20 incredible CS jobs that has a ton of math(explained)

for students who love math and programming, in this post, we’re going to discover 20 CS jobs that involve a lot of math.

So if you look to work in this industry, this post will be beneficial for you. So keep reading to pick the right job.

 Programing job

Median salary 

Math used 


How to get there 



elementary arithmetic

elementary algebra

statistics, and probability

  • risk management

  • Banks use Python and java for pricing applications,

  • trade management platforms.

  • reprogramming their trading systems

  • analyzing, predicting, and developing software solutions

At least a college degree. For investment banking, loan origination, or financial planning

AI researcher 


Linear algebra


and Probability

  • Manage or create AI softwars .

  • Study and evolve data science prototypes.

  • assist and sharing AI knowledge to clients.

  • Build AI models from scratch.

  • Implement machine learning algorithms.

you need Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Science




all types of math

  • you will spend a long time doing mathematic experiments.

  • make enviremetal projects like radio active cleanup.

  • you will focus in multiple areas on science, electronics,.

  • find scientific solutions to extremely complicated problems.

  • creating physical processes or phenomena in computer models.

bachelor's degree in physics followed by an advanced degree in theoretical physics, mathematics, statistics, or computer science 

Capacity planner





  • manage and distribute capacities.

  • prevent overload probelms that can happen with any systems.

  • and performing research to measure changes in production or market demand for products.

  • determining how to improve its system efficiency.

  • managing customer demands, workforce.

bachelor's degree, or more preferably a graduate degree






  • work with universities, academics or work in financial firms.

  • create statistics and programs describing the market states.

  • creating softwars that expose acutalized data.

  • analayze market and making predictions by calculating risks .

  • controling funds.

at least a bachelor's degree in economics

GIS programmer 






  • create geographic software that shows data.

    allow users to find information related to each zone just by map exploration.

    analyze, and model geographic or spatial data.

    you'll make use of 3D and maps to organize your data using spatial analysis.

    displaying data related to positions on Earth's surface.

bachelor's degree in geography, computer science, GIS, engineering, or a related field

graphics programmer 



 Linear algebra


  • work on animations 

  • make 2d mages like infographics .

  • you could work any thing related to design programming.

  • create 3d moving graphics.

  • maybe carton series .

school degree is enough

embedded systems programmer 





  • you will deal with any machine that can be programmed .

  • program hardware components like computers.

  • program microcontrollers and processors.

  • create software for electronics supplies like ( washing machine, frigerador, air cooler.. etc)

  • program FPGA.

college degree in cs or relevant topics like mechatronics or industrialization

actuarial accounting 


probability and statistics

  • create software that help customers track their data.

  • use statistical data, including financial, social, and demographic information.

  • calculate and manage future.

  • help business and clients creating form them software to minimize the cost.

  • give recommendation and consultations.

college degree followed by a graduate degree

data scientist 






  • mine or look for data that could be useful for a client to use.

  • respond to questions based on data.

  • create software solutions to gather or manage data.

  • manage a large amount of data and structures it .

  • analyze data and give readings about upcoming opportunities.

bachelor's degree in IT + master degree

Game developer  





  • work and develop 
    updates, and fix bugs or issues in gaming applications.

  • create mobile applications.

  • test and evaluate video games.

  • software for physical games.

  • create desktop applications.

bachelor's degree.

computer vision engineer 


Linear Algebra



  • work in face recognitions alogorimthm.

  • collaborate in robotics projects like self care driving.

  • collaborate in deep learning applications.

  • work and create software to detect objects in industries.

  • making software for intelligent cameras like object detection alogrithms.

computer science or engineering with a specialization in computer vision or advanced machine learning concepts.

finance quantitative analyzer 





  • analyze markets and make predictions.

  • managing risk.

  • investment management.

  • working in trading market.
    work in stock markets.

  • give financial strartegies 

bachelor's degree in a finance-related field+ Earn a master's degree

machine learning 






  • research and design new solutions the use AI to
    automate systems.

  • build artificial intelligence applications.

  • you could work on some self car driving applications and many other different fields.

  • making machines to take self decisions without any order.

  • making machines to take self decisions without any order.

bachelor in computer science

numerical mathematician


All types of math

  • develop new mathematics systems.

  • use a high level of mathematics to solve some complex problems.

  • understand the relationship between systems and how to implement math .

  • create math applications or software for different industries like( engineering, medicine and business).

  • analyze algorithms and enhance them.

a minimum of a bachelor's degree in mathematics is better to have master or even PhD

engine developer





  • create new software for new machines.

  • analyzing performance of engines.

  • rebuilding engines.

  • enhance and create more efficient engines.

  • testing engines.

at least a bachelor's degree in engineering, or better earn a master's degree as well.

high-performance computing  




  • build new libraries.

  • support scientific applications.

  • Testing high performent computer systems.

  • compile and debg large science engineering applications.

  • enhance systems.

at least bachelor in cs

signal processor 


calculus and Algebra

  • you can work in many different areas to treat signals.

  • work in voice signals.

  • do the signal operation like addition, substurction or multiplication .

  • create software signals devices like radar or sonar

  • elaborate and enhance audio signals.

bachelor's degree in communications engineering, mathematics, or a related field and industry

Video encoder




  • making firmware for encoding and decoding operations on video.

  • used all sorts of math like matrix manipulation techniques.

  • working with deep learning applications.

  • color format conversions.

  • working with different math aspects like probabilistic bool coding, statistical encoding, quantization, scaling.

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related technical field






  • protect and ensure security of systems.

  • create antivirus to detect malware

  • work with financial pernaol business and military services.

  • develop complex security stytem using cipheers.

  • encrypting system to not be hacked.

earn a bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, cybersecurity, or mathematics


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