10 tests results: MacBook or HP laptop for students?

Students ask which better Macbook or hp laptop?

in this article, the test results are going to judge if Macbook is better for students or Hp laptops?

in this article, we’re going to share 10 results experiences made on MacBook and a Hp laptop and finally, determine which is the winner and worth the best laptop for students.

In our test example, that we made we’re going to compare between MacBook pro vs Hp dragonfly laptop.

The results test that we’re going to share are about:

  • battery life
  • affordability or price
  • speed
  • weight
  • Thickness
  • noise
  • storage
  • screen
  • gaming battery resistance
  • warranty

battery life

the first test that we’re going to share its results is battery life, we made a test on MacBook pro 13 inches and hp elite dragonfly, and here are the results that we found in this table below.


MacBook pro 13

Hp elite dragonfly

Battery life

9h 15min

7h 30min

to keep students close through our test, in our test we included the intensive activities and basic tasks except for playing games. in other words we:

  • run programs
  • read documents
  • watched video
  • wrote documents

so we cover all the activities that students can do with laptops. But we expected gaming and let it for a single test that we’re going to discover later in our article.

as we can see from the table results the MacBook pro is better by 33% than hp dragonfly, so this confirms the power of the MacBook in terms of battery durability.

But 7 hours is still a good time for a windows laptop like a Hp dragonfly.

The reason for this difference between MacBook and hp is mac has the best energy-efficient processor in the world, the M1 chip.

To clarify M1 apple chip processor consumes 50% less power than the intel processor that windows laptops have like Hp or others versions. So for students who are looking for good battery life laptops, there isn’t a laptop in the market that beats MacBook.

affordability or price

we picked the cheapest version on both sides that have the same configuration for MacBook and hp to compare them. You could find the price difference in the table below.


MacBook pro 13

Hp elite dragonfly


starting at



as we can see MacBook pro 13 is cheaper than hp by $538, which means if a student buys a MacBook instead hp he can save the price of an iPad + AirPods that students love so much.

in addition, there is a lower version that we didn’t want to include which is the MacBook air. it cost only $999 and students can get by only $899 benefiting from education discounts.

The cheapest version of hp is that we noticed its price in the table. So Hp loses in the affordability test in front of MacBook, apple laptops are getting better and less expensive with the time.


the third test is about the CPU performance, the test that is made and split in two parts:

  • single test core: is evaluating the speed or running small and less heavier programs like writing,browsing etc
  • multiple test core: this test is made to evaluate the speed of running heavier programs like gaming,3d modeling or redenring..

So our test results are in the table below.

Ram Test

 Macbook pro

Hp dragonfly

Single core test 



 Multi-core test



 total Ram




The MacBook is powerful and fast 30 % more than hp dragonfly, it has amazing capabilities after the test that we made on other MacBook competitors we always find the MacBook CPU is in the first position.

you could explore a competitive test that we made between MacBook and 4 other competitive laptops, in the same generation.


for the weight aspect, we going to take 2 things that students should take into consideration:

  • device weight
  • charger weight

Students don’t take chargers’ weight into consideration, but these last are still very important and create a difference. Because some laptops have heavy chargers than others which reflect on the total weight that student carry in their bags.

in our comparison, we’re going to calculate the total weight of each laptop and its charger as you see in the table below.


Hp dragonfly 

Macbook pro 13inch

Device weight 



Charger weight 






hp beat MacBook in the aspect of portability, hp dragonfly is lighter by 20% than a MacBook pro. So we can see that the total weight that students will reduce on their back is 372 grams.

it is like removing 2 notebooks from your bags it is not a big difference but still noticeable.


Macbook pro 13inch

Hp dragon life




about thickness hp is a little bit thicker than MacBook, 0.5mm of a difference this difference doesn’t add something valuable for students.

15 or 16 mm is ideal and even great, most notebooks and textbooks are thicker 2 times than this range. So putting them in any bag would not create any problem for students.

So both of them are great and portable to carry for a college or high school.


we made a test fan noise between these laptops in static mode, which means without running any program. We run both laptops and measured the sound intensity by using some apps that any student can install on his smartphone.

Or using a decibimeter (a specific device to measure a sound). So after the test, this is what we found in the table below.

 Macbook air

macbook pro

Hp dragonfly


0 dB


45 dB

we find that hp dragonfly is louder 48% than MacBook so this explains the power-efficient M1 apple chip has than intel, To clarify:

  • M1 chip doesn’t exceed 30 watts/ hour as maximum power consumption for this version of laptops.
  • Intel chip reach 50 watts/hours as a maximum power consumption

So the intel processor gets hotter than the MacBook processor which forces fans to run louder to decrease the temperature. As a result, cause more noise.

The second thing is MacBook air doesn’t create any sound it is completely quiet because simply it doesn’t have a fan which is incredible. You could watch this video.


MacBook and hp both have the same storage 256 GB SSD which is not enough for students. So for most cases, students have two scenarios:

  • buy an upgraded version and add $200 to get 515GB SSD
  • or buy external hard drivers


Hp dragonfly has a touchscreen that allows students to use a laptop as a tablet to take notes. This is not the case with MacBook, it isn’t a touch screen so it can be used as a tablet.

in addition, the HP dragonfly is foldable so you can turn it completely and hold it like a tablet. While MacBook Pro doesn’t exceed 110°. So hp wins in the screen test and proves that is a 2 in 1 device for students.

in other words, you can use it as a laptop and at the same time take notes or draw by using your finger or stylus that students should buy.

gaming battery resistance

for students who love gaming, we made a specific test of gaming for each laptop to test battery durability, and here are the results that we found in the table below.


MacBook pro 13

Hp dragonfly

Battery durability

5h 1min

4h 5min

like everyone MacBook succeed and advanced the hp by 1 hour, but hp dragonfly shows good results that other famous laptops couldn’t reach like a surface studio.

so in gaming MacBook is better and more durable by 20% than the hp dragonfly.

you could find more details about a gaming test that we made between other laptops competitors like the surface pro.


in terms of warranty, both hp and MacBook have one year guarantee. But there is a model that competes against them and has 3 years of warranty.

you could read this article to discover more about this model.


we’re going to summarize all the test results in this table below to finally determine which is the winner laptop in our case study. That is to say which is the laptop that worth students to buy a hp or MacBook?

So the winner student laptop for this case study is a MacBook pro by 7/10 while hp dragonfly had a 5/10 score.

if we look at MacBook we find it more:

  • affordable
  • quiet
  • powerful
  • have a better battery life

but for students who are saying that MacBook is not 2 in the device like hp, the $500 difference price Is able to bring you as a student an iPad that can work better than hp for taking notes.

The only thing that makes MacBook better than the HP laptop for students student to buy is if they are used to the Windows operating system or need them.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.