15 facts about AirPods that students should know

owning AirPods is good for students?

what are the special things that can Airpods add to you as a student?

what are the things to be careful using airport from?

in this article, we’re going to give students 15 facts about AirPods that probably don’t know. Also, warn them of some bad things that could predict owning them.

Airpods are portable for students

Airpods are portable for students, they fit well in the ears without being bothered by wires. In other words, you don’t have to adjust them or be consistently worrying about damaging them, doing some bad movement like in wired earphones.

Airpods have 3 interesting components:

  • AirPods
  • protecting and charging case to charge AirPods
  • cable charger to charge a case

to prove that we’re going to expose in this table below the AirPods weight information:

Airpods components




8 to 10 grams for a pair

Depending on the model you choose

Charging case 


35 to 45 grams 

Depending on the model you choose

So as we’ve seen in the table above, AirPod’s weight doesn’t exceed 10 grams and for some models only 8 grams for a pair. That is to say, lighter than 44% than traditional wired earphones.

The traditional wired apple earphone weighs 12 grams while some others models can reach up to 20 grams. It is amazing to see the technology that works behind these AirPods.

The size of the case AirPods doesn’t exceed 60mm width and 45mm tall, so it is fittable for a student to put on his pocket pane without any disturbance.

So as a student, you can walk or run with them comfortably or even work out, there are no wires to bother you.

battery life

Airpods have amazing battery durability they can last for full 5 passive listening hours for a single charge. In addition, they get magnetically snapped and charged when you put them in the case.

The case is chargeable and can give you 24 hours of charge autonomy. To clarify more, a single charge case can give you 4 days of charge if you listen for 5 hours a day.

we’re going to expose more details in this table below.


battery life

Airpods battery 

5 hours 

 Case life battery

24 hours

Listening music 

4 to 5 hours 

Talking in a phone 

3.5 to 4 hours 

Listening to music with a noise cancelation option ON

3.5 to 4 hours 

in addition for students who work harder and uses AirPods for longer times there is no problem about charging times, with only:

  • 5 minutes of charges ==> it gives you 1 hour of autonomy
  • 15 minutes of charges ==> it gives you 3 hours of autonomy

So for students who need indispensably to use earphones or headphones in online classes AirPods charge quickly. So you won’t have any discontinuity in your studies.

The Airipode case takes only 1 hour to be fully charged. As a result, allows you to charge 3 to 4 times you’re AirPods.

if you forget to charge your case, Just 5 minutes of break study is enough to charge your AirPods and ensure your consistency.

Are expensive

The major drawback about AirPods is the price, the standard AirPods start from $129 and reach up to $249, depending on the model. To clarify, AirPods are 3 models, and here is the difference between them in the table below.

Airpods models


Sweat and water resistant

case wirless charger

Transparency mode

Active Noise Cancellation


2 geneartion



3 generation


AirPods Pro


2 things students have to understand about Airpods:

Noise cancelation: having a noise cancelation option allow the student to concentrate on studying in crowded or busy environments. In other words, it eliminates all outside noise. This option is ideal for studying in coffee shops or some noisy libraries.

Transparency mode: for a student who loves to hear music or lessons without losing contact with the world. For instance, if you go to a college using a car or bike and want to hear music at the same time you use this mode. So finally allow you to hear from your earphones and hear the exterior noise to lower the risk of accidents.

In general spending, $200 for earphones is not affordable, especially for bork students is not primarily needed. While $30 traditional earphones can do the job, it is a luxurious product more than an operational one.

They have some sort of magic

AirPods don’t have any button they run by touch, it is like sort of magic you:

  • Press once to play, pause, or answer a phone call
  • Press twice to skip forward
  • Press three times to skip back
  • Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode by pressing and hold (only for AirPods pro models)
  • Say “Hey Siri” to do things like play a song, make a call, or get directions

you could watch more information in this video

Are and aren’t better than headphones for students

AirPods are good for students and not good at the same time, they still have some drawbacks.

Airpods are better than wired earphones in:

  • give more freedom and prevent a damaging accident like pulling a wire strongly and damaging it
  • forgetting them plugged when you move out from desktop, students can drag their phones and drop them
  • wires are annoying when you walk run with them

But the major drawbacks of Airpods that any student can face are:

  • they can be easily stolen, it is easy for someone to remove them from your ear
  • easy to drop and break them
  • easy to lose them

we’re going to talk in detail about that in the next paragraph.

can be easily lost or stolen

According to a thread that responded in Reddit and analyzed by tech.co,17% of responders said they have lost their AirPods. While On the other sides, many students have been stolen.

Airpods are easy to steal it is easy for someone to pick them from your ear, there is nothing to stop him…

you are prone to lose AirPods as a student and you should understand these 3 points when you buy AirPods:

  • if you didn’t set a phone or enable the track option on your phone it will be never possible to find them again.
  • The second thing and worse thing is if the AirPods case battery is dead you can’t find or locate your AirPods.
  • the last thing is anyone who has a Mac device can rest your AirPods and use them. So the robber can reset them and use them again.

