It is good to play video games during classes? (solved)

is it a good idea to play video games during classes?

What are the effects of playing video games in classes?

Do students play video games during class?

In this article, we are going to respond to the 7 famous questions about playing video games during lectures.

Playing video games during classes could be a good idea.

Playing video games in classes or during lectures will be never a good idea except for students who are playing some educational games under the control of their teachers. Playing video games in classes indicates that students don’t have an interest to hear from their teachers or professors.

It has a bad outcome when a student gets caught up and in most cases gets expelled.

As a student, you don’t have any gain to play video games in classes, on the opposite when you get caught up, the professor gets a bad impression of you, and that could affect your grades.

The worst thing about playing videos in classes or during lectures, it’s to lose the respect of your professor or teachers which has bad outcomes in the long run.

According to the article Playing video games in college is a good idea? 80% of students are playing video games in the United States, meaning 60 million students are between college and school.

This number is huge and indicates the importance of gaming in life for students.

The rate of success of students playing video games is 60%. So video games don’t affect students’ grades as long as they play regularly and respect the rules. But the weirdest thing is some students ask if playing video games in classes could be helpful.

In the following answer questions, you would discover how much is bad to play video games in lectures or classrooms.

Why do students play video games during classes?

We’re going to list the 5 principal Reasons why students play video games during lectures or classrooms.

  • Boredom
  • Hate a subject
  • Don’t understand anything
  • No affecting subjects for grades
  • Addicted to games

==> Get bored: The first reason that makes the students play video games during class is they get bored. So if they have already a computer they could easily switch from lectures to games. Especially if the session is longer than 2 hours, there is nothing to bear these Long hours rather than playing a video game.

==> Hate a subject: The second thing is hating the subject some students don’t like some subjects or even the whole field they are studying. So the only thing that is appealing for them is to play video games during these horrible classes.

==> Don’t understand anything: Not understanding the lesson or a lecture could be a reason. So students look at other Alternatives like playing video games. When a student doesn’t understand a lecture he gets upset and loses focus and interest. This problem happens frequently with professors or teachers who don’t explain well.

==> No affecting subjects for grades: for some stem students who focus on math and physics joining an English or historic class is secondary it’s not that much interesting. So the majority of them decide to spend funny moments enjoying video games than listening to a boring English class, or vice versa.

==> Game addiction: The worst thing for a student is to be addicted to games, between 1 to 10% of US students have addictive Behavior towards Games, which makes us predict that 3 to 4 million US are suffering from gaming addiction. This is so dangerous and can ruin Student Life.

for students who don’t use laptops for gaming during classes, they use Nintendo Switch because students love it so much.

you can read 12 reasons Why do students love Nintendo Switch?

Why should you never play video games during class?

A student should never play video games in classes or during lectures under any circumstances because it is a bad habit and can create bad outcomes.

But we will list the 4 interesting reasons why you should avoid playing video games in classes.

  • Lose Focus
  • Lose the respect of Professors or teachers
  • You could fail the class
  • You will be picked up

==>Lose focus:

Playing video games in classes means you are off, you focus completely on games, not on classes. AS human beings our minds are designed to deal with one task, we can’t operate in many tasks at the same time because we are so bad at it

==>Lose the respect of Professor or teacher:

When you’ll be picked up playing video games during class the professor would have a bad impression of you. so will lose the respect and interest of that professor.

==> You could fail the class:

If you are a stem student and you play video games during classes we will guarantee you to fail. Math and physics are subject that stem requires attention and focus to retain information from the instructor.
It is not like the English class where you can study by yourself in the house. if you lose the information during a search you would be in big trouble in the day exam.

==> You will be expelled:

Once you get picked up you will directly be expelled from a class. This is so bad in rainy or cold times to stay out of class bearing for an hour or two the weather before joining the next class.

Playing video games during online classes?

Playing video games during online classes could be easier than physical classes no one will know what you are doing on a laptop. You could be present and pretend like doing an assignment or solving an exercise while you are playing Counter-Strike or Candy Crush.

It is right that the teacher’s control is not solid and the freedom that student has is broader.

But, the first loser in this game is not a professor or a teacher is you, who loses valuable time in front of a professor who can give you insights and tips to help you to exceed and get higher degrees.

Playing video games during High School online lectures teaches you a bad habit, As a result, can affect your grades in college and threaten to graduate with a higher GPA.

What could happen when you play video games in a class?

We will give the 10 scenarios that you might face why do playing videos during a lecture.

  • Some students will tell the Professor about you because you will distract or disturb them
  • You would be warned
  • A professor can pick up your phone or console game
  • The teacher can call your parents if you don’t listen to the repetitive warnings
  • You’ll be expelled from class
  • The teacher would have a bad impression of you.
  • the teacher will not curve your grade exams when you need
  • Some nervous teachers can break your device
  • If things evaluate you can even get expelled from school
  • The professor can hate you if you skip his lecture by playing video games

learn and play video games in lectures at the same time

It is impossible to learn or study and play video games during a lecture, here are the 3 reasons why is it impossible.

  • The brain can’t operate well multitasking:
  • The brain can’t switch immediately between different subjects
  • Stress

==> The brain can’t operate well in multitasking:

The experience proved that human beings are terrible when it comes to multitasking at the same time. Efficiency drops dramatically and the mistakes increase exponentially.

you can watch this video below to know more about that subject.

if you still do not believe you can pass this test

==> The brain can’t switch immediately between different subjects:

Your brain requires time to switch from a given subject to another one it is not a machine that can switch immediately between-subject. so you can’t switch quickly between listening to a professor’s lecture and continuing the game stage.

==> Stress:

The last important thing that students face when they play video games in the lecture is their level of stress. Students are playing games worrying and afraid to be caught up by teachers.
This increases their stress which decreases their efficiency in gaming and studying at the same time.

How does playing video games and lectures affect your grades?

There is a study made at Hawaii University that proved that students who faced fewer destruction elements like video games, listening to music, or anything else earned a +1 degree and their GPA.

in other words, students who were affronting distraction tools like video games or listening to music had lower grades than others ones who eliminated all sorts of distractions during lectures or in assignments.

So playing video games during lectures affect usually the grade students while a lot of people don’t take things for granted.


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