had many pitfalls and many issues to solve.

So I worked hard on them by getting help from professors and some friends, at the same time I was studying at the university. Frankly, it wasn’t easy because I was:

where I started to see good math results

But after one year I started to notice a difference in my level of math, I was putting less effort to understand math compared to I was before. In addition, my grades were getting better and better with time.

it was a big release for me. Finally, the happiness and confidence came back to my life. I understood that i:

  • I wasn’t stupid as I was thinking about myself
  • I proved to some people who were saying ” math is not for you”
  • I got confidence in myself to go for a more advanced math career

honestly, I began to love math so my message to people is based on two things:

  • solid foundations
  • understand lectures
  • practice doing a lot of exercises

having these 3 components will guarantee your success so this is my story from being bad at math to brilliant and this is how I made my success.

and I m sure if you applied this math I will guarantee you become a brilliant math student.

key points to learn form this story

Math requires solid foundations 

Sometimes you have to go back so you can go fast and stronger again

ask for a help, and let people helping you

math is based on practice 

You may need to learn math from scratch to acquire the basics


Everyone is born to study math, but we haven’t been told that. It is right that we learn differently the math and some students have some genetic traits helping them to learn math fast but:

if an intelligent student needs only 2 hours to understand math lessons what is the problem if I spend 5 hours. We all deserve to be brilliant at math.

Personally, I think that students are comparing themselves to others while loose the focus on themselves which they should avoid. So they create a sociologic phenomenon which is called math anxiety.

So now is your turn to become the next success story and tell the world how you did from being bad at math to brilliant.

you could watch this video below.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.