You could find the details in this video.

but the worst thing about AirPods is price components if you want to replace them. You will be blown up to see AirPods parts prices in the table below:

Airpods models


Charging case 



for each


AirPods Pro


for each


So if you lost a pair or break a single AirPod you have to pay $70 or $90 which is sometimes more expensive than a complete model. So students have to be very careful because losing an Airpod costs a fortune.

Students can use Siri with their AirPods

The good thing for students who love to use voice assistance is they can use it with AirPods. For students sometimes Siri is so important, especially in these cases:

  • carrying shoppings while you need to raise or lower a volume sound
  • lifting heavying weight in the gym
  • your hand aren’t clean

So Siri voice command helps AirPods users to manage and set without physically doing any action. For students they can run these Siri important voice commands:

  • Hi Siri ” what are my AirPods battery “
  • Call dad or mum
  • set alarm for 4 pm
  • Set timer for 10 minutes

These voice commands are useful for students to use by having Airpods while their hands are busy.

Don’t have good sound quality as much as wired earphones

Airports are good and portable but can’t compete against wired earphones or headphones. In other words, wired headphones have good and better sound quality Than earbuds.

wired earphones have:

  • Clear sound bases
  • have good and lower volume sound quality
  • has much depth in sound

So for students who are more sensitive and look for clear sound investing $30 in wired earphones will be much better than $250 for AirPods. The sound will be more enjoyable using wired earphones than AirPods walking to school or college.

you can read this article Students should walk with headphones or earbuds?

They are so popular

according to Statista, the number of wireless hearable tools like wireless earphones or headphones doubled by almost 7 times just in 3 years between 2018 and 2021.

  • In 2018, 46 million peice was sold
  • In 2021, 310 million peice was sold

in 2020 apple has sold 114 million Airpods according to businessofapps which means apples took 42% of the market share. regarding its high prices, people loved to use them.

They have noise cancellation

Airpods have the noise cancellation option which allows users to eliminate the exterior noise and increase the focus to hear a sound. It is the best option for students to :

  • study in coffee shops or libraries which means in crowded environments
  • eliminate outside noise when students are in the bus or train listening to the lectures

But students have to understand that the mode cancelation is very dangerous alone for this reason Airpods has another mode called transparency mode.

This mode allows you to hear music for example, and still at the same time hear what is going on in the background. The sound caught up by microphones gets introduced with your music to keep you aware of the environment.

but the sound that you will hear is bent and not noisy like running music with a speaker in crowded environments.

The transparency mode is very important for students who walk to the college or cross the street. That is to say, it ensures safety and keeps the student in contact with the world.

So students don’t have to remove their AirPods to hear what is going on.

They can last up to 3 years

The major drawback about AirPods is its battery lifespan, it lasts only for 3 years, after 2 years of use students might start noticing the decreasing capacity of a battery.

In other words, the single charge won’t longer stay for 5 hours it will be less.

But the worst thing is that Airpods can’t be fixed if the battery dies the only thing to have is a replacement which means:

  • $69 for each Airpod which means $138 for a pair AirPod
  • $89 for each AirPod which means $178 for a pair AirPod pro
  • and $59 for airpod case and $99 for airpod pro case

In other words, all AirPods will be tossed so the environment will pay the price.

In other words, the 100 million pieces that were sold in 2020 are going to be thrown in 2023.

To summarize spending $250 or at least $130 for just 2 to 3 years is a going waste of money, especially for students who have a lot of occupations and expenses. while 80% of US students are working while studying.

They work on android devices

Airpods are good and can even work on android devices so for students who haven’t an iPhone is not a problem. Students can use AirPods in their android devices like Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, or any brand.

Airpods pro version is better than airpod for students

for students who love Airpods but don’t know which one to use, the Airpode pro version is better than Airpod for several reasons that you will see in the video below.

They are safe for your health

Specialists recommend doing expose the body over the 61v/m, above that level health problems can occur and for the wrong cases it could cause cancer. But does it the case for AirPods?

in the table below you could find the 5 used tools used by students and their radiation rates.


Radioation in V/m



Wired earphones






so as we can see AirPods don’t have any risk to health, so students, don’t have to worry if they use AirPods for long hours of study.

But the only thing to notice from a table and the measures, is wired earphones are healthier because they emit less radiation 3 times than Airpods.

But in general, students have to be away from earphones in general and don’t use them except for a necessity, because the longer intensive exposure has effects.

So don’t until somebody tell “OH we discover that is detrimental to health“. So regulation is the key.

So AirPods don’t cause any cancer and for more information, you can read this article.

There are better alternatives competitors’ products

Today there are other alternatives that compete against apple Airpods and provide good quality or better with more affordable prices for students. in this video, you will see the best alternative to AirPods.


AirPods are good and have many advantages but for students, it is not a primal need product that they should buy. AirPods is a luxurious product.

So for students who have stretched budgets, wired earphones are enough and even better for some cases, as we’ve seen in our article.


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