Thinkpad is great for students and here is why…

for students who are asking about Thinkpad, the response is yes.

ThinkPad is one of the best laptops for students and we will prove that by experience.

For this reason, we made 10 experiments about ThinkPad that cover:

  • price comparison
  • battery life
  • CPU powerfulness
  • weight
  • thickness
  • storage
  • noise
  • warranty
  • battery life in gaming
  • screen

to clarify this test is made with a ThinkPad X1 carbon which is considered one of the best laptop versions that Lenovo has released.

price comparison

we will take 3 competitors of a ThinkPad and we will compare the price to see the affordability of ThinkPad. Does it affordable or not for students?

The 3 competitors models that we will compare ThinkPad against are:

  • MacBook pro
  • XPS 13
  • windows surface studio

and here are the result in the table below.


ThinkPad x1 carbon

MacBook pro 13

XPS 13

Microsoft laptop studio


starting at





according to a table, we find that ThinkPad is the cheaper laptop among the 3 famous laptops in this category is:

  • cheaper by $150 than MacBook pro
  • cheaper by $230 than XPS 13
  • cheaper by $450 than a Microsoft laptop studio

So Lenovo provides the best quality for the best price that students can find. Students can find a cheaper laptop at these prices but they won’t have the quality like ThinkPad.

battery life

The ThinkPad has an excellent battery life for students the company says that it can last up to 18 hours for a single charge. But according to our test.

we find that ThinkPad under intensive use lasts for 7 to 8 hours.

the test that we made was under the following activities:

  • browsing on the internet
  • watching youtube video
  • running some programs
  • reading and writing

So 8 hours is an excellent time for a student that is to say you can have a long day of work. So you won’t be forced to carry a charger with you. You just need to charge completely your laptop before you leave a home.

This is a good advantage for college students especially when we see some student charge their laptops in lectures 3 to 4 times a day. It becomes annoying and sometimes is not available.

The worst thing is some students have been stolen letting their laptop for a charge especially for gaming laptops you could read this article 11 facts about gaming laptops as a college student.

CPU powerfulness

To prove the CPU powerfulness we made a test of a CPU and compared it to the following laptops:

  • MacBook pro
  • XPS 13
  • windows surface studio

the test is composed of two versions, will not going to dig into the details of how the test is working but the high number means the powerful laptop.

you could find the result in the table below.

Ram Test

 Mackbook pro

XPS 13

Windows laptop studio

ThinkPad x1 carbon

Single core test 





 Multi-core test





 total Ram






Unfortunately, ThinkPad is in the last position compared to MacBook or other models, MacBook is more powerful by 40% than any laptop in this generation.

MacBook has a powerful CPU it is the number 1 as a powerful laptop in the industry.

But if we compare the number between all rest of the laptops we find all them close to each other. So, there is not a big difference except the MacBook.

You don’t have to worry, ThinkPad runs fast and is good for any task that students can do, we just wanted to give a close vision by using numbers.


Thinkpad is extremely lighter it weighs only 1209g while the average textbook that students hold in their bags weighs double. So it is extremely portable to carry for outdoors or for college or schools.

In addition, it has a super light charger that only weighs 226g is lighter than the MacBook Pro charger that weighs 450g. You could find a weight comparison in the table below that we made between:

  • MacBook pro
  • XPS 13
  • windows surface studio


ThinkPad x1 carbon

xps 13

Macbook pro 13inch

Microsoft studio surface

Device weight 





Charger weight 












if we take in comparison between ThinkPad and MacBook pro as a student you will reduce 415 grams on your back using Thinkpad instead of MacBook pro.

This includes a device or laptop + his charger. So we took that into consideration because we know that students are so interested in their laptop portability but forget about charger weights.


ThinkPad is thin it is only 15mm the same as MacBook Pro, to clarify more is thinner by 0.20mm in detail.

so having a laptop like a ThinkPad doesn’t make any problem with portability, you could put it in any bag you have. Students who have messenger bags won’t suffer from the thickness problem.

They cant hold their laptops and their textbooks or notebook at the same time. Having a Thinkpad is not a problem it is like having a normal notebook in your bag.


The drawback that we can only notice in ThinkPad is the storage, ThinkPad standard version that cost $1149 has only 256GB of storage it is the same as:

  • MacBook pro
  • XPS 13
  • Surface studio

So it is a shortcoming for this generation, 256GB is not enough for students. So you will be forced to buy a hard drive or pay $200 more to pass to the 512GB version.


Thinkpad is quiet, not noisy like gaming laptops that have louder fans, the gaming laptop noise fan reaches easily to 60dB.

After a test that we made, we found that ThinkPad fan noise is 40 dB on average which is 20dB less than any gaming laptop. So Thinkpad is quiet by 50% than any gaming laptop which guarantees comfort for students while studying.

But students have to know that this test is made in the lowest CPU capacity.

That is to say without running heavier programs like:

  • Games
  • 3d software programs
  • editing software programs

we could say, that this sound intensity is what you will hear when you read or browse on the internet. If you run a heavier program the would be louder.

you could discover a laptop that doesn’t make any sound in this video.


The amazing thing about ThinkPad is the warranty that Lenovo provides in the model ” Thinkpad X1 carbon “ you will have 3 years of warranty. So there is no company that provides this long duration.

you could find in this table below and compare the warranty duration between:

  • acBook pro
  • XPS 13
  • Surface studio

ThinkPad x1 carbon

XPS 13

Windows laptop studio

macbook pro


3 year

1 year

1 year

1 year

MacBook pro, surface studio, or XPS all have 1 year of warranty. While the Thinkpad Lenovo model is brilliant you will have as a student 3 years of warranty which means you could spend your whole college course with a guaranteed device.

This explains the confidence that the company has in its laptop products and it is very useful to not spend any penny from your pocket as a student.

80% of US students work part-time jobs this indicates that any penny is worth it for a student to pay his loans and his expenses.

battery life in gaming

Thinkpad is good for students who love to play video games it has an excellent battery life durability. In others words, if you like to play games outsides or with friends.

For this reason, we made a durability test between Thinkpad X1 and :

  • MacBook pro
  • XPS 13
  • Surface studio

So here are the result that we found in the table below.


ThinkPad x1 carbon

XPS 13

Microsoft laptop studio

MacBook pro 13

Battery life in gaming

4h 10min

2h 50min

1h 59min

5h 1min

MacBook is the leader but ThinkPad shows excellent results in gaming as we can see it can last double than XPS or surface studio laptop.

if you love to have a business laptop as a student and good for that is good for gaming ThinkPad is one of the best brands.

But the question is why does the MacBook laptop have good battery life and high performance?

you could read this article For CS students MacBook pro or Thinkpad? (proved) it contains a lot of tests and numbers.


The good thing and amazing thing about ThinkPad is they support the touch screen, it is important for students to have a touch screen laptop it is so flexible when it comes to browsing on the internet.

But ThinkPad is not foldable completely like XPS or surface studio you could find more details in this article.


Thinkpad is one of the best laptops for students to use and here is why:

  • is affordable for students, the best price for the best quality
  • have an excellent battery life
  • very portable lightweight and thin
  • have a powerful CPU good for computers since students or engineers
  • quite not noisy like gaming laptops
  • support a touch screen
  • acceptable for gaming especially for battery life
  • have an excellent warranty duration

The close competitor of the Thinkpad is the MacBook Pro, we made a test on the MacBook Pro and Thinkpad and this is what we found.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.